20Oct 2017

SEO Tips for HTML5 and CSS3

Cascading or CSS3 sheets is basically a  modern method of web designing for creating website layouts and applying multiple styles to a particular website in conjunction with HTML codes. CSS3 has always been a standard in terms of website designing the recent version of CSS3 is getting all the more famous because it creates accessible and attractive websites.

CSS3 is altogether a different kind of mark up language that does not comprises of tags stored in angular brackets describing the designing of page and web elements. It works accordingly to a particular set of hierarchical rules in which top most set of elements set a specifically behavioral pattern. The components that inherit from the similar elements have same behavior until and unless one explicitly overrides it.

Elements which were earlier used to describe HTML mark ups are now used by CSS3 for better web page code and higher quality web designing. CSS3 has more features than any other web language has. The current world of internet is marked with multiple platforms for accessing it. Responsive web designing using CSS and HTML 5 designing technique is yet another way for getting more traffic towards a particular website. Let us discuss how CSS3 and HTML5 can create an impact on your website’s SEO.

Is HTML5 a viable option for SEO?

With HTML5 and CSS3 one can have better page rankings by gaining better exposure. Both of them have been lately revolutionizing the world of web designing. In near future, a combination of both languages is going to gain enhanced importance. An apt combination of HTML5 and CSS3 can end up boosting sales along with allowing the website to perform effective sales representatives.

Combination effects of HTML 5 and CSS3

1. One can turn out the visual tools to become all the more appealing by using CSS3 and HTML 5. The easier coding language allows website to have round corners and drop shadows.

2. One can customize the fonts in a better way

3. The appearance of the tables can  be improvised

4. Web sockets are provided to the designers. This in turn allows rapid online data transfer and communication. Real time updates from servers can be received in time.

5. New forms of CSS3 and HTML5 support latest techniques and new forms of web designing.

6. By using HTML5 and CSS3 one can access better information. The emails can be conveniently stored and can be reviewed later on offline.

7. One can additionally incorporate the technology of GEO location

8. Both CSS3 and HTML 5 allow canvas incorporation into the concerned websites. Canvas is basically a native kind of drawing functionality.

Apart from the above mentioned utilities, HTML5 and CSS3 specifically aim at making designers independent with the usage of adobe flash player. The latest videos tag that are introduced in HTML 5 tends to allows the users to utilize latest video tags in order to play them without requiring adobe flash players. CSS3 further facilitates the web designers with border radius creation, image transparency and shadow creation. Now, web designers need not depend upon image tools at all.

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Vipin Nayar

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