14Jul 2023

5 Neuroscience Tips to help you in customer acquisition

The computers are considered to be super powers taking into account the speed at which they can process information and the multi-tasking ability that they possess.

We are not far from the days when computers will rule the world and maybe even the human lives too.

Are we under the influence of computers?

Have we reached a stage where we are unknowingly allowing ourselves to fall prey to these human-invented machines?

Or is the ease with which these super powers are helping you out making you too lazy to budge even or acknowledge the fact that we are more than happy if these human-generated wonders can do all our work for us.

So, in this technology controlled world let us examine how business pages should be designed in sync with human psychology that showcases some unbelievably exciting facts.

) Attention Mongers or hidden in the crowd. What are you

Brushing aside all that I discussed let me reveal an interesting fact that humans are unaware of.

Human brains are highly powerful, beyond imagination. Not even the world’s superpower computers can match the power of a human brain.

Researchers have found that human brain is 30 times more powerful than the world’s superpower computer.


Do I need to say more?

Great scholars like Aryabhata and scientists like Isaac Newton has happened to us. And this proves that we have the brains and ability than any machines have got.

Why do we even need to think of the argument when all these superpowers are our inventions?

Another amazing fact about the human brain is that it houses around 100 billion neurons, and these are the ones that process information.

Even though I have little knowledge about the scientific aspects of the human brain, I will share my findings which will amuse you. We are unaware of the miraculous design that weaves up the human brain and provides us with the power of processing information.

Heard of synapses?

All that I can tell you about synapses is that it happens when those billions of neurons in the brain interact there occurs a chemical or electrical reaction, which generates a synapse.

You know what- the human brain is capable of producing around two and a half miles of neuronal network interactions within each cubic millimeter of gray matter.

Let’s raise a toast to the makers of the human brain. The kind of architecture curled up inside the human brains has no replacement.

Now you know the role of neurons in triggering a purchase decision.

Well, my question is how many of you out there right now reading this article take into account the human psychology and the role of neurons when you are luring someone into a purchase decision?

The answer is no one even thinks of these factors when designing a landing page or for that matter any other pages of the website.

I have gathered a few of the key aspects of designing websites, fostering and building relationships and finally sales conversion.

#1. Attention Mongers or hidden in the crowd. What are you?

The golden rule of business is to get found and reach people. Let them know you exist and you have got something for them.

Make some noise. If you decide to hide in the crowd, no one will even know that you exist.

Studies and researches show that each customer happens to come across 5,000 fresh and unique marketing messages every single day. This does not even include social media.

So, is there a possibility that they will notice you if you decide to hide?

What can you do to grab attention?

Surprise them with something unusual. It actually works!

When people get something unexpected at the most unexpected time, it is happiness.

Gregory S Berns, M.D., and Ph. D holder at the Emry’s Neuroimaging Group states that the human brain tends to respond to surprises more than the normally pleasurable things that they find with inferences for the same.

So, why not surprise your audience with something special that they would have not even thought of in their dreams.

#2. Where nothing works, emotion does:

It is one of the successful ideas that can help you generate new customers.

Murray, the principal at a Neuropsychology Institute, notes that consumers are attracted to emotions rather than anything else. They even rate a brand by how well it can relate to them at an emotional level.

It is easier for people to make a decision that is emotionally driven rather than through something that has no feelings at all.

Popular neuroscientist Antonio Damasio notes that people can make decisions only when they are provided with an opportunity to relate to the scenario emotionally.

If you examine popular brands such as Apple and Nike they, directly find a way into their people’s heart. Why?

Because they know where to strike a chord, and they assure people that they care for them.

Emotional attachment not only ensures that people make a purchase now, but they remain your loyal customers forever.

#3. Can you fulfill their immediate needs?

Immediate needs are nothing but identifying what your customer is searching for.

Some people are looking for a product while others want relief from their problems.

Whether you are planning to provide a product or a solution or both on your website, it might not be an easy task.

Some companies have a hard time getting their web development team

design a landing page that struggles in its attempt to convince people that here they will find all that they need.

Let’s take a look at the psychological side of this aspect:

Have you heard of mirror neurons? Don’t worry; your brain does not carry any broken pieces of mirror in it.

But this is something different.

The system can be referred to as the monkey effect.

A scientific team led by Giacomo Rizzolatti in Italy are the brains behind these mirror neurons.

So what they found out?

Their experimentation was performed on a group of monkeys. If you ask me why they chose monkeys, I would say it might be because monkeys resemble human beings in some or the other form, and somewhere in the history of human evolution they say there exists a common thread of relation to how both evolved from their ancestors.

Who knows whether homo sapiens first evolved from monkeys?

Let us focus on our point of discussion.

While the team of scientists worked on their experiments, they tried out various techniques.

But, mirror neurons were released only when a graduate student walked into the experimentation lab with a cone of ice cream in hand and the observation was unbelievable.

The graduate student placed the ice cream cone in his mouth and what happened next is history.

We all are knowingly or unknowingly using the same technique in our marketing process.

The monkey seemed to be overjoyed at the sight of the graduate student enjoying the ice cream.

What were the feelings or emotions that crossed the monkey’s mind?

A battalion of neurons was released through the monkey’s brain.

And the most exciting part is that these neurons are the same neurons that get released when the monkey eats an ice cream.

So, this proves our whole point.

There exists no difference between watching someone eat the ice cream and eating the ice cream by themselves.

All you have to do is show them something that makes them feel that they are achieving their goal.

The websites that promote fitness or exercise or diet control apply the same concept.

Haven’t you observed? Rather than focusing on a particular exercise they show fat belly or cutting flabs which are what the visitors want to achieve.

#4. Scare them:

Scare them

Bingo! That works…

You can scare them.

The fear of losing prompts them to take an action.

This tactic can be applied to allure your existing customers.

What next?

As per a study conducted by UCLA, it has been observed that people are scared to have a miss.

So you can gain a lot if you try to generate the fear of loss in them.

Utilize the power of loss aversion:

Professor Daniel Kahneman, who won the Nobel Memorial Prize for his contributions towards Economic Sciences, proved it that people are twice as sensitive to potential losses rather than potential gains.

When you put up an offer and say that 2 days more, there happens a fear and excitement they cannot wait for another 2 days and lose it out.

Or for instance if you have put up $50 off and its applicable only for a limited period of time. People will hurry up before they are afraid to lose the offer.

#5. A number game:

Blindfolding people.

So what is blindfolding?

It is a kind of deceiving. The shorter the number, the smaller is its value as conceived by your people.

What I actually mean is you can write $ 1,000.00 as $ 1,000 or $ 1 K. But people love it when you write it as $ 1k.

We know all the three have the same meaning. But, $ 1k is a kind of relief.

The brain is closely connected to any of the sales or purchase decisions that your customers make.

So, designing your pages by conducting a study on neuroscience can help you reach heights.

Yes, obviously designers are not people who are related to the study of human brains.

But, if you are ignorant there are ample of books and study materials that have been written by scholars and web design experts to help out people like you and me.

These books will help us design a page that would force our consumers to take the required action.

Do you follow the psychological aspects of designing a web page or do you include neuroscience while designing a page?

Share your experimentations and techniques with us…

We can help you further.

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