27Nov 2020

Don’ts of Social Media

There are tons of content on the internet covering on what you could, should and might do in the social media to promote your business online. What is equally important is knowing what you must not do or refrain from doing. It’s good to know that social media have got some etiquettes to it.

Don’ts of Social Media
So quickly, let’s go for the things you must NEVER do in the social media. Here we go for the Don’ts of Social Media.

1. Don’t Make It All About Yourself

This one is our favorite. Never ever make yourself look self-centered on social media platforms. The content and updates you post must include stuffs from other sources just as well. Don’t make the mistake of publishing only brand generated content. Be real, generous and loyal. People love it that way.

2. Don’t Be Inconsistent

Some people jump into social media one day, forget it totally at some point and suddenly recall the existence some other day. The updates and posts published become inconsistent. That shouldn’t be so. Social media is a constant conversational platform where continuity and consistency is a must. Or, you will be totally forgotten, neglected or even hated.

3. Don’t Be Robotic

Direct messages, tweets, etc. when automated looks very insincere and impersonal. Nobody would appreciate interacting with a robotic system and you do not want to be looked upon as one. Be friendly, loyal and polite. The key to social media is the interaction with a personal touch.

4. Don’t Thank For Following

What’s the point of it? Think. You might rather show your thankfulness alternatively, by sharing, liking, retweeting some of their posts. That would be more likeable, and earn loyalty over the long run.

5. Don’t Neglect To Respond

Users may post queries, doubts, opinions, suggestions, feedback, complaints etc. on your social page. Don’t neglect them. Doing so can be unfriendly, and you may end up disappointing or frustrating the user. Continuously monitor for such and be prompt in responding to them. That way they will always be loyal to you.

6. Don’t Delete Negative Comments

It is noticed that at times companies delete negative comments, so nobody comes to know and save the brand of its fame. If you thought negative comments could tarnish your goodwill, you are wrong. You’d only be doing wrong by not attending to them and washing it off from public notice. It is also perceived as an indirect way of confessing that you are bad/you made a mistake and are not willing to clarify or rectify. It is a rude and unwelcomed gesture. Respond to negative comments, show your concern and urge to understand and fix the problem, and do that in public.

7. Don’t Go Over The Limit

Publishing a lot of content and over saturating your updates will make it difficult for your followers to digest and keep up with the updates. Follow only a reasonable figure of updates on a particular time frame and be consistent in sticking to them. Don’t prompt your followers to be irritated and leave you for good.

8. Don’t Be Business All The Time

It’s okay to stray from business at times. It’s like a leisure break from a learning session. You could post pictures or videos that are humorous or intriguing, talk of a giant event held at your town etc. This way you will enhance relationship building, and make your social appearance more real and natural. That’s the very essence of a ‘social’ media after all.

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