12Jul 2023

Effective Ways of Building Online Brand Awareness

Interestingly, companies and brands reward customers to keep them returning. While this is one of the oldest means practiced by brands to allure customers, now you can also add value to your brand and create customer loyalty through online branding with your site. The trick remains the same to know what value means to your consumers.

Companies usually focus on

  • Increasing consumer retention
  • Finding out what value means to consumers, not to you

Adding value to your brand is staying relevant in the minds of your customers. It allows you to connect with what they value and what you do so that your message reaches them.

Here are six tips to help your website add value to your brand

Increases your brand visibility and awareness

These tips have an instant impact on adding true value to your brand in the right possible way:

1. Aesthetic appeal of the website

Make your website attractive and appealing with beautiful layouts, which suit your products and service. Going for bright and flashy layouts will remove the interest of the visitors from your site and make your site fake. As the first impression of the look and feel of the site have a great influence in retaining the visitor on your site, the design appeal is really important.

2. Be ahead of your consumer needs

Equip your website with those features, which will help you to be in constant touch with your A-level consumers: make a good relation and keep a check on their issues – set up discussion forums, product reviews option, etc. to the site. Read all reviews to know what your customers actually feel about you. Keep a feedback tab on your site to know the real feedbacks of your consumers.

3. Improve User Experience

Making the interface of your site communicating is also important. With easy navigation, consumers feel privileged and welcomed. With a sitemap, your customers know which way to go and how to navigate for their needs. For instance, if it’s a departmental store, then keeping separate tabs for clothes, footwear and accessories will help the customers shop more conveniently, thereby adding value to your brand.

4. Be visible in the eyes of your customers

Ensure that your customers are aware of your value constantly. Providing them an updated variant of your services and products, tagging them in free services are a great way of serving them and informing them that you value them. Create a blog and send frequent newsletters – to be in constant touch with your existing customers. Convince them that you endeavor is to make their life easier and better. Try to find out what your competitors are up to and offer your customers with more than what they have.

5. Reward or loyalty Programmes

For regular shoppers, you can add a reward programme. Issue gift certificates, discounts and deals to new customers as the focus is to display the brand value to the new visitors and build a good rapport, extending it to lifetime; thus, adding incentives for present customers and new visitors will surely add value to your brand. So, keep a separate tab of offers and discounts for customers on your site.

6. Link your website to social media networking sites

It helps in great popularity and thereby in brand building for your business. Provide the users with an option to share and comment on the products or pages of your site. Give the option to login via social media accounts. Also, connect through social media by adding bio links to your social profile and linking all to your website so that your visitors and customers see your growth globally.

Copywriting tips to help your brand voice

Copywriting tips help brand voice reach right audience

Now you know the magic to drive your customers to your site. But, now that they are here, what are you going to offer them? Content – isn’t it? But, what kind of content?

Anyone can write anything, and sit back and relax thinking that whatever they have written imparts “gyan” to their audiences. But, if you check it out in-depth, unless your brand speaks to the people out there, you will fail to create an impact, which is not what we want to happen.

Well, of course, as we have already discussed, we can easily write something to talk to people. But, is it worth? Is this what your people are looking for? How do you find it out?

Firstly, we need to find out whether whatever we are writing is something that our people are looking for. If it is, then, we are a step ahead to meeting their expectations. Now the question is how do we find out that whatever we write fits into their needs well?

Before we begin executing what could be the right ways of reaching out people, let us answer a few questions:

  • Your organizational goals. What are they?
  • What do you want your brand to convey your people?
  • Instead of being an organization, if your company was a person, find out its nature. Also, decide on how it would interact with people.
  • Analyze what traits you find attractive in your peers.
  • Apart from yours, are there any organizational brands that you feel should have been yours?
  • Also, find out whether there is anything similar between you two.

You need to create a space for your brand, which is easy and difficult at the same time.


It is. Well, let’s find out how.

So, there are a number of companies with catchy taglines and there are those companies that stay in our minds, while there are those that fade away from our minds.

What makes the taglines fade and stay?

