27Oct 2017

How to Choose the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Web Design Projects

Hues, tints, shades or tones no matter how you prefer to call it, Color always tends to leave a trail wherever it goes. When it concerns your website you need to ensure that that trail leads to a happy ending and does not turn into a stain. Let us take a look at some of the factors we need to consider while choosing the perfect color scheme for our websites.

Use Color to Support not overshadow

The available array of colorful shades on every palette can sometimes be mind-blowing. However, it calls for prudent restrain in our use of that palette. We need to remember that the original intent behind availing a color scheme in our website is to highlight or accentuate our principal content and not the other way round. Therefore, we should always choose muted shades so as to not create a jarring effect on the rest of the content. Also lighter shades help to remove focus from the background and lets users concentrate on the content.

White is Right

It is always a good idea to keep things as simple as possible for the background layer. Since it is here that you are going to place all your main content keeping it simple helps to retain the focus on the main content. Use of a single white vanilla layer helps to enhance the impact of anything that is placed on it. If white gets too boring then try using a light shade of grey. Use of deep gray text instead of jet black has a professional as well as a soothing effect. This is a recommended font color as it is much easier to read than the conventional black.

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Simply Single

Taking it easy with colors is no doubt a good practice. However, single color or gray scale websites do tend to create monotony. It is then that the need to create highlights arises. Highlights are needed to accentuate buttons, hyperlinks, headers; menus and any other area you feel should be brought into focus. Though you can use different shades for highlights, it is always good to opt for one color for your highlights. Different shades of highlights may confuse the user.
While deciding on which color to use as your highlight, you can draw a color patch on a prototype of the website and check to see which shade looks better. The highlight color need to be aligned with two primary elements of your website, namely, the background color and the color of the text. Moreover, with the highlight color, you now have three colors to manage. How many more do you think you can handle?

True Blue

Blue is regarded as a preferred choice for use in your website. No matter what shade of the color you use it is never going to fail you. It does not have the loud nature of yellow or purple and yet is able to spice up things more than the regular white.


The choice of color in your website speaks volumes on your sense of aesthetics and professionalism. Use lighter colors for your background to ensure that it does not steal the show from your main content. Text color should vary depending on the use of background and highlight color. Design the Color scheme of your website so that it augments and does not impede the usability of your website.

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