12Sep 2022

18 Best Free Online SEO Tools

It is a daunting task for SEO professionals to charge and boost their website’s rankings over the search engines.

These people have already made a lot of promises to their clients and have no idea or strategies planned to meet their customer’s business requirements.

There are a number of SEO tools that are available to help you with the task. Actually, it could be a daunting task for most SEO professionals to find which of them are good and available for free use over the web.

When it comes to the big businesses it is comfortable to register premium SEO tools, but in the case of small SEO business projects they might not have the budget to use a premium tool. But we do admit that free online SEO tools has limitations because in most cases it was found to work wonders.

Considering these issues we have decided to put up a list of best free online SEO tools that can help and support the SEO and Digital Marketing professionals.

So, let’s get started with the Free Online SEO Keyword Research Tools,

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner, formerly known as Google Keyword Tool is one of the coolest and powerful keyword research tool which gives you lot of data with a number of broad options.


2. Google Trends

Google trends show the trends of keywords in Google search. This allows the user to study the popularity of the keyword and plan SEO campaign according to that.


3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one great tool, which gives you a load of keyword suggestion based on what Google suggests us while searching.

4. Wordstream Free Keyword Tools

Apart from the normal keyword research, paid version of Wordstream keyword tool suggests profitable keywords based upon the related keyword input what we give.


5. Free Keyword Research Tools:


This will provide you with suggestions for keyword and phrases related to your business.

6. Prepostseo


Prepostseo is an all-in-one platform for SEO experts, students, webmasters, and bloggers. It provides multiple top-notch free SEO online tools for content writing, optimizing and proofreading. These tools are helping millions of users to optimize their content for better search engines rankings.
It provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it convenient for users to access all its tools with one click. The availability of its incredible tools in different languages makes it a worldwide used platform. Some of its top-ranked tools include Plagiarism Checker, Paraphrasing Tool, Domain Authority Checker, and Text Summarizer. With the integration of advanced AI technology in their tools, Prepostseo is attracting more valuable users than ever before.

7. Meta tag generator tool:


If you have been finding it difficult to generate Meta tags all by yourself, now grab this Meta tag generator tool that will help you in the generation of Meta tags with ease.

These are the free Analytics Tools: 

The analytic tools allow you to track your website performances by the customized report creation on the parameters that you focus.

This helps you to know what are your weaknesses and strengths, thereby improving your presence in the industry. The data that these tools can provide will be very large, your smartness lies in choosing the one you need.

So do not go behind a detailed analysis, instead go to that parameters that matters to your company.

Next let us learn about the free Google Analytics Tools:

This forms one of the popular analytics tools used by most SEO people. It is a one big effective tool which updates progressively.

8. Bitly

Bitly Tool For URL Shortening

Most people use Bitly for URL shortening, but the real power of this platform comes from its analytics.

9. Penguin Tool

Penguin Tool

This tool helps you to connect with your Google analytics tool and helps you to find how you are affected by Google algorithm changes. To know more about penguin tool click here

10. Social Crawlytics

Social Crawlytics allows the users research their competitors most shared content with other features.

11. Youtube Analytics

Youtube Analytics Tool

Analytics tool for Youtube users. We bet this is a must have tool if you are into video marketing campaigns.

Now, the content writers and content managers, here comes the Content Management Tools that will work wonders for you:

Creating attractive content for your website is one of the most important things to do to maintain the existing customers. We consider developing the contents is very important in SEO too.

Developing good contents in available time is quite challenging today; and so we consider the content managements free SEO tools in this part 3. You can check all of the similar blog posts by clicking free online SEO tools.

There are many free online SEO tools that help us to check various parameters of our content.

When we have no time, we sometimes refer a lot of similar websites to get related ideas.

This makes us to check whether the search engine crawlers might see our content as a copy of another web page. So below are the must have -free SEO tools that examine our content.

Here we understand the importance of mentioning good tools that check our contents are similar to other online, giving html codes from the text, making related images of the contents and comparing pages after we perform rewriting.

