20Oct 2017

How To Make the Best Use of Ghost Buttons in Web Design

Though, Ghost buttons have been around since 2014, the trend has not stopped even in 2015. Many websites & designers still use these hollow button designs. But when you think about it, there is nothing much special about these buttons, except that they are a relatively new concept, which is why they are still being used today!

In detail information about the Ghost Buttons

In detail information about the Ghost Buttons

Transparent and shadowy elements are not new to designers as they came into the picture along with the flat design style trend.

Due to its simplicity, and its importance in minimalist designs, ghost buttons found rising popularity as minimalistic designs still manages to impress designers. The main characteristics of a ghost button are:

  • Light font for call-to-action
  • Thin button frame or outline
  • Transparent button background

Effective & Simple

Trending yet Simple to opt

Ghost buttons are so simple & easy to use such that:

  • In fact it is not wrong to say that its popularity is mainly because of its simplicity.
  • It can be easily adopted even by novices in the web design arena.
  • Compare ghost buttons designed by pros & relatively new designers & you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference
  • It also makes it easier for the designers to update these ghost buttons wherever in the design.

And if you are a web page designer, you will need a clear understanding of the functions of ghost buttons. This is because they are more effective in certain areas of design that others. Hence it is important that you do not abuse the usage of these buttons, simply because they are easy to use.

Which is the best location for the ghost buttons?

Which is the best location for the ghost buttons?

The center of the home page of the web site is one of the most preferred locations to use ghost buttons. “Why”, because this is the only location which will provide the ghost buttons a high level of visibility, provoking users to click on them. Homepage is also the centre of attraction for most website users, which makes it a very ideal location to place the button.

Navigation Menu 

Ghost buttons are highly useful in navigational menu too. Even though your website may be a simple one, using these buttons in the right places can be more than enough to make your website visitors happy.

Call to Action

Ghost buttons can work very well as call to action buttons on the website. They have that 3D effect; hence, which makes them a better choice CTA buttons. Although, this may not bring about a significant change in sales if you are a selling website, ghost buttons will certainly change the perception of uses towards your website.

The Awesome Features of the Ghost Buttons

Whenever a new design trend emerges, being a designer, you might never stop thinking about it; the questions in your mind are like, how can I use this in web design? The same is true for ghost buttons as well. Moreover, these buttons blend perfectly with the following types of website:

Business Website Designs

Business Website Designs

 Undoubtedly, ghost buttons are one of the most ideal buttons for business websites. However, they are still used with restrain as business websites usually tend to steer clear of trendy features. Still there are several business websites using ghost buttons as they find it difficult to resist using it due to its effectiveness.

Creative Studio Websites

Ghost Buttons for Creative Studio Websites

If there is any type of website which always adapts the trending designing techniques, it has to be the creative studio websites. These websites make the maximum use of ghost buttons in an effort to make their websites look brilliant & attractive.

Ghost Buttons for Software Developing Websites

Ghost Buttons for Software developing websites

 There are several software development companies who have embraced the usage of the ghost buttons on their websites. A look at many of these websites can provide you hints on how you could use these buttons more effectively.

So go ahead & make the maximum out of ghost buttons on your website by implementing the above tips.

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