Some of them are so relatable that, they are here to stay. Others are unnoticeable and fade away.

We are going to take you through how to raise your brand’s voice such that it stays in the minds of people:

First we need to learn about the tone of voice.

So, what is in a tone of voice?

Tone of voice is nothing but how you voice your message and how it gets interpreted. The magic lies in what you say but how you express it and how your audiences interpret it.

Everything matters – the choice of words, rhythm and the metaphors, all alike.

In the world of marketing the tone of voice that we are familiar to is – the written words or our content, which has the power to speak and spread light.

So, when your organization speaks – a lot of things matter – starting from the website copy, the emails, social media messages, etc.

What does the tone of voice do?



Most businesses and marketers say that they could add value to their business, because when they started talking over the web, people found it easier to relate to them. Also, people could relate to the fact that real humans are working behind the screens to deliver them with something rocking and interesting.



When you are voicing, ensure that it is unique. Don’t use the same message that your competitors are using. Because, it could create confusions – there should be uniqueness in how you approach the things. Your tone, in fact – it should sound different. Not like the same ones that others are using and you do not want people to confuse you with your competitors and go to them.

Ensure that your tone is recognizable amidst the crowd.


How can you build trust through your tone of voice?

Is it possible?

For instance, let us think about the elections. We all do vote. What is the basis for voting?

Why do you vote?

It is because your favorite leader has convinced you. They all make promises before they gain power and we all trust their words.

So, it is not a tedious task to convince people through words.

We all are in awe of people or leaders who are familiar to us rather than the new ones.

So, when you find something new, we all hesitate. Trust can be developed when you have a familiar face.

Try building familiarity.

Influence, encourage and convert

It is always the magic you tried to create by making them feel better. So, if they feel better, then there is a scope for influence and if someone influences you, a space is automatically being created for listening to what you have got to say and ultimately, your words serve as an encouragement for them to make decisions.

So, to start with, break down the objectives of your organization and ensure that you keep it as simple as possible in a few words:

Try to include as many as adjectives, which could be anything and everything such as frank, professional, or intelligent. Also, it could be some appealing but non-professional words, such as love, adventure or anything, which you think could describe you better.

The next point is how you describe what you are.

It is not a difficult task.

Think about a situation in which “you” are trying to communicate with your people rather than as an organization.

It is easier when you think it is a person-to-person communication.

Formalities are good, but not when you are with your people.

Let us think about giving your people a further insight into the people behind the screens by being informal. Everything lies in the tone of your voice. How you communicate? The language you use.

Formal voice could create a tone of respectfulness and more of professionalism. But, there is another side to this.

People will feel uneasy with this kind of a communication.

There is no friendliness in the tone. They want you to be friendly!

So, think about it depending on your brand and the product that you are trying to market what you wish to communicate and give to your people.

The technicality in your voice

Always, remember the fact that you know very well what your product is but not your people. There are a lot of things inside your product that they have never seen. But, you know these things very well.

When you try to communicate, try to minimize the technicality in your tone. Because, it is not necessary that your people get to know what it is you are trying to say.

Also, it could annoy them if they are in a hurry.

Imagine a sales man talking about all the technicalities of a product without least botheration that you are hearing it for the first time. Forget it!

Never ever do that.

Because all they want is some friendliness in the tone and a little bit of professionalism. Of course, you could provide them with the user guide or manual wherein you could elaborate all the technicalities. Honestly, not the brand voice that would sound like a machine

Colloquial slangs and promises

Do not make promises. This is one of the wrong things that people do. Let us not go to market with fake or false faces. We are going to reach out our people with assurance. We do not have to tell them things that we are unsure of.

Also, ensure that you do not include any colloquial slang in your tone. It is not necessary that it goes down well with your people.

Ensure that you have a proofreader and an editor with you to perform grammatical syntax checks so that you do not annoy people with the wrong grammar.

It is one of the important things when it comes to people reading through your words.

They will remember you for the wrong reason.

Honestly, you do not want them to remember you for such wrong reasons and degrade you.

