Dec 25 2013

How An Animated Business Video Can Boost Your Website Traffic

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We all have witnessed the journey of internet, it just started off from a web of text documents. But things have changed now, technology has advanced a lot; presence of pictures, audios and videos are now common in the internet. And this trend has affected the marketing strategies too. Even if it is a description, demonstration or for sale purpose, challenging competitions are happening within the innovative marketing field.  Huge corporates such as Microsoft and Apple to smaller organizations use animated business videos to advertise and promote their product/service.

As the production cost of an animated video is cheap (not too low), it turns to be the powerful tool in marketing now and this will be a major marketing weapon in future. Most websites today host a video on their homepage giving visitors a clear image about their service. We believe that blending this strategy in website development is also an essential factor in order to deliver cutting edge web content. Let’s spend some time reviewing some facts regarding the importance of an Animated Business Video and the effective usage of it.

Psychological Influence

If a user is available and have time, he/she will watch the video hosted on a website’s homepage. If the video describe brand’s confidence and commitment to their service, this will create a psychological impact on the visitor. Researches show that when people are watching animated videos their mind will be automatically driven back to their childhood (a time when we all were receptive to all incoming information). Thus, visitors watching such an animated advertisement or product promotion videos are 85% more likely to buy that product. Also, if the visitor is a bit busy to read texts, they will surely go ahead watching video.

So, its simple as that. If you run a business, create an animated video that describes the product. Choose a unique style and theme for presentation making sure that it sticks along with your business plan.

Following This Simple 3 Act Rule

While creating a video for hosting on your website homepage, be sure that you follow these simple 3 Act rules of short film.

Act 1: State the problem

Act 2: Show how your product is the solution

Act 3: Call to action

This is the method followed all over the globe, if your video production team or agency is impeccable, then give them an opportunity to develop something “out of the box”.

An Animated Video Has Unlimited potential

Yes, that’s the fact. The only limit to video production is less imagination. You can even synchronize business services with a fun mood. But keeping it as brief as possible will be a better idea (ranging from 30 seconds to three minutes). Convey the message fully to your viewers without making them bored or losing interest. Remember, it is not just about the usage of hi-tech tools in video production, it is about the theme and arrangement. Also try to use the original score rather than using stock music.

When you effectively follow these techniques, it is sure that any random visitor will like your website and explore its inner pages. Meanwhile, do not forget to highlight your “Social Media Buttons”. Take a look at a sample video.

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