05Jun 2024

Does Your Ecommerce Store Really Need A Responsive Website

Do converse with online customers nowadays, and you can understand they’re much concerned about online shopping on their mobile phones. It is a known fact that when you consider the quantity of individuals on cell phones, it is on an ever increasing direction.

More than 33% of all cell phone users just utilize it as their essential gadget, and 80% of users will do online shopping in coming years. Obviously, the utilization of mobile apps dramatically increased in 2017, as well.
It’s implied that the trend is getting advanced and an ever increasing number of individuals are utilizing mobile and just depending on it as their method for getting on the Internet. If you really wish to win the competition for your ecommerce site, you must monitor where trend and online behavior are advancing at a lighting speed

Why is it important to have a responsive design?

If you haven’t outlined your eCommerce site to be responsive, then you will lose a considerable measure of business.

Responsive plan implies that your eCommerce site should be intended to furnish customers with the most optimal reviewing experience—over an entire scope of gadgets, regardless of whether that is desktop or mobile. As such, everybody going to your site on mobile phones ought to have the capacity to do all that they could if they visit it on a desktop.

Frequently you can check at your own particular habits while you are online and shape a conclusion about the conduct of others. In case you’re perusing for data and the site you visit is not responsive to get the information, you will surely close it without even thinking for another minute. Gone are the days when you needed to resize and zoom-in continually to peruse the data or to click a connection. Individuals would prefer not to hold up, looking over and attempting to peruse information on a little screen. If your site neglects to give them what they’re searching for inside a few moments, you’ve presumably lost them.

Let us look at the best reasons why you must ensure a responsive eCommerce site.

1. Mobile phone – an all time partner


At the point when the desire for online shopping hits individuals, your eCommerce website must be prepared and ready to suit them. Since individuals actually bring their mobile phones with them all around, they’ll need to shop on the Internet at any place, any time. Thus having a responsive site set up implies that you won’t lose deals.

Let us co-relate with our own life….

Peter, walking in a hurry on road to catch the last bus to his home. Abruptly, he recalls that he neglected to purchase his wife a present for her birthday, so he rapidly takes out his cell phone to check for the right retailer.

He arrives on your eCommerce site, however it’s not responsive, and he can’t use it. Disappointed, he may look for other responsive site, and you lost a deal and a potential client.

Thus you must keep in mind that the desire or need to shop online could strike at any minute. Having a responsive eCommerce site set up is your best resistance against losing a deal from potential customers.

2. People wait for responsive sites

One effective way that you can secure and hold more clients for your eCommerce site is by giving them what they need. As per different reviews and reports, a great number of online customers are still tired of the low responsiveness of the eCommerce sites that they visit. Their complains extend from anything including client encounter issues (e.g. moderate load times) to convenience issues (e.g. navigation not proper). Both of these issues can unmistakably be followed back to responsiveness.

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3. Mobiles!! Mobiles!! Everywhere

By now, more individuals get to the Internet from mobile and tablet than they do from desktop. Obviously, the trend hints the decay of desktop internet and the rising of mobile internet.

Try to be wide open when the greater part of this mobile traffic could conceivably show reward to your eCommerce site… if you have a responsive site to welcome it too. Having a responsive site isn’t only something to think any longer—unmistakably it’s something totally important to your eCommerce sit presence.

4. Increases site speed

Increases site speed

An online business website incorporates bunches of sorts of content, including item pictures of extensive sizes. Stacking pictures won’t be issue in desktop; however extensive pictures can positively back off a site’s speed in cell phones. Speed matters a great deal to guests as research has demonstrated that if your site takes over 5 seconds to load, then guests are probably going to abandon it quickly.

In responsive designing, designers utilize systems that can reshape pictures to a fitting size in view of screen size, consequently helping your online business webpage to keep up its speed. If your site loads very slow, then it is important to note that exclusive a little part of the pictures are stacked in one go; more pictures load as the client scrolls.

