21Oct 2017

How to Evaluate the Quality of Your Website?

Over the past several years, the level of competition in the online market has risen beyond expected proportions. As such it has become an extremely important for entrepreneurs to have extremely high quality website for promoting their business among a huge online audience.

Important Parameters To Consider For Evaluating The Quality Of A Website

A website that is perfect in quality not only helps online business to gain favorable ranking in search engine results, but also attract huge volumes of genuine visitors to enhance profitability and business goodwill.

However, most entrepreneurs find themselves at a loss when it comes to evaluating the quality of their website. What might seem to them as an interesting and informative site might actually appear to the clients to be too boring or even dull and complex.  Below are some important parameters that can help entrepreneurs evaluate the actual quality of their website in a realistic manner.

Ease Of Accessibility

Ease of Accessibility

This is undoubtedly the most important parameter for measuring the quality of a website as it plays a vital role in ensuring that the traffic directed to the site results in greater conversions. As is obvious, this parameter is defined by how easily the users can access the website, which in turn might depend on other factors as listed below.

  • For a website to be easily accessible, the website should be compatible with different browsers
  • It should also work efficiently with devices of diverse sizes and screen resolutions
  • The website should support features that make it easy to use for a global audience
  • It should take the cultural sensitivity and the physical disabilities of its clients into consideration
  • In case of large website, ease of accessibility also includes minimal loading time
  • These websites should be compatible with the speed and bandwidth in different locations
  • They should ensure orderly download of text and images

Level Of Credibility

Level Of Credibility

Since the primary aim of a website is to enhance the profitability and the user base of the business, it needs to develop its credibility among the target audiences. In order to enhance its level of credibility, the website should fulfill the following criteria.

  • Help the users to clearly identify the business organization by displaying the company name and logo on each page.
  • Provide authentic and verifiable contact details, including the physical address at which the company is located
  • Provide details about the history and management team of the company as well as its future objectives
  • Offer genuine products at realistic prices while also providing great customer support services to help resolve any issues of the clients
  • Have a well defined privacy policy and disclaimer pages in place to prevent any misunderstanding with clients
  • Make sincere efforts to give space to only authentic advertisers on their site to avoid the clients from being victimized

Website Design And Appeal

Website Design And Appeal

An attractive and appealing website naturally attracts huge crowds, which is why entrepreneurs are often willing to spend a huge sum on creating innovative web designs. In order to avoid creating a site that looks too gaudy or cluttered it is important to focus on the following design aspects.

  • Ensure that the overall theme of the design blends perfectly with the business concept and the products being offered
  • Create an aesthetically appealing design that makes use of logically related images and patterns
  • Use a harmonious color scheme that blends in with the theme of the website
  • Make sure that the design does not hamper the easy readability of textual information
  • Use the right percentage of graphics to keep the design impressive and informative
  • Make use of correct typography and font sizes to ensure easy viewing even on small resolution devices
  • Maintain design consistency between the different pages of the website

Level Of User Friendliness

Many times entrepreneurs tend to feel confused between ease of accessibility and user friendliness of the website. It is important to understand that both these aspects are entirely different and play an equally important role in ensuring the high quality of a website. The user friendliness of a website is determined by the following factors.

  • The ease with which visitors can find information about a specific product or service
  • Ability to navigate between the different web pages in a simple and hassle free manner
  • Ability of users to clearly identify clickable items and navigation buttons
  • The level of clarity of text and images that offers critical information about products or business
  • Options for providing feedback and commenting about the products and services being offered
  • Overall performance of the site in the browser being used by the client

Quality Of Content

Very often, entrepreneurs make the grave mistake of focusing only on the quality of website design while paying minimal attention to the type of content being displayed on the website. Unless the content being used to convey the information is not of really good quality, the users can never feel really satisfied with the overall excellence of the website. That is why it is important to verify the following about the web content being used.

  • It is grammatically correct and offers the necessary information in a precise manner
  • The style and font of the content are in line with the overall design theme and purpose of the website
  • The text is broken into small paragraphs or bullet points to ensure easy readability
  • The content contains links to other pages that explain specific ideas, products or terms in a detailed manner
  • The content is updated on a regular basis to ensure that all the information provided is authentic
  • The content has not been copied from another website or does not exactly follow the style or pattern of a competitor’s site

Level Of Security

This is yet another important aspect to be considered while evaluating the quality of a website. Since most business websites intend to sell some product or service online, they need to offer security features that ensure the following.

  • Keep all the details of their clients private and safe
  • Provide a secure e-commerce setup for making online transactions safe and easy
  • Ensure safety of client systems from potential virus threats by having proper scanning software in place
  • Seek appropriate permissions for collecting user data through cookies

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