21Oct 2017

10 Website Conversion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Whether you are an aspiring blogger or budding entrepreneur, you may always be on a look-out on how to convert the random viewers into potential subscribers, customers, and leads. And how do you make that possible? Yes, by streamlining your marketing efforts and concentrating on optimizing the conversion rates for your website.

What do you mean by conversion and how to utilize it for your benefit?

In the marketing school, conversion means transforming visitors into potential customers. The conversion strength of your website is calculated as:

Conversion rate = % visitors of your website who performed the action you desired them to take. For e.g. filling up an online registration form, buying a product, subscribing to your service, etc.

A plethora of information will be available on how to increase your conversion rate. Here we are sharing on the possible mistakes that one can make while attempting to increase the conversion rate and the corresponding solutions on how to fix them:

Longer Loading Time

If you login to a website to buy a product and encounter the loading circle on every click, how long will you be willing to stay? Thus, the loading period plays an exceptionally important role for your conversion rate.

Longer Loading Time Website Conversion Mistake


The first and foremost requirement is to invest with a good hosting service provider who will be able to guide you through a faster loading process. You can use the various tools available online like Compressor.io, CloudFare, WP Smush, etc. to compress and optimize the size of media files uploaded on your website. The reduced size will in turn speed up the loading process.

Look and Feel

Research by Google reveals that “Users perceive and form design opinions even in 17 ms”. Thus, an alluring and experimental look of the website is a prerequisite to engage your audience.

Look And Feel Website Conversion


Create and establish a style specific to your brand instead of racing for the latest trends. A personalized touch with the color scheme, fonts, spacing, etc. goes well to connect the audience with your brand and hence improve the engagement ratio.

Vague Call to Action (CTA)

A website is not the ultimate product or service. It only acts as a channel of communication for the visitors. Hence, it is but natural to create a Call to Action (CTA) through which the visitor will contact you or the vendor and hence get converted from a mere visitor into a potential customer. If such Call to Action is ambiguous or vague, there are possibilities of losing few potential subscribers and customers.

Vague Call to Action (CTA) and Conversion


The prime function of a call to action is to urge the visitor to take the action and perform the intended task. The CTA will strongly determine the conversion rate of your website. As a general rule, keep your CTA simple as possible so that the next step is obvious and without interruption. Enhance its looks with a creative and easy-to-use button and make sure it is prominently placed on your website.

Cluttered Features

Many websites are seen cluttered with innumerate features, making it difficult for the visitor to determine the ultimate product or service offered. This should be avoided in all circumstances. To put is best, don’t try create a website that is a jack for all and master for none.


Instead of targeting numerous audience at one time, it is advisable to set a unique value proposition (USP) and define a target audience right from the scratch. It will make life easy for you eventually. Don’t create features for all but create them for a specific audience and experience the difference in your conversion rate.

Low-Res Images

Graphics and images are the most attractive feature of any website. Gone are the days when even small sized dull colored imagery would do wonders. Picking up any image from the stock with low resolution will have a direct impact on your conversion rate.

Low Resolution Image in Website Conversion


The solution of course is as simple as the heading. Usage of bright and high resolution images will successfully attract your visitors and keep them glued to your site. Numerous sites like Unsplash, Death to the Stock Photo, PicJumbo, etc. offer good quality images. This will not only enhance the conversion rates but also fetch you more credibility as a brand.


Average content

The quality of content goes a long way in attracting traffic to your website. Poor quality of content loses the interest of the visitors and in turn affect the conversion rate for your site. Lack of unique and specific content also affects your brand image.


The only solution to the problem is to invest time, money and energy in creating ace quality content to promote your products or services. Even if you don’t post your content often, the superior quality of your content will target its audience. Better the content, more will be your visitors and more will be the conversion rate.

Inadequate Proof

If your new business is not backed with high-end and already established brands in the market, you will face a tough time to get that first visitor and eventually convert him into a customer. As Warren Buffett had rightly said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”


Making yourself visible on social media is not an easy job, especially if you are just another start-up. At such times, you can make use to Customer testimonials, Case studies, Social media updates, Press releases, etc. to boost about your products and services.

Lack of Responsive Designs

Getting a responsive website is not just a trend anymore, it has become a necessity. If you run a good website but it is yet to be made compatible across all browsers and mobile devices, then you are losing out on a number of customers and money as well.


Introduction of smart phones and mobile devices in our lives have made it mandatory for websites to be accessible to its users on the go. From desktops and mobiles to tablets and phablets, the mobile world has changed the perception of online world. And still if you haven’t upgraded your website to make it a responsive one, you got to pull your socks up, now!

Disregarding A/B Testing

If you want to make a big name in the online world, you cannot afford to simply construct one and forget about it. Constant Upgrading, innovation and testing is a must-do activity to keep your visitors ‘stay-tuned’ for a long time. If you fail to achieve this, you are sure to lose on your conversion rates.


Conducting regular A/B tests will help you to optimize the content and viewership of your site. Number of tutorials and’ best practices’ blogs are available online that will help you to achieve this task easily.

Perplexing Navigation

If the ‘products and services’ tab on your websites has a lot to offer to your visitor (read potential customer) but you haven’t organized them to make it easy to handle and user friendly, then you may lose a number of such visitors. The visitor will be irked to the extent that he will eventually end up shutting down your site.


Structure and review the sitemap of your website often. Organize the tabs and rearrange the products on display. Set forth the important aspects and discard the old and secondary data. Only then, you’ll be able to optimize your website to suit the conversion rate.

“Optimizing the conversion rate for your website is a tedious and on-the-go process. You can never be completely right or be completely wrong. A considerable research is a must-do aspect to understand what brings the conversion rate higher for your website. You will have to do a lot of testing, a number of trials and errors to hit the right spot.”

We hope the mistakes identified above will at least bring you on the right track to increase the conversion rate for your site. For they have rightly said, “Smart is the one who learns from his own mistakes, smarter are the ones who learn from someone else’s mistakes”.

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