23Jun 2023

How to Design a Great Single-Page Portfolio

There are a wide range of trends that can be used to design single page layouts. There are some unique features that can make the design of a webpage more attractive. Design of the webpage is very important as it creates the first impression on the user, if the design is not proper or up to the mark user will not like it and may not see what you are offering through the webpage, thus attractive and catchy webpage design has become as necessity. With the growing popularity of the mobile phones, you have to make sure that interface of your webpage can be easily opened on the mobile phone and is also to access it conveniently. Some of the methods to design a single page design are:

Fixed block scrolling

When all the content of the website is fitted into a single page, it becomes easier for you to break each section into horizontal blocks. When the user scroll down vertically they pass by each section addressed through images, background colors, horizontal rule breaks etc. This can be expanded by using forced scrolling sections. The personal website of Zack Batsaikhan shows this effect brilliantly, when you scroll they one section the next section will animate automatically. The website is also supported with arrow keys which enable you to jump between the sections.

Stunning Responsive Web Design Services

Responsive Design

With the extensive growth of mobile phones, it has become very important to have a mobile friendly website design. Responsive designing enables you to have a website which can be easily clickable and swipeable on mobile phones. Designers these days are trying to find new ideas to create responsive layouts. While designing responsive layout you will have to make sure that the fonts are resized properly to fit properly to the mobile screen.

Animations and Effects

If your single page portfolio is properly made, it will surely get the attention of the readers. Animations will give an attractive look to your single page portfolio. A bunch of neat animations will ensure that your page is catchy and get attention. For example in the one page portfolio of Karol Krakowiak, you can easily scroll down through her work samples. Building the animations coupled with jQuery will make sure that your one page website run smoothly on both computers and mobile phones.

Hidden Sliding Navigation

The topic of navigation is bit confusing when it comes to a single page website. There are no inner pages in the single page website thus navigation links creates auto scrolling. It means that when the user click on the navigation links, it will scroll down the user to that section of the page. It enables the user to scroll down the website without any need of navigation menu.

Clean Minimalism

Clarity and minimalism are the two simplest techniques to create a usable single page portfolio. It is not necessary that you can stick only to white colors and contrasting text. You can add text effects and fancy icon to your one page portfolio after you have the mock design of your page.

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