16Jan 2024

What is the Future and Scope of Web Development Career?

For any business, a website matters more than anything, when it comes to reaching out to customers online. A website is the representation of the business online. These days, every business realizes the need for having a website and are putting in efforts to design and develop the best site for taking their products or services online. This is where we can see a great deal for the scope of web development and design.

With the tremendous progress in the launch of websites, people who can create exemplary designs and platforms for their online presence is what businesses are searching for. Web developers and designers are bringing in all the best of their technical expertise and skills to develop and unique design websites that are and capable of pulling the crowd.

Most web developers and designers are familiar with the latest tools, techniques, technologies, and frameworks that will help them get beautiful sites up in a short span of time. The development time of websites has come down with the agile technologies that make development easier. Here, we will cover the scope and future of web development.. But before we begin, let us take a look into what is a web development

What is Web Development?

The effort and attempt to create a website or a web application is referred to as web development. It involves anything and everything related to website development such as server-side scripting, client-side scripting, e-commerce development, server and network security setting along with code and web markup. 

We live in 2023, and pursuing a web development course is a great choice taking into account the demand and scope of web development in the current industry. Great training for them is sufficient and you don’t need a degree from a top university to pursue this career. There is an excellent growth potential for this career and as your expertise in this field grows, the more benefit you get out of your career. Let us now take a dig into the benefits of having a career in web development:

  • Web development will be a great starting zone in your tech career. If you have a passion for coding, a web development career will be a suitable option. As discussed earlier, there is great growth potential in this field. Right from deploying to a server to even improving UI and UX – everything will be of great use to you in the future.
  • When you pursue this course, you won’t get stuck in a particular role or area, as this field comprises many transferable skills for other disciplines. 
  • Attending a web development course enrich you with project management skills. You will acquire all the essential skills and tactics in leading a team to become a project manager which is an amazing added bonus in your career. 
  • You will get a deeper insight into the future of web technology. Being part of it and possessing knowledge and skills on them will help in finding your perfect job role.

 Artificial Intelligence (AI)Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence needs no introduction. Every article related to technology, we read on the web, emphasizes the need for AI and how it would be the next thing of the web. A number of companies and organizations are already implementing AI for their needs. Some have been reaping the benefits of AI for their businesses. A simple definition of AI should be the intelligence displayed by machines as opposed to human intelligence.

One of the latest introductions in the field of AI is the grid, which makes web development a simple process and initiates development based on the content. There are no templates or coding – all you have to do is provide instructions, and it will lay out what you want. It implements AI to make this process easier. So now, the time has come for a web developer to be an AI web developer, who knows better about the future wherein web development is more inclined toward giving the consumers what they need and not just giving them what the developer is capable of creating.

AI should be on your list if you are looking for what capabilities or skills would add to making you a hit professional in web development.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality

Some of the MNCs and giants, such as Google and Microsoft, are already implementing virtual reality or web VR. Virtual reality can be simply defined as the process of implementing computer technology to create a stimulating environment. VR is capable of placing users within an experience, which cannot be observed in any of the existing traditional interfaces. Rather than accessing a screen that is placed in front of them, users can engage and interact with the 3D world in real time.

What more do they need? A web developer should start thinking and working to incorporate VR abilities in their scope. This would include taking up responsibilities involving the research, evaluation, implementation and testing new and innovative methodologies of the emerging VR within the web experience that they are developing.

As we already discussed, people are looking for a real-world experience, which could be challenging to provide unless there is VR in it. You can start considering learning Unity 3D or Unreal if you are up for it. C# and C++ are also part of the skillsets that you would need when transitioning into a VR developer as part of your job quest as a web developer.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps or PWA is one of the leading trends in web development and is an application software that is delivered through the web. PWA is built with technologies such as CSS, HTML Web Assembly, and JavaScript. They reconstruct the experience of the app in the browser since they need not have to design native apps for multiple devices. Progressive web apps are highly beneficial when it comes to personalizing websites as adding these to native mobile apps is a hefty process. PWA comprises functionalities that ensure faster website loading, support an interactive approach, facilitate offline working, and enable responsive action.

