20Oct 2017

6 Highly Effective Free Traffic Building Techniques

Couldn’t emphasize enough as to how important a role internet marketing plays in small, medium or large businesses. If you have just stepped into the digital media, or have just realized its significance to your business, here are some of the highly effective free techniques to building massive traffic to your website. Let’s head in.

Search Engine Optimization

The first and the foremost thing to do prior to any marketing activity is, make sure your website is well optimized for search visibility. Follow the known guidelines and parameters to building a well optimized website and commit to a long term strategy of link building etc. SEO is not an option but the most significant and compulsory process any website in the digital domain must follow. Search engines are the most influential sources of free traffic.


You could write blog on your own website, and also contribute as guest blog. The former significantly enhances search visibility and rankings provided you write quality niche articles regularly and consistently, thus contributing to your traffic stats. The latter permits you to put a backlink to your website from the author resource section, which again helps drive traffic to your website. You could find high trafficked blogs of your niche that are open to guest bloggers.

Social Media

It’s almost like a second home for the internet users. People are actively looking for businesses in the social media, comparable to the search activity on search engines. It is a must for businesses to be proactive and establish an authoritative presence in the social media. Put up your website link, share your content, videos, promotions etc, create a natural and engaging presence, and you will be amazed at the amount of traffic flocking to your website.


Users love videos and images much over the bland textual content. Create videos that are useful and informative such as tutorials, demos etc depending upon the nature of your website, and make sure you have your website link shown on the video screen throughout. If you succeed to intrigue and engage enough, users will surely click through to discover your website. Similarly, for every image that you create, make sure your website URL is well appended to it. Keep in mind that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, next to Google – a fact that is self explanatory on the importance of creating and sharing videos.


We are not talking about the boring and rather less useful content that are popularly written and circulated to shake off SEO. We are talking about writing expert, authoritative, unique and quality articles for submission to only the best article publishing websites like ezinearticles.com etc. Depending upon how useful your article is, readers are surely inspired to click through to your website from the link displayed in the author resource box.

Online Communities

Create a natural yet authoritative presence on the internet. One of the best ways to do this is participate in discussions, answer to queries, provide expert advice, assist in issues etc, in a way that deals with the niche your business is in. This is all possible though online communities and forums. Another way is to also comment on other blogs (not to spam, mind you!), by providing additional info etc. Build reputation, represent your expertise and credibility, and soon you will see the spike in traffic to your website.

Like any marketing activity, these techniques too are not expected to produce results overnight. Most important above all is an unshaken commitment to following these strategies long term.

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Vipin Nayar

Vipin Nayar

Vipin Nayar is the Digital Marketing Head at Acodez. As a Social Media, SEO & SEM expert with over 8 years' experience in online marketing, he uses his keen insight into customer behaviour to formulate innovative strategies that helps clients enhance their online presence & open up new business avenues.

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