08Feb 2024

Best Free Magento Extensions for Your Store

Magento— the open source e-commerce platform, is considered to be one of the most stable, scalable and flexible in its genre. Equipped with a whole host of user friendly extensions it strives to give e-commerce a whole new dimension. Take a look at some of those useful plugins that help to make your online store a tad bit trendier.

1. Auto Currency & Country Switch

The Auto Currency and Country Switch extension help administrator’s track the IP address of visitors. Depending on the IP location, the plugin switches the currency of the store to that of the visitor’s location. The switch can be done at any time as desired by the visitor.

free magento extension

2. Mouseover Zoom

Users can install the CloudZoom widget that can replace the standard Magento standard image gallery enabling them to view an enlarged version of the product. Users can hover over the relevant product to zoom in.

free magento extension

3. Page Peel Ads

Magento provides an excellent opportunity to show advertisements through the Page Peel Ads extension. It helps to attract visitors to click on display ads and hence help to increase your revenue.

free magento extension

4. Magento categories images

The Magento category image extension is a free extension that helps to display several sub categories within your displayed product categories.

free magento extension

5. Banner Slider

You can now enhance your marketing skill sets with Magento’s Banner Slider extension. It is a unique marketing tool that displays different kinds of sliders on your site.

free magento extension

6. Extra Fee Surcharge

The Extra Fee Surcharge extension enables merchants to benefit from a surcharge being levied on an array of payment options including the following:

– Credit cards
– Minimum orders
– Small orders
– Customer groups
– Country wise
– Region wise
– Shipping methods
– Products

free magento extension

7. Multiple Select In Layered Navigation

The Multiple Select in Layered Navigation extension helps you to bring in an element of enhanced flexibility in your online store navigation. It also enables your customers to enter multiple values for the same criteria and thus enables them to browse for multiple objects simultaneously.

free magento extension

8. SEO space

SEO space provides you with SEO functionalities and helps you optimize the content, image titles, meta descriptions, canonical URL of your pages.

free magento extension

9. Ads Suite

Promoting your business is now just a click away. The Ads Suite extension now enables you to install custom Ad Blocks in several places throughout your site. These are designed to help you perform a series of promotional activities namely:

– Inform your Buyers
– Advertise your products
– Promote your products
– Publish Special offers
– Publish campaigns on your website

free magento extension

10. Magento Product Feed

You can now share information on your Magento Products through the Magento product Feed generator extension. The extension enables you to generate CSV files containing information on Magento products that can be used by sites like Google Base, Yahoo! Store, eBay, Facebook, PriceGrabber, and so on.

free magento extension

11. Outgoing Email Logs

Tracking your emails is now made easier. The Outgoing Email Logs extension enables you to log all emails that are sent through Magento.

free magento extension

12. Quick Contact

You can now receive feedback easily from your customers. The Quick Contact extension can enable your customers to send you valuable feedback. Admin staff can also manage contact fields and customer emails.

free magento extension

13. Advanced Customer Attributes

You can now plan your marketing strategies better armed with enhanced customer information. The Advanced Customer attributes extension enables you to abreast yourself on preferences of customers both new and old.

free magento extension

14. Magento Gift Registry

The Magento Gift Registry enables you to give and receive gifts while sharing their gift registry with family and friends.

free magento extension

15. Logo Showcase

The Logo showcase extension enables you to display a variety of client and brand related information, including logos, brands, sponsorships and so on.

free magento extension

16. Abandoned Cart Magento Extension

The Abandoned Cart Magento extension enables your online store to track items left pending in shopping carts for more than 7 days. It sends emails to customers intimating them of the pending items.

free magento extension

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    I enjoy what you are usually up too. This sort of clever work and coverage! Keep up the wonderful works I’ve added you to my blogroll.
    I would be grateful if you could add one more free extension which is “Instagram Widget”. It will allow store owner to present Instagram images of products on their store with specific hash tag.

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