30Sep 2017

Top Tips to Find Best Magento Developer for Your E-commerce Store

Magento is the most encouraging arena for e-commerce that has various components and functionalities as compared to others. A knowledgeable and master Magento Developer is the perfect proficient who could manage you in the correct path in accomplishing the best online presence than your competitor. With the technological advancement, there are various subjects and layouts accessible online nowadays to make your best e-commerce store, however it is just possible when you hire Magento developer for your store, to make the best-modified outline for your e-commerce website.

Magento has unlimited choices for your online business store like customization, shipment mechanization, upsell, types of products, coupons, Gift Codes and more. It is as simple for a good developer as tough for a layman to make the best online business store with Magento. Hiring a Magento developer will be the best choice ever if you need to reap benefits of your e-commerce website. But it is quite important that you must be able to hire the right developer. Here are some tips how to hire the apt Magento developer for your e-commerce store.

1. Evaluate your requirements

Evaluate your requirements

If you don’t realize what do you need from your hiring Magento developer, then how can you evaluate the skills of the developer you need to choose?

If your organization has just started its services with an intend to make another brand Magento store for your online business enterprise, then you may require an accomplished Magento developer or a group as indicated by the scale of your online store.

So also, if you have another e-commerce store on different platform and you need to move to Magento to receive its marvelous rewards, you require best seasoned Magento developers to fulfill such challenging tasks effectively. 

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Many e-commerce store owners hire Magento developers for one time purpose to establish it and when it needs to be upgraded they will look for freelancers and save money for such daunting tasks.

2. Freelancers and agencies

Always know that a freelancer has limitations even if he is talented in developing. One individual won’t not have every one of the abilities that you require. That is the reason you may need to go greater and hire an organization.

You may decide to choose many freelancers; however at last, you’ll likewise need to invest more energy overseeing them all. In the meantime, a web organization will have a project manager who will guarantee your task is conveyed on time with incredible quality.

Usually, organizations make a good job, yet they additionally accompany a higher cost.

If you require assistance from 1 or 2 individuals it’s alright to choose freelancers. While considering many factors, it is good to go with the organization.

3. Experience in Magento

One of the most vital things to ask before you outsource venture to a Magento development organization or hire a Magento developer, is the experience they has in handling complex Magento tasks. By looking to their portfolio online, you will be able to collect some information regarding their capability. Remember that Magento is a complex system from where you can learn more.

In order to overcome the technical difficulties during a Magento development, you need to have sound experience. While hiring Magento developers search for flexibility and must be versatile. If the Magento organization has worked for different industry verticals there are chances that they’ve run over numerous development situations and are equipped for dealing with your venture in the most ideal way.

4. Quality vs. Price

Quality vs price

This may be a common usage, yet you get what you pay for. You can’t expect a quality work from the least expensive developer.

There are incalculable circumstances when organizations employed the least expensive talent just to understand these developers can’t convey. They then pay the cost to enlist other, more experience individuals to settle their crappy code which turns out, at last, to be a great deal more costly.

In the meantime you don’t generally need to hire the most costly developer to make certain they will convey on their guarantees. Try evaluating your project on a constant basis to know the exact requirement for hiring a developer.

Does this project require an accomplished developer? If it not required, is it adequate to offer it to somebody less experienced?

5. Adequate backup for Magento development resources

Is it true that you are employing a one-man group? Be cautious and guarantee that your venture is in right hands. All together for development procedure to run easily it is urgent that you have enough resource backups to fill the scale as need emerges.

For any tasks, say, simple or complex one, you should not lack skilled Magento developers. If you don’t have sufficient resources as backup, you must be aware of the transition strategies to be carried out.

6. Check portfolio and client testimonials

Magento Developers who can deliver their portfolio and customer testimonials demonstrate their experience and past reputation of building consumer loyalty. Thus, a specialist developer will be prepared to share or demonstrate the sites finished by them. By taking a gander at the activities executed by them, you could get a thought regarding the sort of tasks they have conveyed previously. This will help you recognize whether they are reasonable for your site prerequisite. This likewise helps them categorize your expectations identified with your venture, which makes it a win-win circumstance for both. The customer tributes give you a thought regarding how much the customers are happy with the tasks conveyed by the developer.