These are some of the simple factors to promote your brand voice.

Effective ways of building online brand awareness

Build your online presence

In the hyper-competitive and digital age we live in, it has become essential of brands to creates its presence online and bring on the impact to its targeted audience. Today consumers lean on researching about a brand/product/service online before they make a purchase, both online and offline. It has therefore become inevitable to respond to this change of consumer behavior by building online visibility and connecting with the customers directly. 

Online branding is all about capturing your audience’s attention. Let’s look into some of the key factors to keep in mind for propagating and establishing an authentic and successful online brand reputation.

Consistent Branding

It’s common for businesses to use various marketing channels to promote its brand. It is important to follow a consistent branding strategy across all of them to reinforce the brand and create a cohesive experience. Your audience must be able to perceive a defined way of recognition and relate that with your brand.


Your website is your online storefront, the ultimate destination of every marketing strategy. What is its visibility status over the search engines? How powerful, convincing, interactive and communicable is your website? Is it able to reinforce your brand? From visibility to visual representation, every element of the website must be subject to careful detailing for a successful online branding.


Blogging helps establish your brand’s authenticity and credibility. Regular and consistent blogging helps increase your brand visibility on the search engines, increase its reach, improve traffic, enable brand interaction with customers etc. Blogging is also the key to establishing relationships with other influencers in the industry.

Content Marketing

Creating quality content is of utmost importance in online marketing strategy. Distribution of quality content could take the form of blogs, guest blogs, articles, press releases, etc. It helps improve online visibility and build online brand reputation.

Social Media

If you are looking out to connect with your customers personally, build loyalty and retention, there is no better solution than what social media has to offer. Online marketing without a social media strategy is like the boat without a rudder. People are increasingly coming to find, research, decide and purchase with the help of social media. Building and managing your social media presence plays a major role in online branding.


Multimedia offers a great platform of brand engagement. Images and videos create interactive content as opposed to textual ones. Pinterest and YouTube are increasingly gaining popularity for sharing images and videos. If you have a brand related video, pictures of product launches etc, host them on images and video sharing websites available on the web. This has immense potential in building credibility and user interaction, promoting your business and driving traffic to your website.

User Generated Content

People are interacting freely on the web. They could be talking of your brand just as well. It’s important to be informed of what your brand is being talked about and where. Apart from the social media websites, it could be the online communities, reviews, blogs etc. Address the brand mentions immediately. If it’s a positive note, thank them. If it’s negative, you could respond depending upon its cause. Users tend to be loyal and trust the brand for paying careful attention to consumer remarks and issues.

Being well planned and consistent in its implementation is the utmost essential factor in keeping everything going right and head towards your goal. Focus on your business vision, be honest to it and concentrate your efforts on building authenticity. Brand awareness is not an overnight job; it takes honest time and effort.

How to enhance your online personal brand

As the relevance of the Web permeates into our lives, we tend to gradually become dependent on it for our very existence. Harsh though it may sound, this is what the Internet savvy generation has opted for and is quite happy about it. Consequently, our presence in cyberspace is not only to satisfy our personal desires, but also to allow others to know us better. This is where we develop and evolve our personal brand. Therefore, knowing a few ways in which we can build our online presence more effectively is always useful.

Build your online presence

If you don’t already have one, then it is very crucial that you start building your online presence. This could be in the form of websites in your own name, blog posts or social media accounts and of course an email. The last mentioned has, however, become a mandatory requirement for every individual and has become as inherent as owning your own name. Your presence in cyberspace is the gateway through which you can build contacts almost anywhere in the world. It is also the means through which people across the world will come to know you, both as the person as well as the professional. Therefore, it is very important to maintain your decorum in cyberspace in order to let people identify you and your brand the way you want them to.

Give your Online Brand a Face

Post your picture online to give your name, a face. Despite, the risk of internet malpractices, it is always good for people to know you as a person and not just a name. Get some professional clicks taken to give your brand that extra edge.

