21Oct 2017

Are Free Website Builders the Right Way To Go for Your Business?

Maybe you are just launching your business, or you have a well established company that you now wish to have a great online presence. You buy a domain, acquire the services of a hosting provider, and are all set to launch your website.

Most hosting providers offer you free website building tools, that can be used by anyone and have a very simple drag and drop functionality that allows you to set up a basic website very easily. But is this the route that you should be taking? Will it look professional, or even allow you to offer basic services to customers that all business websites are expected to offer? The simple answer is no!

Free website builder tools are the wrong way to go!

1. You lose your credibility:

A business website is very different from a personal project, or even a blog. You cannot afford to have a generic looking website. With free tools you will have to pick from a few available themes, that thousands of other people may already be using, if not more. Do you really want the online face of your business to look like every second website out there? Of course, you don’t! You lose out on having a unique look for your brand, and at the same time you will be forced to offer reduced functionality. All this while your competitors offer great looking websites with superb features and a professionally designed layout that is user friendly as well as performance optimized.

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2. You do not get to experiment with your online face:

Getting a great website is all about offering the essential features and then slowly incorporating all the features that you might need later. From not being mobile optimized, to having a layout that is hard to navigate, and even the inability to create landing pages for marketing campaigns, you lose out on a lot when you opt for a free website builder. It is also difficult to implement essential features like discussion boards, forms, a responsive UI

3. It’s just ordinary:

Free tools will get you a website, but their services end of that. It will not be visually incredible, and it will not blow anyone away with its amazing design. It will certainly not adhere to the brand image that you may already have, and is one free thing that will end up costing you a lot in the long run.

4. Performance issues:

The free website itself will be slow and non-optimized, but often the free services that you use will have it hosted on an overcrowded server.

5. You do not get what you are promised:

It’s free so you get no guarantees. Moreover, the service might be free now, but you could be charged for it a few months or a year from now.
You may wish to save as much money as you can, but if this harms the reputation of your company, this is certainly the route that you need to avoid! These tools offer you a great website for practically no cost, and may seem like a great deal, but the results will almost always be unsatisfactory. Hire a professional instead, and get a website you will love.

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