27Oct 2017

How to Boost Your E-commerce Business With Feature-Rich Mobile Apps

As you know there is hardly any business online that is restricting itself from going mobile for the number of perks that it offers. Actually speaking the truth is that Google made it essential that businesses should be mobile responsive to be visible amidst the search engine result pages. As far as it goes, apart from making their online presence mobile, ample of number of businesses have started to focus on mobile app development both offline and online in order to ensure their customers are happy.

Now, the question is how far the ecommerce industry is utilizing this newly acquired technology grace for booming up their business in the world of online business and marketing? The truth is today, ecommerce mobile app development is an inevitable part of business world. If you are an entrepreneur who is already online and has ensured that your business is mobile responsive there are certain things that you need to incubate into your online presence over mobile to make it feature-rich and loveable.

Stay updated and trendy, this could be the first thing that you need to take into consideration before you start out. Yes, you need to move in with the trends if you really wish to impress your people. Customer satisfaction is an imperial part of ecommerce business and you cannot succeed unless they spread a word of mouth. Just imagine if a customer didn’t even get half of the satisfaction from your services, what he or she is going to tell others about you. Nothing, but the service was depressing while they will also ensure to suggest someone better over you. That is the psychology of customers. It works like that!

As you online shopping has taken a spontaneous toll from what it was around 5 years back. Almost all the mobile users love shopping online. The reasons are simple – cost effective, time saving and effortless – shopping experience. How would you define it otherwise? There is no better definition because none of us wants to waste time roaming around the physical stores when we can find the related item or product on the same website and all we have to do is choose and add it to the cart and make payment online.

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Effortless and time-saver! Ain’t it?

Effortless and time saver ain't it

So, let us discuss how well you could succeed in your business by integrating mobile wallets and your online site.

Gone are the days when people used to love going around shops and shopping for their needs. But, now we should say it is want and desire that persuades people to shop online. The vast varieties of items that they can find when compared to shopping across physical stores is kind of bliss.

Shopaholics and non-shopaholics – both kinds of peoples find it in line with their interests.

The first category loves shopping and with this number of variety they cannot think of another option apart from the ecommerce websites where they can shop, and when it comes to the latter category, they are relieved to think of shopping as “cool;” because they really don’t like shopping and here is something that brings peace to mind when they think about shopping.

In the year 2017, it is really difficult to find people who use anything other than Smartphones and Android devices. So, it could be a time-spoiler if we sit down to writes about the influence of the internet and Smartphones on the online shopping enigma that is experiencing a spontaneous hike all of a sudden.

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The point is for entrepreneurs: it is high-time you geared up and change the perspective of online business that you have been implementing till this day. Change it and replace it with the latest trends – mobile app development for ecommerce industry – so that you do not miss out customers. All your peers are already focusing on mobile app development as the realization of deriving profit has dawned upon them.

The turning point is that everything is going to change with the e-commerce store transforming into payment processor which will be offering your people with more of flexibility beyond their imagination. So, are you ready to add value to your people’s lives and help them out with something that is safe and secure?

Integrating user experience

What are we doing online? Our main aim is to ensure that our people experience a high level of customer satisfaction when they are with us.

So, what is the starting point of a great user experience?

Any mobile app experience begins with the appearance. To start with if your mobile app looks great people will be attracted across to click over it and then, move ahead. Unless you are successful at drawing people to your mobile app how do you expect them to experience the awesomeness that it carries across? If you fail to create a successful first impression, then, end of the story that was never initiated. Period!

Now, the question is what are the most important of things that you need to focus on when your customer arrives at your online store? The truth is once they are at the app; they will search for a navigation that is smooth and flexible all throughout as well as a search button that will take them across. If the response is meek, they will exit; if not you have made a deal. This is the first stage of any mobile app development process – ensuring that you create a great first impression customer experience.

Test your user experience as many times as you can. Once you are satisfied get real time users test it to ensure that the magic works. You can also utilize the other ecommerce websites to actually compare and see how well yours performs over the others. If you find nothing different and everything almost same then there is something new that you should be adding and if it has nothing in common with the other sites, check for the flexibility using real time users. If it does not comply with their needs, time to change.

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The need of the hour is not only to have a beautiful and responsive website, but more of a professional one that will provide all the facilities to the users.

Bridging the gap between virtual reality and augmented reality

We have already discussed that people find it really tiresome to walk around the shops and do shopping. And, to speak the truth there was a time when the gaming world was very much in awe of the virtual reality and augmented reality, which slowly took over the world of ecommerce.

Entrepreneurs are ready to travel the extra mile to provide their people with the best of services and this is why they have been developing technologies that offer great customer satisfaction. So, now with the emergence of AR and VR, we will be soon offering some of the best channels to initialize shopping experience that is out of the box, finally helping to ensure that there are conversions and engagements as you have ever hoped for. Have you checked out those Virtual Reality stores online that are offering the best of customer experience wherein people can pick up all the best of products by getting a deeper insight into it while experiencing a real-life like feel from anywhere at anytime.

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Here, the AR plays an important role in enhancing the VR with real time essential features that will enhance user experience further.

Let them try and then choose

One of the drawbacks of online shopping is that customers fail to get the one product that they want which is in fact a growing concern. How do we deal with it?

Most of the times customers come to your site pick an item and add it to the cart and pay for it. But, they are not happy when this thing turns out different from what they have been expecting when they arrived on the site. In fact, it is irritating to be delivered with something that doesn’t meet expectations.

For instance, when someone is on an online site that specializes in the sale of dresses and finally chooses a dress that they believe matches their taste, most of the times they are hoodwinked. The one that arrives is different. And, the customer feels fooled!

The most annoying moment! How can we tackle this?

How about a try and pay later thing? This is what our physical stores have been doing. Send them a package which they can try and later you could go over to their place and if they like it they can keep it by paying. If not they can return. That ways both the sides are happy!

Sites like Yep Me are already practicing this to help their customers choose the best one that meets their requirements while providing them with 100% satisfaction.

There is no need to brood over a delivery that didn’t meet the expectations. Now online shopping is more simple and easy with this new trend.

Social media and their influence

This is something that needs no introduction. It has been around us for a while now. Most of the online businesses have been implementing social media to reach out to their people.

Social media has a great role at helping people find what they actually want. It is one of the ways that people are balancing the gap between their wants and needs online.

There are a lot of things that are available online, but it is highly confusing when it comes to choosing these because people are quite unsure of which one will meet their needs. But, social media has all the answers. The communities over these social media sites have answer for which of these are the best for the people and then, they can choose accordingly the one that fits into their needs.

You can go live over the social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and others to reach out to people with what you want to sell. It’s their call to take it ahead from there. If you have done your job well – marketing and promotion – then, undoubtedly, sale will happen.

Social media platform- linkedin

Are you having an ecommerce site that fulfills people’s needs and demands? If not, then, check it out today. The competition is growing fierce and unless you are able to offer the best to your people they will not reach out to you.

The trick lies in adapting to the latest technologies which you can infuse in with some innovative ideas that you need to experiment and test with the real-life people to find out whether it actually clicks with them. Then, you could incorporate all this together to build a bridge that connects real world to the virtual and augmented reality that is the new cool.

Would you like a website designed that fulfills your requirements while offering 100% customer satisfaction?

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