20Oct 2017

SEO Best Practices for Web Designers

Web Site designs in order to incur a satisfactory rate of success needs to win user approval. Prior to that and in fact to aid that need, the targeted user base need to be able to find you quickly and easily. As a designers, this is where SEO best practices become a major consideration in your plans. Let us take a look at some of those best practices which need to be woven into your design in order to help it gain that much needed user appreciation.

Keyword Positioning

Keywords or the entry pass for users to reach your website needs to be suitably positioned within the design. This will help search engines to track and retrieve it in user search results. Positioning keywords in the site URL are probably the best way to grab attention of search engine crawlers. The ideal way to do this would be to name your files intelligently using the keywords strategically. As part of the URL, keywords naturally attract search engines and hence enable users to welcome you into their browsers.

Avoid frame based design

Search Engines have always held a step-motherly attitude with Frames. In several instances owing to the difficulty of its crawlers in scanning framed pages, Search engines used to skip all such pages. Moreover, in the absence of a <no frame> tag, most search engines did not retain any information on these pages. It is best to avoid a frame based design. Even if you do, you could include a strong meta description in the <no frame> tag that could help to draw sufficient traffic to your page.

SEO Best Practices for Web Developers

Keyword Targeted content

While designing content for the page planning a keyword targeted one is a wonderful idea to entice search engines. Some of the finer points that can be adopted while creating such a content type includes:

  1. Composing a comprehensive and logical content body
  2. Creating Content rich in user related terms and phrases
  3. Ensuring that the keywords are a part of the file name and hence the page URL
  4. Ensuring that the Primary keyword phrases from the first few lines of the page title
  5. Emphasizing and highlighting keyword phrases

Include Descriptive ALT text

It is also a good idea to include alternative texts for your images and your hyperlinks. Make them sufficiently descriptive so as to inform search engines what your page is conveying.

Slash the Splash

While it may have cost you a lot of time and effort to get that amazingly flashy splash page in place, it may hurt you more to know that your users may never get to see it in the first place. If you are staring wide mouthed at the screen on hearing that then it is to get down to earth with some hard facts.

Most search engines are not able to navigate through and even index splash pages. Moreover, owing to the limited content on splash pages, search engines find it difficult to qualify it for top ranking.

If you still intend to use your splash page try and include some text in order to enable search engines rank them.

Use Tables Appropriately

Use tables appropriately so that body copy is not pushed further down the code than is deemed right for it. It is always better to use tables to represent tabular data and not page layout. This may result in bad design practices where markup gets mixed with layout elements.

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