21Oct 2017

How to Create a Compelling Startup Website

When you have started planning to take your startup business online, there are a lot of things you need to incorporate in that plan. Take a look at some relevant tips to see if these occur in your list as well.

Plan – Identify the Audience, Purpose and Mission

The biggest factor behind the success of any exercise is a fool proof plan. Get yours in place at the earliest to help you launch your online presence with aplomb. The plan for launching your startup website should first include activities to help you identify the purpose and mission of your website. To do that, try and find answers to the following questions:

– What end will the website achieve?

– Will it inform, sell or educate?

If you are able to provide satisfactory answers to these then you have been able to define the focus of your website. Identifying the focus is the most important part as everything else flows from here.

The Focus Will Lead You to The Next Important Aspect Of Your Plan – Your Audience

Your website is not about you, but about your audience and how it can help them meet their needs. Everything about your website which includes its look, content, graphics, functionalities, and navigation is detailed and designed keeping the audience requirement in mind. Once you have identified the audience and the mission of your startup website, you can draw up your blueprint using these as your most important tools.

Build The Brand Message

Conversion the most common objective of every business endeavor is accelerated by brand awareness. Therefore, it is important that you are able to build a strong brand messaging in the nooks and corners of every menu and panels on your website. Do not limit it to your company logo alone. While that is just one aspect of educating your target segment, it is not the only way. You need to be able to weave in your brand in every line of text, shade of color, shape of icons and in every graphic frame. Your customers should be able to associate with your brand the moment they enter the portals of your website. This will help them to understand the alignment of your business idea with your products and help to retain its flavor long after they leave your site.

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

To ensure that your business reaches your target audience plan your SEO tactics properly. Some of the best practices to be followed include:

1. Use relevant keywords in your page titles
2. Keep all titles under 60 characters
3. Avoid the use of ‘Home page’ in your titles as this tends to decrease Google ranking
4. Use domain names that help to identify the company and brand name
5. Keyword density should never exceed beyond 5% for pages with a lot of text and 10% for pages with minimum text

To Conclude

A good plan and effective execution of that plan is crucial in helping you achieve a compelling and successful startup website. Well-defined audience, focused designs, effective SEO tactics and streamlined functionalities all help to ensure that your website turns out to be a useful tool to not only draw traffic but also to convert them into potential  customers.

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Rithesh Raghavan

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