31Aug 2023

Tips For Creating Superb Images For WordPress Posts

If you are posting images on WordPress posts for your brand promotion, it is time you revisit your images and see if they are really designed well enough to increase your brand recognition. Logos, images and fonts work collectively to garner the interest of the users. As images are able to influence better than texts, it is imperative that you design the images carefully and keeping in mind the purpose it serves. Their primary purpose is to attract the attention of the users and in turn enhance brand recognition. It is therefore of utmost importance to align the WordPress posts and the visual content to present your brand in a unique way and reinforce it. Your designs should exude creativity and uniqueness and must be aimed towards building brand authority and recognition.

  • The visual content that you post online on with the WordPress posts must be compelling enough to woo the audience.
  • It should be designed painstakingly and must reflect the brand value.

How to make compelling visual contents of your WordPress posts

It is important that the images, fonts and logos that are used with the posts are designed in an attractive manner with utmost creativity. You must now rely on stock images and create the images on your own. If you have an interest in photography or know someone who takes good shots, it is best to go to your own images. After clicking the photographs, you can edit them using several offline and online photo editing tools. Everyone loves uniqueness and you can impress the audience with your snaps and also hone your photography skills at the same time.

Tips to make visual contents that make a mark and establish the brand firmly

Always use a watermark:

If you are using your logo as the watermark, make sure that there is a consistency in its use. Its dimension and placement should be consistent on every image of your social profile. Also, there must be some space left between the edges and the logo so that it is visible and looks intentional. Doing so increases the overall brand recognition.

Use fonts and colours to get desired effects:

Beautifully designed images with colours and attractive fonts draw attention by creating the effect. Also, the selection of fonts and colour must be in sync with the brand otherwise, the entire exercise will be a failure. The colors can be bold, loud, subtle and delicate and must be chosen according to the brand you are marketing.

Reusable template for consistency:

You must always have a separate template ready for the WordPress posts. It will cut down on the time required to design an image every time you decide to post a picture online.

Let the picture take the center stage:

Brain responds better to visual contents than texts and therefore, the pictures you post must be sans text. When you have the picture that speaks a thousand words, you do not need text to describe them. The picture, however, must be relevant and should go with the topic of the posts.

Tools for creating your own images for the WordPress posts

There are many tools that are available to help you create images that you can use in your WordPress blog. Some of these tools have been discussed here.

Pic Monkey:

Pic monkey is a picture editing tool that is available free of cost. There are some amazing features offered by the tool. You can edit an existing photo or create a new one. With Pic Monkey, you have the liberty of cropping and resizing the picture and also adjust the exposure. You can also apply visual effects and render the picture black and white or sepia.


It is one of the most popular photo editing tools available online. With this tool you can effectively design the photos using its preset design options. These options come with a set of images and also the ideas for designing your own pictures. If you are a creative soul, you can also start from scratch and build an entirely new and unique picture.

Google Slides:

Google Slides are basically a tool for creating presentations, but can also be used for making images due to several design features available with the tool. You can access the Google fonts as well as the Google slide templates.


Piktochart is by far the best online tool to make infographics for your website or the WordPress posts. An infographic if created in the right way to garner the most views and is shared by a maximum number of folks. You can choose between both free and premium templates. The resource and time invested in creating a compelling infographic are totally worth it.

The advantages of creating your own images for the WordPress posts

When it comes to reaping advantages from creating and using your own images in the WordPress posts, there are many of them.

Good for SEO:

The search engine crawler programs have grown and smarter and base your search result rankings on various factors. If you are using your own images for the blog posts on the WordPress websites, it will be way better for Search engine optimisation. The search engines appreciate unique elements on the website and your rankings can be affected in a substantial manner.

People like new and unique stuffs:

The users do not want to see similar types of images on all the websites they visit. If you are able to present some unique pictures which have been tailor made by you, you are bound to get more viewers and naturally more sharing.

An inexpensive affair:

The entire process of making the pictures to use them with the WordPress posts is quite inexpensive. You can source the images from free websites or click them on your own. Free editing tools will help you edit the pictures before you post them on the website.

You can source free images from several websites like Life of Pix, StockSnap.io and New Old Stock. After sourcing the pictures, you can edit them with the tools already discussed and use them in your WordPress posts and cast a truly amazing impression on your users.

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