20Oct 2017

On Page SEO Tips for 2015

The way search engines index web pages and files are transforming and becoming more realistic and brand oriented. If we talk about Google, it has been emphasizing on the expertise and trust ability of the brand. The metrics that identifies a website or web page and decides its ranking on the search result page have become more brand-centric and, therefore, the current scenario calls for online brand building. Also known as online authority building, it requires efforts to be put in on the website and also from it. A strong online presence of the brand guarantees better visibility of the website on the search result pages. Online branding is not much different from SEO and many of its advanced features blend seamlessly with processes of branding provided, they are implemented in the right way.

Search engine optimization is the technique through which a web page is made to rank higher in the search engine result page. There are various ways in which SEO can be carried out, but it has been broadly categorized into two methods- Organic and PPC (Pay per Click). Optimization which naturally places a webpage on the search result pages is called Organic SEO. Generally, this type of SEO includes analysis and use of keywords in the URL and Meta tags in the HTML code, back linking and building of link which promotes the link popularity submission of contents for the internet readers. Organic SEO is also called unpaid SEO as it does not require any amount to be paid as long as you are doing it on your own. SEO can be viewed as an internet marketing strategy as it studies how the search engines work and plans the methods accordingly.

On page SEO tips that can work wonders

Choose a domain and excel in it:

It is important to establish yourself as an expert in one or more domain so that authoritativeness is increased. Once you have proved     your domain expertise it becomes easier to explore more competitive parts of the field. If everything goes right, you become the expert of a domain and your content will have a greater brand value and is more likely to enjoy higher ranking in the search result. It will     all depend on the quality of the content and how you present it.

Optimize the website for semantic search:

Gone are the days when using generic keywords and terms would land your web page on the top of search result pages. The search engines have made the searches more humane and made it capable of sense the intent and the context of the search, thereby making the process of optimization tougher. Unless the website is optimized conforming to the latest technologies used in search engines like NLP (Natural Language Processing), phrase-based indexing, etc., the brand cannot think of recognition.

Make use of knowledge graph:

People tend to ask questions from search engines, hence providing precise answers to queries starting with “what, how, why and where”, etc. become important. It is also a big achievement to be able to feature in Google’s answer box as it help to drive an incredible  amount of traffic, as people will visit the website which provides them the best answer. The importance of the brand is also raised if it features on the top. Moreover, the effort that you put into placing your answer in the Google’s answer box will also motivate you to present better content to the audience. It also helps you build a better author’s portfolio.

Selection of Keywords:

Keywords selection is vital in enterprise SEO like normal SEO. The keyword must be used as a combination of medium to high tail ones that can make category and subcategories. The main keyword phrase should be kept at the end of the title tag. The keywords must also be well researched so that the website enjoys good rank on the search engine result pages.


Naming convention of the title tag represents various automated rules. CMS lets the user create rules that load and set-up pages. Automation in the URLs, Title tags, navigation links, etc. should be created with automation.


Templates are the blueprint of the HTML and CSS codes. With template optimization, there is no need to optimize every webpage for Meta description, image name, etc. Template optimization is also important for making the web page     responsive.

Quality of the content:

Unless the content is good, automation and template building is useless. Search engine crawler programmers look for unique contents and link     building, hence it is recommended that the contents should be written afresh as the web is full of people who copy other’s content. The search engine programs prefer those contents which are unique, of good quality and relevant. On page, SEO has a lot to do with the content and it must be understood that content is not just a medium to carry the keyword, but a mine of information means to educate and update the users.

Responsive web designs:

Responsive website has become the need of the hour as the surveys suggest that more than 40% of the internet traffic now come from mobile phones and tablet users. Hence, the SEO must include the creation of responsive web design. The website must follow mobile first approach as it also ensures that the websites secure higher ranks. Faulty redirects, errors must be avoided on the web page as it may adversely affect the page rankings.

Secure websites:

Your website must migrate from HTTP to HTTPS so that the search engines can understand that the website is secure. Secure websites are likely to get better and higher rankings due to obvious reasons. Google and other search engines are poised to make the internet a safe and secure place where your data and identification is secure and not accessible by unscrupulous elements who might misuse them.

All these tips can come in handy when handling the new SEO and the “Internet of things”. These tips will help you better websites and implement on page SEO for good ranking on the search engine result pages.

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