Some of the features of PWA include:

  • Instant loading time
  • Offline browsing
  • Push notifications
  • Ready for an app or Play store
  • Home screen save 
  • Lightweight
  • No updates required
  • Linkability and indexing
  • Platform agnosticism

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

 Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP  is an abbreviation used for Accelerated mobile pages and they are a web component framework that is used to create user-first websites, emails, stories, and ads with so much ease. It is an open-source HTML framework that facilitates you to develop pages that prioritize user experience. There are many benefits of AMP such as faster and smooth page loading, easy to build, and multiple platform support including Bing, Google, Twitter, etc. 

These are built using plugins and present amazing UI and UX. It uses:

  • AMP JS – JS library designed for AMP pages
  • AMP HTML – HTML tags optimized for AMP
  • AMP CDN – documents are delivered to the AMP page by this delivery manager

360-Degree Video

360 Degree Video

The 360-degree video has become a popular thing in the web world recently. These days, most websites showcase a 360-degree video because most times, the end users love to see it. Most people collate 360-degree video experience with VR. When you have enough and sufficient experience in VR technology, it becomes easier to create a 360-degree video experience.

Some of the skill set desired in a VR developer would be, as we discussed earlier, software engineering, 3D design, video/sound production, video/game development and UX and UI skills. 

The ultimate aim is to provide high-tech features for end users. So when as a web developer, you have experience and skills in the latest and best modern technology, it will help boost a business’ brand awareness.

Internet of Things (loT)

Internet of things (IoT)

According to the definition of the IoT, it is a computing concept that brings forth the idea of connecting everyday physical objects with the internet and making it easier to identify these with other devices. It might include other technologies, such as wireless technologies, QR codes and sensor technologies.

Any object that can represent itself digitally becomes something greater or bigger than the said object. This object is now not only connected to its user but a lot more things – such as the surrounding objects and database data.

It would involve a connection between applications and physical devices, which will need the developers to be flexible. As a team or as an individual, the IoT developer needs to exhibit a wide range of skills, including software programming, hardware programming, networking, systems engineering and UI/UX, mobile app development, machine learning and a knowledge of tools, such as Arduino, Eclipse IoT, IBM Watson IoT, IFTTT and Zetta.

If you think you have all these skills, then you are moving toward securing a better job with higher pay as a web developer.

Motion Uset Interface (UI)

Motion user interface (UI)

As you might be aware, Motion UI is a SaaS library used in custom CSS. With this, web developers can create attractive designs that enable unique transitions and animations that will help in boosting the appearance of the website and generate interest in the user. One of the interesting features of a motion UI is that it offers a great deal of simplicity which users love among other things.

It is easy to comprehend and understand. Grab the necessary skills for motion UI, and you will be in demand.

Web development is a great career choice. You can either be a front-end developer or a back-end developer, or even both. You should have a general programming skill set to begin your career in the web world. Some of these include:

  • C#
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • SharePoint
  • Web Services
  • Content management system
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Java
  • Python
  • AJAX
  • ASP
  • J2EE/ Java EE
  • Cold Fusion
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • CSS
  • DCOM/COM/ Active X

Which of the industries would provide you with a greater scope for your career as a web developer?

A number of industries are today applying web development and web design for their businesses. Some of these include:

So what are the types of jobs that you can get after completing a course in web development?

There are long-term and short-term certifications courses in web development. Based on the availability of time and money, you can opt for either or both. Some of the jobs that are waiting you include:

  • Web App Developer
  • UI Designer
  • Front-end Web Developer
  • Back-end Web Developer
  • Senior Web Analyst
  • UX Architect
  • UX Designer
  • Web Marketing Analyst

You can always opt to work as a freelancer as well. It is always your choice. If you would like to be part of a company and work on their payroll, you can choose that, or if you prefer to be self-employed, you can opt for being a freelancer.

What is the future scope of web development?

As we had already discussed earlier in the article, web development is a continuously evolving field. If you choose a career in web development, you would require to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technologies. Always remember that a website is the face of a business, and if you are part of the project, make sure you are giving it the best.

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