25Oct 2017

User Experience Resolutions for Mobile Application Designing

Enhanced user experience is something every mobile application is looking to deliver to the users. Various new trends have been developed when the flat design trend and application development are blended. Simple design with several user-friendly functionality and cross platform compatibility are in great demand and the developers and designers of the new age mobile application development must do away with Skeumorphism in designing and stick to flat designing paradigm and think of ways to enhance User experience. The app users have also welcomed the change and supported the trend. Hence the developers must take few resolutions to work in the direction of making the UX better and adopting the flat design. These innovative trends will surely bring in the era of proactive UX.

• The app designers must vow to avoid Skeumporphic designs and press on flat design.
• Convergence of cross-platform design and developmental techniques will usher in an era of new and improved mobile application development.

Seven resolutions that every designer should take for app designing

1. Avoiding lengthy set-up wizard: We often have to fill up endless fields while setting up an application for the first time. The users often cringe about providing so much of information for the first time. The mobile ui ux designers must be designed apps keeping enhanced UX in mind and must offer an option to feed in those details whenever the user wishes to.

2. Limiting the feature tours: Explaining about the application through lengthy documents is a strict no. These explanations are very confusing and must be done away with. If the explanation of the application is very important, it should be conveyed to the users as he or she navigates through the application.

3. Avoid anything less than professional: The look and the feel of the mobile application must be professional with every link and menu at the perfect spot and the color combination of the creative best.

4. Not follow the user request blindly: The users often give suggestions for the design of the app or about modifications in the design after the application is released. Following those researches blindly without researching on what is trending and will go down well with the audience can be dangerous for the application.

5. Avoid over use of notifications: It is quite common for the app users to get annoyed by constant notification from the apps. The notification system of the mobile phone should only be used for showing new features, offers and other important information. Using notification for showing advertisements or other such unimportant things must be avoided.

6. Avoid Hub and spoke design: It is a design type where the design is spun around a central hub from where all the traffic spread like spoke and later returns. The users are forced to click something to use the app.

7. Design only single sign on apps: The application must be a single sign-on and the users should be allowed to sign in through an existing e-mail Ids and social media accounts.

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