Manage and Leverage your Social Media presence

Once you have a social media presence, it is not sufficient to just hold an account. You need to maintain it on a regular basis. Post comments, opinions and thoughts on issues relevant to your profile. Think about how you want your audience to know you. Declare your skill sets, expertise and experience to elaborate on your profile. Connect with people you think will make a difference to your work. You can also associate with groups you feel will enhance your brand value. Leverage the benefits from this massive network to develop new contacts and connections.

Identify your Core Audience

Every brand needs to target a core group. You need to identify yours. Create your customer persona and run a check with that persona in mind prior to publishing or posting any message. Your persona embedded with all the qualities of your desired audience group need to answer positively to your opinions. If it doesn’t you probably have to revisit your brand messages in order to cull out the desired results.

Web design: launching a business & building a brand

In this era of new businesses sprouting every now and then, it becomes extremely important to use publicize and market your businesses to become successful. A business life cycle consists of various phases starting from when it’s off the grounds till it reaches its ultimate goal. What most people don’t realize is that it is not starting a brand new business and investing money on building the business which is hardest, but running it successfully and earning profit out of it, which is the most difficult part.

Before starting a business, one should have a setup plan on how to go about with their business to get maximum results. A project management process plays an extremely vital role in making a business successful. One of the most common issues hindering these startups to reach the peak is lack of publicity as business owners often not good enough at giving adequate publicity to the product or service they are selling.

Considering today’s scenario, and an internet-driven world, every small or large businesses are online and people across the globe can access their website, check their products, know what the company is exactly offering. This availability of information often helps customers to make correct decisions suiting their requirement.

If it’s a new business, it becomes extremely important for the business owner to share company details to their customers including their identity, the products and services that they deliver, how reliable is their services or products, and how customer-centric are they. All this needs to be reflected in your website. Talk to your web designer on your requirements. They will have many positive suggestions gained over years of experience. Provide them the exact context and improvise on your strategies after gathering required inputs from your designers.

An efficient brand strategy is an integral part for popularizing a company; it orders to help it to achieve the company’s goal easily. There are several ways for a company to build their brand, as follows:

1. Products & Services

Products & Services

When establishing a new business or building a brand, it is vital for a company to let people know exactly about their products and their offerings and how they plan to leverage them for helping their customers. Whether you are selling a product, service or an app, make it obvious and easy for the visitors to understand.

2. Perfect Brand Strategy

Perfect Brand Strategy

Making a brand strategy before setting it out to the market is the smartest way to build an identity for a particular brand or to say, the entire company. Therefore, a company before serving its customers should know about the brand they offer and their unique selling proposition, which would compel people to adopt their brand and not others.

3. Targeting Right Audience

Targeting Right Audience

A brand cannot ideally have a target of focusing every age group that sets up the audience. A particular brand must have one specific targeted set of audiences and it’s the company’s responsibility to clearly portray the same to their customers in order to avoid confusion. Hence, for developing a company there should be a particular set of audiences to whom the products and services cater to.

4. Staying Ahead of Competitors

Staying Ahead of Competitors

Every company has a set of features or factors that set them apart from the other companies, which enables them to stand out from their competitors. A new company should make it clear to the customers on what makes them different from others.

5. Language and Tone

There are hundreds of languages spoken around the world, and not everyone may know English as perfect as others. Hence, it becomes important for a company to publicize their brands in a not so complicated language that everyone can easily understand. Companies should adopt a way to grab their potential customer’s attention and making sure that the medium they choose to interact with their customers, interest them.

6. Customer-Centric Brand

Customer Centric Brand

Before launching a brand, it becomes important to make a complete strategy on developing and delivering brands that will work towards fulfilling customer’s needs. Customers trust companies and adopt brands that have the features to fulfill their need and with which they can relate much.

The above section shows how branding is important for a business to reach its ultimatum. But, in order to do so, the brands should be able to connect to the masses. Being an internet driven world, if a person needs something he or she will look up for it online and when they find it, they will simply research more about it to make a decision and then purchase it. This process can happen from anywhere and at anytime.

