20Oct 2017

Essential Glossary of Web Design Terms

For people who are going to get started in web design, it is essential to be familiar with specialized terms that are associated with all facets of web designing.

Below is a list of essential glossary of web design terms for everyone. Keep in mind that this list is compiled with the aim to provide a basic understanding of the most commonly used technical terms. We have gathered data from various websites to compile this list.


Alignment is the positioning of the components (texts, images) in your design, which can be adjusted to both the page and to one another.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are those that lie, on the color wheel, on either side of any given color.


Base line is the lowest point of all capital letters and the lower case letters without descendants. Whatever the font is all the capital letters just sit on the base line.

Cap Height

The separation between the benchmark and the highest point of uppercase letters.

CMYK Color Model

Remains for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) and is utilized as a part of print configuration.

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When you remove certain area of a picture to get rid of some parts of background or to resize the picture’s aspect ratio.


Cascading Style Sheets/CSS is astyle sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language.


An extender on a letter, and shows up beneath the pattern.

Dots per Inch (DPI)

Like the pixel for the web, dots are the smallest unit of estimation when printing.

Drop Shadow

A realistic visual impact that shows as though it has a shadow behind it.


EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) is a record configuration utilized for vector pictures that contain both content and illustrations.


The piece of a letter that reaches out over the x-stature or underneath the pattern.


An design feature used to smooth out the edges of an image.


Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is best utilized for little picture documents with few colors and design. You can also make animated GIFs


An absolutely theoretical guide of vertical and flat lines.

HEX Code

A code utilized as a part of HTML and CSS to assign a particular color, typically showing up after the pound sign.


An image file format that uses lossy compression, without losing much quality.


A typography term- the space between individual letters.


Another typography term – The space between lines of sort.


This also is a typography term. It’s the separation from the pattern to the highest point of most lowercase letters.


An opening line in a passage that seems alone at the base of a page, or an expression that shows up toward the end of a section.


Portable Network Graphics is another image file format, best for images with transparent backgrounds.

RGB Color Model

Stands for the colors Red, Green, and Blue, the RGB color model is followed in web design.


The extreme brightness or intensity of a color.


Another typography term- a little line appended to the end of a stroke in some fonts.


The first vertical stroke in a letter. For example, primary vertical stroke in letter “B” and diagonal line of “W”.


The lines that make up letter in a typeface.


Descending stroke in a letter that is used for improvising.


A design set of characters, including letters, numbers, and punctuations. For example, Open Sans, Helvetica, Arial etc.,

Vector Image

Instead of pixels, lines and shapes represent images. Since they are not pixel based, quality remain perfect even when it is enlarged.


A simple to-see marker put over the top or bottom point of photographs/images on the web and in print.


In typefaces, the thickness of the stroke’s width.

White Space

The clear space encompassing an item in outline. Also called  negative space.

ZIP file 

An archive file format that supports lossless data compression.

We also recommend you to check out other Web Design Glossary available online and stay up-to-date in the design game. All the best!

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