21Oct 2017

Top Reasons for Choosing Magento as your Ecommerce Platform

Ways of shopping has changed in recent years, earlier people usually went to stores and malls for shopping, but now things have changed people prefer to shop online while sitting back at their homes. People now purchase products on the internet and get them delivered at their doorsteps. It has become possible by the invention of an amazing innovation known as e-commerce. It is an innovative idea that allows the business owners and the customers to conduct business on the internet and it is made possible by using applications and software that uses the internet in order to connect to the customers. Magento is one of the best platforms which is suited for making an e-commerce platform.

 The online business is very advantageous for both the customers and the owners, as it can be made available all the time. In order to perform business on the internet, businesses need to have an e-commerce website. There are various platforms on which e-commerce website can be developed, but Magento is the most popular platform and is most widely used all over the world by the retail companies to conduct transactions on the internet. Magento tops the list when it comes to make an e-commerce platform because of its rich features and exceptional functionalities, the other reason is the it is a free open source e-commerce platform. As it is an open source platform, website developers have the authority to modify its source code whenever they feel necessary. Various features that give Magento an edge over the rest of the platforms are:

  • Multi language facility
  • International support
  • Multi currency facility
  • Easy to browse products
  • Shipping etc.

Best Free Magento Extensions for Your Store

1. Magento, a scalable platform

Magento is a platform which can be molded by the developers in whatever way they desire, it can be developed in any way which favors the business. The flexibility of the platform makes it possible to adapt to most sophisticated business requirements. In the course of the business, the owners can enhance the platform by taking the aid of the experts.

2. Easy to use

Magento is very easy to use and you can easily showcase the products in your store. The simple layout of the platform helps the people to navigate the website easily, which make sure that customers can quickly find out what they are looking for. Some of the other features that makes Magento website user friendly are multiple images of the products, zoom-in capability and product reviews.

3. Search Engine Optimization

It is very important that your e-commerce website is optimized for search engines, if your website doesn’t show up in the results of the search engines, you will probably lose a lot of business opportunities. Magento websites are search engine friendly as its URLs, descriptions and tags are very clean.

4. Mobile e-commerce support by Magento

With the integration of the HTML 5 into Magento, store owners can now create a responsive e-commerce website design, which can be easily accessed on mobile phones. This gives a brilliant opportunity to the owners to increase their businesses and the shoppers are also benefited as they can easily purchase things from anywhere through their mobile phones.

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Oomph store - Magento E-commerce Website Example

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