20Oct 2017

How to Integrate Social Media with Your Ecommerce Website

Social Media, today, is one of the biggest platforms that help you access a wider audience base. However, establishing a deliberate relationship between Social Media and your E-commerce business may be difficult. Nevertheless, despite the challenges, it is no doubt one of the best and the fastest way in which you can ensure the growth of your business. Let us therefore look at some of the ways in which you could overcome the challenges and integrate social media into your E-Commerce Website so as to leverage the benefits of this excellent platform for the growth of your business.

Login Socially

Every E-commerce has a login procedure which requires customers to create an account on their site in order access their services. Encourage your customers to login with their social network profile. This will be a win-win situation for both of you. Your customers need not create yet another separate account and you can now promote your products, through your customers who endeavor to share your products and services amongst their network. This is made possible as customers are now able to share products and services that you offer.

Face it

No that your customers have an account o your site you can also encourage them to put a face to their profile. Facilitate integration with Instagram or other photo sharing social media platforms that helps your customers to share their social photos. These could be added to your galleries if you wish. However, the discretion to approve or delete any photograph as required lies, entirely with you.

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Share Ware

Product sharing is one of the biggest advantages of social media integration. Introduce social media buttons on your product galleries and encourage your customers to share your product details through their social media profile. This not only promotes your products amongst a wider audience base but also helps to endorse them. Several options are available which can ensure the social sharing of your products. For example, the Want Button app if installed will enable your customers to use this to post products on social media sites like Facebook. Live endorsements such as these provide a huge boost to your E-Commerce business.

Build, Share and Grow

While you are working hard leveraging the benefits of the social media profiles of your customers, it is time also to start building your own social media profiles. Identify the networks that are preferred by your target user base and focus on gaining popularity there. In addition to these, you can also start building a follower base in sites that deal with your area of business. Once your foothold is strong enough to give you a voice, share your products and promote yourself. Social Media apps have been designed to track the popularity chart of your products and provide you with live feedback on them.

As you continue working towards building more and more avenues in the social media realm, the possibilities for you to share your products increases; and the more you share, the more you grow. Success in your Ecommerce business is achieved by promotions and endorsements that are an outcome of integrating social media platforms in your E-Commerce websites.

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