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5. Cost-Effective

To some online retailers, starting expense of responsive internet business site advancement may appear somewhat costly. however, over the long haul, it happens to be more savvy. You don’t need to pay twice to build a similar site once more. Likewise, contrasted with ordinary destinations, internet business locales should be refreshed as often as possible. Keeping two distinct locales will be both repetitive and costly. In spite of the fact that you may need to pay additional cash for responsive planning, you’re unquestionably going to make significant reserve funds in future.

6. Google looks for responsiveness ultimately

If you are not stilled convinced with the reasons of importance to have a responsive site, here is something you cannot miss. It truly makes you sit up go with this: Google needs your site to go responsive.

In 2012, Google posted its official proposal to the extent mobile SEO system was concerned. The organization laid out a couple, key reasons why running with a responsive site is a brilliant thought. Here they are:

  • Single URL improves things for your clients  
  • Having one URL and a similar HTML makes things simpler for Google’s crawling
  • With single URL, Google’s algorithms can work well

Of course, you can dismiss the need to be responsive, however things will get more convoluted and less proficient for your eCommerce site, at any rate from Google’s point of view. If you need to utilize the dynamic serving technique rather, you’ll need to supply more data to Google, which makes things excessively specialized and advanced.

7. Improved SEO


Responsive design makes your site SEO friendly. By having a single URL for both desktop and mobile, guests are coordinated to a single site regardless of the gadget. This aids in boosting site rank. The guests are not shared. As all the SEO endeavors are centered around one site, the advantages are more.

8. Responsive site – a guaranteed shopping by customers

The recent study demonstrates that having a responsive site will expand your eCommerce site’s deals. A survey was conducted among adults who uses smart phones in 2012 with question “what they need from mobile sites?” most f the people replied that they needed to shop online using mobile phones if it was mobile friendly site.

Another intriguing number is that 74% of all smartphone clients said that they would come back to sites which are mobile-friendly.

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At the point when the greater part of clients is disclosing to you that they will return to purchase from your site if it’s quite mobile friendly, then your activity must be obvious to be more responsive. Otherwise, you are likely to lose more potential customers to your business.

9. Responsive design brings you more sales

The best advantage is that responsive design on your eCommerce site implies more deals for your organization. That is the ultimate objective of any eCommerce site, so it is to your greatest advantage to actualize a mobile friendly site when you can. Try not to postpone for one more week, month or year.

At the point when study after review and a great many surveys of online customers is rehashing the mantra that they need a responsive webpage, it’s a great opportunity to give your clients precisely what they have been wanting for. A responsive site implies your clients won’t get disappointed with navigation route or they can’t tap n a button easily. Indeed, even Google will like your organization better, which must mean top page rankings, as well.

10. Easier maintenance


Some online retailers keeps separate mobile version of their websites. Anyhow, this can build maintenance cost of your web based business webpage. Going for responsive web outlining can cut down maintenance costs. If you have to refresh content on any item page, then you simply need to refresh one site. Besides, it is simpler to keep up one site instead of various sheets for various gadget types of a similar site.

11. Responsive design uses content effectively

Online retailers regularly need to change the content of their sites. Having distinctive renditions of a similar site makes it troublesome – you have to transfer the content independently to separate destinations. In any case, with responsive design, a similar content can be used for desktop, mobiles and tablets also. The best part is that sharing same content under one URL makes it less demanding for your clients to connect and communicate with your content, along these lines making your online store more valid.

12. Broader visitors and more customers

Since responsive designing makes a web based business website good for various gadgets, it makes your webpage all around open, helping you to achieve more extensive audience. Moreover, the unmistakable and simple content strategy driven by responsive website architecture helps your clients to explore your webpage easily and see items legitimately even on littler screens, in this way expanding fulfillment among guests and spurring them to transform into potential clients.

So why haven’t you changed over to a responsive eCommerce site yet? Now, there are only advantages on making your website responsive. Make it at the earliest.

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