27Oct 2017

4 Common Web Design Mistakes And Their Right Solutions

How do you find out the effectiveness of your website? Today, anyone can design and develop a website using Word Press or any other blogging platform. Unluckily, it is quite tricky to design a site and end up making it as effective as you might imagine. There are four common mistakes that you make while designing your website. In addition, one should seriously consider them and find out the right ways to fix them, eliminating the problem as soon as possible. Here are four of the common web design mistakes and their right solutions.

1. Your website platform is too complex

Paying a designer to design your site is great, but only if you know how to maintain it. If the platform and site need extra technical knowledge, you will find yourself restricted to serve it and keep it updated.

Solution: The important thing to be considered while creating a website is that it should be created in a way that any other designer/developer could also do the updates and perform maintenance on it. The best way to do this is to create your website in any open source platform. For a non-eCommerce CMS website, ask your designer to go with any of the three most popular CMS solutions- WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. If it is an eCommerce website, ask your designer to create this in any open source ecommerce solution like Magento, Woocommerce, Virtuemart, Opencart etc. All these sites are easy to use with great user interface, intuitive specs, and helpful plug-ins.

If you are willing to do recurring payments, you can also go with any paid ecommerce solutions for the back-end, like Big Commerce, Shopify, Volusion etc- which also comes as hosted solutions, with fast loading web pages.

2. Your website is loaded with information

Imagine a situation when your website is full with messages and visitors have no idea where to go first. Visitors may visit your site to purchase a product, but gets distracted by promotions and several other badly organized contents. Just like a physical store, where a sales person bombard you with all types of offers and advertisements, an overstuff websites distracts and frustrates buyers.

Solution: Keep your website simple. Rely on a web designer or a web design agency who knows the importance of User experience (UX). Guide your audience to the things you want them to witness. Highlight the important information leading the visitors to a product eventually. The messages placed on your site should enforce the right advantages a user will derive from doing the mentioned action.

3. Your website is unpleasant

In order to attract visitors and make eye-catching websites, you tend to go for vibrant layouts and flashy fonts, which make reading and navigation difficult for a user. Also, if you go for a cheap and uncreative web designer, you’ll end up in getting a god-awful website.

Solution: Choose your web designer wisely. The website represents your brand and conveys your brand identity to the visitors. You should ensure that the layouts are creatively designed and have carefully followed the web design best practices. Do some research into what some award-winning websites have done. Choose the right platform, and get a unique and custom designed theme integrated to the same. Also, forget about designing a site overnight, and give your designer some time to come up with a creative and user-friendly website.

4. As per your assumption, your webite is performing its job well

Checking out the physical analogy, how often do you change the layout of your site? However, often the feedback of the target audiences leads to change in the design of the company’s site. Thus, at this point of time, you are unsure about where your site is going wrong. You have designed it, you know it and navigate it and find it easy. However, why can’t users feel the same?

Solution: Rely on the real user data. The simplest way to do is through Google Analytics. It is very easy to set up with customisable reports and up to date detailed stats. Even if you do not wish to use it now, just get it to allow it to collect data. You can also do various testing by creating different versions of the site (like A/B testing), to know which version of your site works best.

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Rajeesh PK

Rajeesh PK

Rajeesh P.K. is the Director and Creative Head at Acodez . With an experience of 10+ years in UX Design & User Interface Design, when coupled with his expert coding skills in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, makes him one of the top UX Architects in India, with more than 15 international awards to his credit.

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