21Oct 2017

Age Responsive Web Design: Everything We Know So Far

Is your site responsive? Then, good for your business! Because, it is what the world wants and Google thinks about when measuring whether a site is compatible with its ranking strategies.

Now, it’s an old text book thing! If it was about an year or two back, you would have been praised for making your site responsive and you could proudly tell everyone that you are the New Gen Designer because you are up-to-date with the latest technologies that hit the stream.

Now, in the year 2017 if you go about announcing that you are capable of designing responsive sites and all your designs are responsive, there is no point in that as the needs and desires of your users have started to vary and it is time to think across a different level.

Responsive Web Design must be a habit for designers by now.

What is the new benchmark that you need to set and a milestone that you will have to mark for ensuring that your designs stand out from the old and outdated ones in the year 2017?

Well, undoubtedly, Age-Responsive Design could be the one thing that you should start implementing in your design in the near future.

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Users and you: A never ending love story

One of the most important gradients of any business that is online is the users. Agree?

Why not?

Your business will live till your users exist.

Responsive Web Design V/s Age Responsive Design:

Responsive Web Design V/s Age Responsive Design:

As you know Responsive Web Design is the process of ensuring that your website fits into all kinds of devices offering your users a clear insight into your products and services.

In fact, to anyone who is accessing the site feels like it is custom made to fit into the device over which it is being viewed.

The fluidity that it offers is mind blowing and we would wonder how well the designers have executed their job. So, let us expand this fluidity across the lives of the people who reach out to us for a solution to their problems.

My dear designer folks, it is time to think out of the box!

Let us feed our people with something fantabulously awesome. The stage is set for us to welcome the Age Responsive Design.

Age Responsive Design is user-centric than being device adaptable as is our Responsive Web Design. It revolves around the following factors:

  • Appearance of the site
  • Elements of the site
  • Interaction between various components of the site
  • Functionality of the site
  • Content that is to be displayed
  • How the users can benefit from these

Age Responsive Design is balanced to fit to serve the users based on their specific demographics such as age and their personal interests.

It is going to be the New Generation Game Changer!

Probably, Age Responsive Design is all set to serve the users keeping them on first priority which is what we have been promising all these years but, unfortunately, ended up accomplishing the marketing part which will be now pushed to the second position in case of priority where “users” shall occupy the first place.

Now, it is time to serve the King. All these years we have been saying “Customer is our King”. We are moving into an era where the King will rule.

How does the idea of Age Responsive Design work?

How does the idea of Age Responsive Design work?

For instance, if a child is viewing the site, then, the font, color and the other elements shall interact with them in favor to their desire while it will alter the entire appearance to please the elderly according to their preference.

So, here are the aspects of your web design that age responsive web design will be working upon:

  1. Font sizes and the spaces between them will vary for elders which will never be the same for kids.
  2. Color changes {Flashy colors are most likely ignored by elders who prefer shades of lighter colors, while, darker and brighter colors are welcome by youngsters}.
  3. You can expect simple navigation along with a sitemap that is provided to the elders to help them reach the point they have been hunting for without any hassles or complications. There have been situations where people abandon certain actions and leave a site if the site does not have a site map or fails to provide them with the right directions to complete an action.
  4. Kids love videos. It could be a fantastic idea to play videos for kids and not to play it for the elders who prefer content in the form of text rather than videos.

Has someone already adopted this change?

Yes and No!!!

If you are to ask has anyone ever implemented age responsive design in their works, then, I would say, of course we are all familiar with something of this kind. Remember our video games!!!

90’s kids can relate to video games and it is proof that your childhood was awesome.

The game would change and adapt to the user’s ability. If the person is slow or new to the rules of the game, then the game would adjust to meet their gaming frequency and for experts, it will be set at an entirely different time.

We have a website that fits into all devices but we need more!

A website that meets the needs of all!

Digital marketers and webmasters have been using a similar concept for some time now. Remember the targeted ads that are being created to meet the needs of all kinds of audiences.

