20Oct 2017

A Web Designer’s SEO Checklist While Designing A Website

Search engine optimization is a collective name for all the processes that are performed to increase the ranking of the website in the search engine’s result. Every search engine has a program that while searching the keywords provided by the user looks for certain parameters in the websites and based on them gives them the indexing. These programs look for these keywords in the URL and the Meta tags first, so keywords must be present here. The SEO companies before starting to work on the websites must perform thorough research on the keywords and incorporate them in the web page. Social media websites are also a potent tool for internet marketing and must be used judiciously.

Web designers can also contribute to SEO in their own way

The design aspect of SEO requires to be addressed for complete and better optimization:

Search engine optimization is a process which must start from the early period of website designing. Not only is the SEO specialist responsible for making the website SEO friendly, but is a collective effort. When the website is being designed, there are some responsibility that a web designer has to shoulder in order to make the website rank well on the search engine result page. A web designer can contribute a lot to the SEO. There are many ways in which a web designer can make the website more SEO friendly. An SEO specialist may not be accessible to that location and the required skill to tweak the website to enhance its rank on the search engine websites. As there are many points at which changes are required to be made, it is important that the web designers are provided with a checklist so that making the website SEO friendly becomes easier.

A detailed checklist for the Web designers to refer when designing an SEO friendly website:

As already mentioned, the web designer also has a lot to contribute to SEO. To ensure that not a single point is missed that can in any way help in making the website more SEO friendly, this checklist can be referenced.


You must make sure that the search engine is able to access the page that you wish to index. Sometimes robot tags block some of the pages which must be indexed. Only those files which are confidential should be blocked. While using the redirects, 301 are always recommended as it is able to get better ranks. Efforts must be made to reduce the number of 404 errors. Web designers must be upbeat in enhancing the loading speed of the website, ensure mobile accessibility and filter the duplicate content. Duplicate contents can be checked on Google Webmaster tool and be solved by using 301 redirects.


Sitemaps are not only useful for the users, but can also be helpful in securing better ranks in search engine pages. There are many types of sitemaps like HTML sitemaps, XML sitemaps, video sitemaps and image sitemap. Search engine programs use the sitemap to understand the architecture of the website and the better they understand it, higher will be the chance of good rank on the search engine websites. It is recommended that you use XML Sitemaps which are visible to only the search engines. If you wish to have the images of the website displayed on the image searches, you need to use image sitemaps. Video sitemaps are also quite useful for the SEO aspect of the website.

URL structure:

You can choose between www and non-www URL to make sure that the inbound links also use the same format. Google Webmaster tool can be used to set the preferred version. The domain extension you choose is also an important aspect of SEO. If you have a local business, it is recommended that you choose a country-specific domain name so that the search engines can give your website better ranking. Other ways to enhance SEO for the website is to use descriptive URLs and using hyphens to separate the words in the URL.


Content that you use on the website must be optimized before posting on the website. Also, there are many attributes of the contents which must be taken care of. The content must not be too long as it disinterests the users. Another important attribute of the contents is that it must be fresh, unique and relevant. Such contents garner better rankings as the crawler programs are tuned that way.


Keywords must be used at all the strategic places like Meta tags, contents, image file name. However, over-aggressive use of a keyword may be harmful to your website. Also, the keywords that you use on the website must be well researched. Only those keywords which are actually being searched by the users on the internet are able to give you better ranking.

Images and display:

The images that you use must be optimized and renamed. The filename of the image may contain the keywords. It would help in indexing of the images from the website. The ALT tag of the image file must have a small caption about the image. You can also use certain keywords in the tag. The size of the image plays an important role and hence must be optimized so that they do not affect the loading speed of the website in a substantial way.

Local search:

Local searches must be enabled, especially for the local business. In order to target the local consumers, it is important that map listing be included so that when the users search the business, the location may be shown to the users. This would help users locate the business and also make them more visible and accessible. The Meta tags and other tags may contain the name of the city and the sector for better search.

This checklist is a very helpful tool for the designers as it lets them not miss out on any of the important aspects of the web design which in any way contribute to search engine optimization. With this checklist, the web designers will be able to contribute to SEO in a better and a stronger way.

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