11Oct 2021

Software Developer Vs Software Engineer

Both Software Engineers and Software Developers are the commonly found and very demanding job profiles in the technological field.

People often end up misinterpreting the terms Software Engineer and Software Developer. Yes, both are not the same, then the question pops up, what is the difference? 

Various aspects distinguish a Software Engineer from a Software Developer. To make your career meaningful and make it go on the right track,  it is very important to know the difference between these job profiles.

Let’s have a deeper understanding of these two terms to figure out the differences.

Who is a Software Engineer?

A Software Engineer is a professional person who learns and applies the principles and theories of Software Engineering. These include designing, testing, developing, evaluating, and maintaining software applications.

A Software Engineer possesses skills and expertise in the domains like scientific research, mathematics, and technical knowledge. This is required to develop solutions for problems in any industry or business.

Also, a Software Engineer considers the practical scope, safety, and regulations while designing the systems to serve the purpose.

Who is a Software Developer?

Whereas a Software Developer is a professional who builds software that runs across different kinds of computer applications.

Software development focuses on making or crafting things. A Software Developer is unique and innovative with patterns and design.

The Software Developer acts as a part of the whole process of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Software developers need not depend on the principles of engineering which Software Engineers do.

They do not have to rely on any engineering principles as Software Engineers do. They build things creatively and perform the development task by managing various parts of the system.

How does a Software Engineer Work?


A Software Engineer should do everything a Software Developer does, but there are few differences.

The Software Engineer doesn’t provide immediate solutions, since the problems that fit into your hands can be more complex and need a more systematic approach to solve.

This demands a bigger view of the picture. As a Software Engineer, you need to be more focused on the design. Solving complex problems that involve systems and architecture is the primary concern of engineers.

You could be Software Engineers, Principal Software Engineers, or Lead Software Development Engineers. Engineers don’t work on particular applications.

The work scope includes designing, building, and maintaining the systems by considering the solutions to support the applications.

Roles of a Software Engineer

A Software Engineer must be alert and prepared for the following roles:

  • Learn the various software programs and understand the key areas for improvement
  • Evaluate the needs of the user and their programming requirements
  • Monitor and control the programming process and codingĀ 
  • Ensure the proper implementation and working of the code deployed.
  • Test the new software and its operations.
  • Creating the design, software development, and structural part.
  • Prototyping and deployment of code
  • Testing and maintenance and hardware supportĀ 
  • Supervision and training on testing along with team-leading and alignment.

How does a Software Developer Work?


A Software Developer builds high-standard software products by meeting the customer requirements and necessities.

They are more thoughtful and develop applications through proper communication and network to understand the user’s demands.

Software developers design and develop applications by meeting every criterion, manage and develop the solutions creatively.

A Software Developer always considers the functional specifications and builds the code. They deliver the code by taking efforts to complete the task. Software developers solve issues with a systematic and creative approach.

Roles of a Software Developer 

The Software Developer is bound to perform the following duties:

  • Build the backend and the required information.
  • Create and facilitate the front-end applications
  • Maintain a network with the clients and various developers to find feasible solutions
  • Plan about the software required for effective operation.
  • Evaluate the software currently in use and advise updates.
  • Provide recommendations and support to the end-users based upon the developed software
  • Enhance third-party APIs
  • Implement and develop the whole software application

Expectations from Software Engineer 

  1. Technical Expertise
  2. Fault-tolerant system design
  3. Use automation and testing tools
  4. Build best IT architecture, cloud-based system, and data storage
  5. Effective teamwork
  6. Design, Development, and System Analysis
  7. Modification of software
  8. Hardware replacement to scale-up performance

Expectations from Software Developer 

  1. Analytical skills
  2. Efficient in computer languages like C, Python, Java, etc.
  3. Use of open-source tools and techniques
  4. Networking, collecting feedback, and developing attention to detail
  5. Management of all stages of developmentĀ 
  6. Understanding of the logic of the code

Differences between Software Engineer Vs Software Developer 


Educational Qualification

A Software Engineer usually possesses a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering. 

A Software Engineer must possess strong academic and professional skills and should be profound in making systematic and professional solutions with in-depth technical knowledge.

Whereas, a Software Developer must generally hold a degree in Computer Science/  Software Engineering. You can also specialize in Software Development Programme in such courses.

In some universities, you have the privilege of choosing a bachelor’s program in Software Development which is also desirable. Independent programs or courses offering the same eligibility can also be chosen for study.

Work Strength

A Software Engineer works with a team and the team of engineers delegate the work with themselves and move with a group effort to accomplish the goals.

While a Software Developer is an individual who observes the process and finds comprehensive solutions to the issues and defines and implements ways to fix them.

Nature of the Process 

A Software Engineer takes care of the complete process, whereas the Software Developer looks after the single aspect of the software project building.

Software Engineering makes use of systematic thoughts and implementation of processes on a larger scale, while Software Development is restricted to a limited scale, but solutions are sought creatively.


The Software Engineer deals with the components and their working process and operations.

While the Software Developer takes care of the program and its functioning.

Salary Terms

Undoubtedly, a Software Engineer and software developer, both have to be highly skilled and should possess technical knowledge. However, the salary terms are based on the grounds on which the job and the efforts are distinguished.

The average base salary for a Software Engineer is evaluated to be $87,332 per year, and the same for a Software Developer is calculated to be $72,492 per year.


Software Engineers focus on creating or developing software tools. 

However, the software developers are engaged in using these software tools to develop the applications for the end-user.

Software Engineer Vs Software Developer on a Resume 

The skillset required from a Software Engineer is different from that expected from a software developer. 

In a Software Developer job, the firms look for domain-specific qualities and skills. This can be, for example, Java Developer, Ruby developer, and so on.

However, for a Software Engineer job, more vast experience is preferred. The knowledge and skills in backend process, expertise working as a systems engineer, process engineer, Full Stack developer, etc. is preferred.

Usually, companies look for more knowledge in solving mathematical problems and having a more logical basis to select a Software Engineer.

You should be able to foresee the problems and make relevant action to avoid the problem from happening.

While it is expected for a Software Developer to be more creative and be able to find solutions to problems that occurred. It is also expected to come up with a real-time solution that can mitigate the possible risks and issues.

How to test the skills of Software Engineer Vs Software Developer 

To test and evaluate the quality and eligibility of these two positions, the tasks assigned are usually the same.

What varies is the evaluation pattern for both positions. There are platforms from where the tasks are assigned by the companies to match the industrial requirements for evaluation.

A clean and logical solution is expected from a Software Engineer, without disturbing the existing process or system.

An efficient and wise solution is expected from a software developer, making use of all the available resources.

Software Engineer or Software Developer: Which is better?


By now, you have come to know the differences between the job roles and the various aspects of both profiles.

Which is better depends upon the requirement and self-analysis. You can prefer to take up the desired role knowing the purpose they serve and laying a clear target about what to achieve.

If you believe that you are far more creative with decent logic to find solutions to the problems, then you can fit yourself in the Software Developer role.

And if you wish to face large-scale problems and their rectification with the engineering logic and professional base, then you are a perfect fit for the role of a Software Engineer.

Software Engineering doesn’t work in ambiguity. It needs logic and careful implementation of the principles of engineering.

On the other hand, software development needs a creative and innovative approach, to develop software applications.

Software Engineering is engaged in the process of software development. However, all software developers are not necessarily Software Engineers.

It is important to have proper analysis and careful observation about the job roles and know what you would need before deriving the conclusions in picking up the right career for you.

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