Click on each of the images below to get the free online SEO tools for the mentioned works.

12. Copyscape

Copyscape is an effective plagiarism checker and a duplicate-content checking tool that can help you find out the online presence of your content. You just have to give an URL input and copyscape will do its job.

13. Word 2 Clean HTML Tool

Word-To-Clean Tools

It is a good tool for posting in your official or personal blog websites. You can directly copy the document into Word 2 Clean HTML and click convert to clean HTML.

It will generate an content in HTML format, so that you can directly copy it to your web page or other content management systems easily.

14. Similar Page Checker


This is another effective tool to check whether your content is on other websites or even in other pages on your website. You can give two URL inputs and check the similarity, the effective reduction of similarity can avoid the search engine penalization.

15. Wordle

Wordle is a cool tool to create images from the keywords we give as input. Such images can used while posting official blogs and articles. These images are generated within seconds so that you can save your precious time not bothering your other works.

Finally, the tools to check the website loading speed:

We have already shared some good Free Online SEO Tools in the last few weeks; and this week we are coming up with a list of website loading speed testing tools which will be useful for you.

We all know the how page load time matters in SEO.
By improving the page load of the website can be improved with better rankings and user engagement.

So, analyzing and optimising your website with website loading speed testing tools helps you to implement the best practices in web performance.

As the SEO field is tightening and getting more competitive these days, you need these kinds of tools to stay upright in the game with the right pace.
Lets see those website loading speed testing tools which will be your bookmarked gems in your web browser very soon.

16. Google Page-Speed Insights

Google Page Insights To Check The Speed Of A Page

This is a powerful free SEO online tool from very own best Search engine Google. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights analyse the content of your web page and then generates suggestions to make that page faster.

Google has designed “PageSpeed”, a family of tools in order to help a user to optimise the performance of their website.

In such a way that PageSpeed products will technically teach you or helps you to identify the best practices that can be applied to your site. PageSpeed insights are also available as extensions in Chrome and Firefox.

17. Pingdom

Pingdom is another wonderful free online SEO tools built to analyse the load speed of your websites and helps you to modify it to make page load faster if necessary.

  • Examine all parts of a web page
  • Performance overview,
  • Performance grade and tips
  • Trace your performance history
  • Test from multiple locations and
  • Sharing your results

18. WebPageTest

Web-Page-Test Tools

WebPageTest is another small but powerful free online SEO tool which can be used to run a free website speed test with the cool feature to test from multiple locations around the globe using browsers like Chrome and internet Explorer even at real time connection speeds.

You can run simple and advanced tests there. Advanced tests include features like multi-step transactions, video capture, content blocking and much more.

Your results will provide rich diagnostic information including resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimisation checks and suggestions for improvements.

19. Gtmetrix

GTmetrix uses Google Page Speed and Yahoo! YSlow to grade your site’s performance and provides actionable recommendations to fix these issues.

Their recommendations will be based on best practices in website optimisation.

Read more on Why websites needs to be mobile Optimized.

This free online SEO tools also provide the priority level for the action that has to be taken from your side for improving the website.

If you can optimise your website according to their suggestions, you can definitely improve your overall score on your next Speed test.

20. Duplicate content checker by Sitechecker

Duplicate content checker by Sitechecker will help you analyze your site for free to identify duplicate content. This tool will crawl your site and find all kinds of duplicate content issues: duplicate pages without canonical, title, h1, and description duplicates. All that kinds of issues you can find in the “Duplicate content” category on site audit. Also, you can find the ‘How to fix recommendations’ for that issue.

Here, are some of the tools that can be used for optimising your website for the search engines with ease and for free. If you have any more confusion, talk to our SEO experts today and we will help you.

Acodez IT Solutions is a SEO agency based in India offering all kinds of digital marketing and inbound marketing solutions to our clients in India and abroad. We have helped a number of our clients who are experiencing a great fluctuation in their rankings after our SEO experts have started assisting them. We are also a web design company in India and can help you with designing and developing your websites at affordable prices.

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