There are certain fundamental aspects in order to launch a business online

1. Logo & Design

The logo and the website design of the company should be such that it attracts the customers at one go. The web developers making the same should use the best and latest multimedia tools in order to make the website much more interesting and interactive.

2. Images & Videos

Using Images & Videos

The website should be a detailed one, but not full of text and write-ups. The content of the website should be in a form such as, video, image and crisp text (with some catchy fonts and not the usual boring ones).

3. Social Media Publicity

Social Media Publicity

Lastly, creating Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and other social media pages can help publicize the brand or the company in much effective manner. Maintaining good PR skills and effective business communication is an important aspect for building a successful business.

Several small businesses are evolving in today’s competitive market to meet the growing customer demand. These businesses often face problems, such as developing their brands and popularizing them, in order to reach up to the mass and earn greater profit. Taking care of the above-mentioned things during the process of web designing can help diminishes these problems and make the company reach its goal easily.

You have a Facebook page to your business. Now what? This is the question many business entrepreneurs face, not knowing how and where to head next post creating a brand page.

If you are one among the many who own a Facebook page, because your competitors have theirs or because everybody else is doing, and don’t know where to start next, this article is for you.

Below we have discussed some simple yet effective ways on how you could harness the power of social media to generate interest in your brand, particularly on Facebook. Here we go!

1. Cover Photo

Cover photo is what your eyeballs meet first upon landing a Facebook page. This area represents immense opportunity to grab user attention and create a visual representation of what your brand is, what it has to offer, attract users to ‘like’ your page by offering cool stuffs, using directional cues etc. Be innovative and utilize the space diligently.

2. Custom Tabs

Custom Facebook tabs are easy to create with tools like Shortstack round the corner. You could create custom tabs to share videos, promotional content, tweets, run contests, and most importantly to put up forms where you can conveniently capture leads without getting them distracted away from your Facebook page. The form can be integrated into any type of appropriate content, for instance, if you have a free e-book for download or want to grow subscribers list to your email newsletters, you could build a form along with that promotional content. Use the feature of custom tabs to engage and instill interest among your followers.

3. Content

Produce useful, intriguing content to encourage engagement and spike interest in your Facebook community. Be consistent, and watch out for the posts that drive the most engagement. This helps to provide insight on the type of content your target audience loves the most. Bear in mind that a lot of I, Me, I am will turn down your fans, so make sure that you do not do the all the talks around your brand. Promotional content is alright, but it’s also important to publish non brand related content, which is of value and interest to your fans.

4. Images, Links & CTAs

Photos on Facebook page receive 53% more likes than the average post, a revelation compelling enough to get us to use them more frequently. When appropriate, make sure that you are allowing these photos an opportunity to promote your brand or capture leads by linking it back to your website (you could use URL shorteners here).  Using CTAs are just as important. If you want your users to click a link, tell them. Don’t rest on the assumption that they will click on it just because you have a link put up there.

5. Promote using Facebook Ads

If you have a particularly important content you would like some extra traffic seen to (for example, a grand sale or a hot contest, etc.) consider promoting the post. Promoted posts are more likely to earn trust and engagement, as they appear right within the newsfeed, as opposed to traditional sidebar ads. Promoted posts also aid the visibility of mobile users, as they do not see the sidebar ads, which only appear to desktop and laptop users. You have total budget flexibility and minimal management hassles as you have the option to target just your fans and friends of fans.

6. Converse, Interact & Build Relationship

Link some amount of personification to your brand by engaging in conversations and interactions with your fans. Run contests, ask them questions, take their feedback, get their opinions, respond to their queries, offer giveaways, thank them and show them how you value them individually. Many free social media tools will send you scheduled alerts when an interaction occurs on your Facebook page, so you could respond in a timely manner. Engaging in conversations and interactions help build trust and loyalty of your fans.

7. Insights

Use Facebook Insights to learn more about your page performance. Insights can yield you valuable reports of reach, engaged users, new likes, etc, helping you understand what type of posts drive more responses and engagement. This helps you adjust your Facebook strategy accordingly.

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