20Oct 2017

Fine Tuning Creative Approach of Web Design Process

Creativity is the most important part of the web designing process and ideas forms an integral part of it. The web designers are required to polish their innovative approach by applying varying methods to develop excellent designs for a unique appearance on the web world.

Creativity is like blood in the veins that happens to provide life to the entire web design. Indeed, thinking-out-of-the-box is an essential part of developing richer ideas, which will affect the designing process and help designers to polish their skills. They are not considered as the magical tools; rather, they are the platforms that allow a person to find solutions to design issues for better functionality. The creativity makes use of specialized techniques that either generates too many innovative ideas or is active in selecting the best one among the available. This is the reason that initiating towards enriching the creative process before planning to design is making a way in the technical world.

Out of these two, the process of generating ideas takes a long time; while, the procedure of choosing the suitable one is smaller. In this regard, scrapping and figuring out the ideas is an exceptional challenge to meet. Following are the methodologies that can be applied towards polishing the creative aspect of web designing procedure:


Ideally, the association is quite an apparent method of spawning ideas as one idea can be used as a supportive inspiration for the next one to crop in mind. But, the problem associated with this process is that same ideas keep revisiting the mind and similarity in all of them might not lead to uniqueness. This mandates for using the approach of association in the initial stages of web design for locking some of the best thoughts on a quick basis.



Taking place within a group, brainstorming sessions are all about discussing about an idea with fair-minded people. In this context, the designer will get varied points of views on the same idea that will help in creating a well-channeled finished product. Basically, brainstorming is a perfect way to carve out the diamond out of coal by extensive discussions and adhering to strict rules. By the rules, it means that every idea is the group’s property and anybody is free to quit as required. On the other end, brainstorming sessions involve clubbing different ideas and making one concept to work efficiently.


Attribute Listing

This method of polishing creative process is concerned with listing down the characteristics of the problems, the client’s need and the relativity between both. The process of attribute listing is meant to deliver higher results because everything is pinned down and crystal clear. Since, the directions are clear; a pathway to reach the destination point is always simpler. As the problems and their relativeness is listed, there is a need to make a list about designer’s relevant preferences. It will help in having a proper discussion with the client.

Attribute Listing


There is a need to plan out for the each sector of web design as to which part will bear what images or content will come in what part. This may maintain a high level of clarity about the idea to allow designers for conceptualizing excellent designs. Be it sitemap, project requirements, or the target audience, everything needs to be planned and well structured to start making a marvelous wed design. After all, planning will lead the mind to think favorably of the process to materialize them.


Observation and Inspiration

Observing the things around and getting inspired by them is the most common way of generating excellent ideas. Considered as the source of innovation, this method open gate for picking out ideas from general things seen around. In doing so, make sure that nothing seems to be copied around and there should a difference between the original and creative aspect thought. The ideas will definitely come to mind on analyzing the things seen around and not just by watching them plainly.

Observation and Inspiration

Drafting a Strong Foundation

There has to be a symmetry between what the client wants and what the designer thinks. Going away from the computer and considering the idea of discussing is imperative. It is because the discussion will lead to form a strong base in terms of a theme on which creative input is needed. Such a method will direct the designer to apply all his creativity in one direction and general storming ideas that can be productively beneficial for the client’s business.

Testing the Final Ideas

Every designer is required to test and re-test his final idea to make it flawless. It is because ideas once formulated into a final website and made live gets linked to the company’s reputation. And flaws in them will have an adverse effect. This is the reason that every concept in the design process should be revised before culminating into final website.

Now that the ideas are inspired, discussed, generated and tested; there is a need to handle them cautiously for better website desiging. Generally, the mind is sharp enough to generate hundreds of ideas on a daily basis and it is practically impossible to handle them wisely. In this regard clustering them together in a single group, on the basis of their characteristics will definitely prove to be fruitful. Since, the varied ideas will be clubbed under separate groups; identifying them will be easier. On the other end, some designers prefer to merge two or more ideas to make out one concrete solution can also be the ideal way to handle tremendous amounts of idea generation. It will surely help the designer in getting the best of idea for designing master websites.


Ideas keeping coming to the mind and it is the task of the designer to handle them efficiently because they are considered as the base of their designing process. To be creative in designing is mandatory as it happens to lend individuality to every business. This is the reason that the designer should keep fine tuning his creative approach towards polishing web designing procedures. After all, technology is one such world that seeks constant changes and every process should be unique enough to let the businesses maintain their monopoly in the business world.

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