7. Timeline considerations

Timeline consideration

The developer you employ for your project must be concerned about meeting the given timetables and convey the outcomes with time. If you arrange out to complete your venture in stages, it is vital that you make the courses of events and settle on a decision for each stage and that the developer takes after that timetable.

7. Post-project service

This might be the most rejected part of project development procedures while considering a developer, however, it is one of the key viewpoints you must deal with. Regardless of whether your task is small or big or new or existing, your chosen Magento developer must deal with any inconveniences that may emerge once the task has been completed. As the technologies changes rapidly, your project must be able enough to compete with the top competitors to take your business to reap heights.

Now that you will be capable to find a best Magento developer.

Next we can see the good places to find Magento developers?

Check out these places to find best Magento developers

1. Hire Magento developer from Personal network

The best place to begin is to ask your companions and partners if they know a good Magento developer. They will be happy to introduce somebody they’ve been utilizing and are satisfied with.

Consider developers just if your companions have been working with them. You don’t need somebody else than your companions have heard he’s great.

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Your risk is reduced if you hire somebody you know already. The con of this approach is that you won’t have the capacity to locate a good developer just from your network.

2. Hire Magento developer from Magento Certification Directory

In the Magento Certification Directory you can discover developers that are Magento certified. Thus you will be connected to individuals who have required skills.

Here, you really discover individuals, not organizations. This implies you have a superior opportunity to locate a freelancer.

You can likewise utilize the index to discover if your imminent developer is certified.

3. Hire Magento developer from Magento Solution Partners

Magento has an awesome solution group that can help you with a wide range of executions.

These partner groups have entry to trainings, support and administrations from Magento that guarantees they’ll make good completion of the project. Obviously, these organizations accompany a higher cost than typical, so you should know about that.

4. Hire Magento developer from Websites for freelancers

Websites, for example, oDesk, Freelancer and eLance have a database of thousands of Magento developers of which hundreds are certified.

Just from posting a job there you can get 20-100 individuals responding.

The problem is that there are many developers there too, so you’ll have to invest additional effort to look for the real good ones.

You can likewise do a pursuit yourself and welcome the engineers that you get a kick out of the chance to apply for your occupation.

The glad news is that individuals on these sites charge less than those on Magento Solution partners group and Certification pages.

5. Hire Magento developer from organizing conferences

Genuine developers go to conferences where they arrange and find out about recent trends.

They need to be updated on the latest trends and are excited to share their ideas with others.

That is the reason everyone trust that these are the best places to meet good developers. As a reward you may learn fascinating things about the arena yourself.

Magento has a calendar page where they list the occasions they arrange. You can likewise check inside your local network group for occasions that are being run.

6. Hire Magento developer from LinkedIn

This is yet another good platform to find developers or your requirements. On LinkedIn you can directly scan for individuals that have saved “Magento” as an aptitude and look through their profile.

You can likewise join groups, for example, “Magento Developers” which has more than 15000 individuals and post about your occupation there.

7. Hire Magento developer from Twitter

Many developers are on Twitter and they are always tweeting about Magento.

You can likewise tweet that you’re looking for a developer by utilizing hashtags, for example, #Magento, #Magentodeveloper and #MagentoJobs. You will get answers and request more insights about the employment.

8. Hire Magento developer from Facebook

Just like on LinkedIn, you can create Facebook groups and search for the right developer or through existing groups like Magento Developers or Magento

9. Hire Magento developer from Blogs and websites

Many good developers are likewise blogging about Magento. Discover what the great web journals and industry sites are and look at the bloggers names.

Locate a few good bloggers and reach them by inquiring as to whether they are accessible to go up for other project.

Finding a good developer is not a simple occupation but rather you can do it if you take after the correct strides. The best thing to do is to request advice from somebody who has been done it before to help you screen competitors.

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