Responsive Web Design is device adaptable!!!

Now, we could combine both these and develop age responsive web designs that will change the world of technology forever with the birth of age responsive design.

We already discussed it is user-specific and the marketers would be getting the second priority when this process falls in place. But, the truth is directly or indirectly, it will be the marketers and the business that would be benefitting by all means.

As I already pointed out digital marketers and webmasters have been using targeted ads. Just think of all those times you have been searching Google and being notified with ads based on your previous search history.

Even Facebook has been following the same pattern. It displays ads to you based on your surfing history.

In fact, if sources are to be believed Facebook has been secretly buying user data to find out what their users love and what are the things they like to search and how they behave while using Facebook to reach them with more targeted ads.

And, Age Responsive Design will work across similar concepts as it will take the Metadata to bring to you a website that will match your personality and attitude.

So, how can your business benefit from Age Responsive Design when it focuses on users as its first priority?

All users, one Website!

This is the rule that it follows and is all set to target more number of people.

The traditional concepts of Responsive Web Design which is device adaptable could mean purposeful to just a single group of users. As there comes no change in the font or color there is no doubt that it might not appeal certain people while it goes well with a certain section. But, here the situation is different!

We are thinking about creating a website that pleases all the people equally!

Businesses with huge turnover can design different kinds of websites that synchs in with the demographics of their various users because they can afford! So, let’s say age responsive design is not something they are looking for.

What about the smaller businesses?

Smaller businesses with lesser revenue can consider age responsive designs to meet the needs of all their respective users that belong to different demographics.

Age Responsive Design supports Hyper Targeting!

Age Responsive Design supports Hyper Targeting!

For instance, if you are a brand that supports not just one but varying category of audiences, let us think about mobile phones. All the people use these! But, the brands, size, functionalities, color and all the different factors of the phones that different people use differ. Even within the same family, the mobile phones used by the family members vary.

And, you have another kind of brand which applies to just a single category of audience so your job is lesser now compared to pleasing all people.

Age Responsive Design supports you in all your ventures fulfilling the concept of Hyper Targeting.

Creating Perfect Users-

What exactly is a perfect user? Who do you think is a perfect user?

They are not born perfect but they are created perfect!

The tech-nerds who belong to the digital world and who eat drink and sleep the web with a wide and extensive degree of knowledge about the generic website functionality can be deemed as perfect users.

They know what will happen and where they will be taken to while on a website. In fact, the perfect users are the people who need no sitemap or direction to hunt for what they need. Some call these perfect users as Millennial or Gen-X’s. So, what about the people who have no idea on intuitive design and are actually frustrated when they find out that they cannot reach their treasure unless guided or instructed.

How do you think we can help them?

Time to think on a different level!

The problem can be solved if you think the Age Responsive Design way. When they start experiencing the awesomeness of the Age Responsive Design they will automatically transform into perfect users.

Since, it will adapt to fit into the needs of the user accessing these they will be happier. All this means information at its best and no or less crap!

What are the challenges of Age Responsive Design?

To speak the truth in my research on Age Responsive Graphic Designs I never came across any real time examples of a real working model of Age Responsive Design built by someone. The Internet is buzzing with claims that this is the new age web frontier.

All this means that this could involve complicated processes  and so far no one has been successful at breaking these contingencies.

You already must have noticed that while accessing responsive websites over mobile devices is not easier. It might take time! The broadband speed differs from mobile speed and this is why your websites load slower on mobile than they load while on desktops. Here, you struggle to make it balanced on mobile devices.

Age-responsive websites will also take more time to load over mobile devices.

Even though there exists a number of controversies on how to work it out, but if we succeed in making it possible then there could be no bigger gift that we could offer our people.

Do you need help with designing your websites the most modern way?

We can help you!

Also, let us know whether you have tried age responsive design? How was the experience? What are your customer responses?

Share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions with us.

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