20Oct 2017

Top 10 Tools & Techniques for Designers for Capturing Best Ideas

Can anyone tell when they will get a good idea? It’s almost impossible. Mostly ideas occur from your subconscious mind. After you wake up from the subconscious state your mind may or may not memorize the idea. Ideas appear very quickly as well they disappear at the same speed. So, as a designer, you need to set a net to capture these ideas. Let’s improve our knowledge by learning about the tools and techniques in setting these nets.

Notebooks and journals:

Maintaining notebooks and journals is one of the most ancient and easiest ways to capture ideas. You might feel it difficult to note it in detail. Sometimes these notebooks and journals may be destroyed, so it is recommended to keep an online note/journal application.

Index Cards:

The usage of index cards has started centuries ago. Using index cards you can record your idea in a short form. As you may have different ideas by using these you can compare your ideas with one another. There are many chances of losing one or more cards.

Personal Digital Assistants:

Personal Digital Assistant is an electronic device in which you can enter text and save it for future references. So whenever an idea strikes in your mind you can just enter the text or some related keywords. But the main problem with these PDA’s is that it’s not possible to capture any images.

Audio recorder:

An  audio recorder is an interesting option that can be used to record your words. You can use any smartphone voice recording apps for the same, or you can prefer some cheap affordable digital voice recorder from an electronic store.

Mind Mapping:

Mind maps are used to share ideas and information with other people. This is used to uncover the brain power of association. We can even develop relations between ideas by using these mind maps. But they are not portable like other tools.

Voice mail message:

Whenever an idea strikes your mind just record a voice mail and then send it to yourself. If you don’t have one when an idea strikes, then it’s a big disadvantage.  For backup you need to transcribe them to your PC.

Flip chart:

Flip charts are mostly used to record ideas in meetings. Here we have a scribe who notes down the ideas of the participants in the meeting. The speed of scribe is very important. The space is limited in flip charts.

Butchers block paper:

It’s just a paper that comes in rolls. These are used in various places like conference rooms, offices, etc. Once an idea strike’s one can write down the idea over that paper. It has all the limitations of paper techniques.

Pocket sized notepad and pen:

This technique is almost like the notepads. Due to its small size you can easily carry it everywhere just by carrying it in your pocket. There are more chances of loss of ideas if the pages are torn or lost.

Idea file:

This is the most efficient technique for storing and retrieving your ideas. In whatever way you note down your idea, just create a backup in the idea file. By this you can retrieve your idea in the most efficient way.

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