17Apr 2023

Why Digital Marketing is the Best Solution for Business Growth in 2022

With the rapid proliferation of information technology (IT), business processes all across the industries have also been changing their modus operandi. Terms like e-commerce, e-tailing, online business, etc. are buzzing everywhere. It is really a great time for the business houses to proliferate their business internationally, which was practically unthinkable even a few years ago. IT based digital marketing processes have created a whole new scope for the Brick-and-mortar businesses to increase their customer base in newer markets, or in the existing market by changing their prevailing business models to an online one, or introducing digital marketing strategies in the existing marketing strategy. Everyone is now trying their level best to capture an ever-growing and rewarding online marketplace.

Experts opine that in the coming years digital marketing is going to take precedence over all other forms of marketing methodologies, and promotional techniques. In the current trend, those business houses will get an advantage, who have acquired the skill of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a process, not merely a marketing technique. It helps to create larger traffic to a business website, it also helps to convert the mere prospects into loyal customers.

What is Digital Marketing? What are the Different Aspects of Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing and different aspects of digital marketing

Simply speaking, digital marketing is the sales promotion method to promote a brand through electronic media, especially with the help of different tools available on the internet. It is more dynamic, widespread, and effective than the traditional modes of sales, and marketing. It provides positive results faster than traditional methods, and it is a more flexible form of marketing than traditional method. The best thing about digital marketing is that it provides a multiple of tools in each sector of digital marketing to analyze the result instantly. So, if a marketer is using Google AdSense, he is empowered with a tool to get a complete statistic of its effects, if he is using email marketing, he has a scope to know, how many people are opening his emails. These analytical tools make promotional campaigns more successful, and target oriented.

There are four basic aspects of digital marketing:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is the process of making a webpage more visible in a search engine than the other similar types of webpages. A successful SEO campaign can make a business extremely successful in the long run. There are several innate processes, like content marketing, and backlinking, in SEO that require expert attention to make SEO target oriented, and successful.

2. E-mail Marketing

It is the oldest concept of digital marketing, but still very much relevant. Through this system existing customers and other visitors are informed about the various products, and services of the company. The audience is also requested to join in different engaging activities undertaken by the business concern. One of the best tools to automate and organize email marketing strategy processes within a pipeline is through the use of a CRM

3. Social Media Marketing

 Social media has been proliferating rapidly. It is the most powerful media in the internet, where a business can contact millions of people very effectively. Social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used by every modern organization to promote their brands. A wide array of social media management tools is available for adopting a strategic

4. Paid Digital Marketing

 Paid search marketing is the way of advertising on a search engine or its sponsored websites, which helps in higher visibility of the advertised brands.

Digital Marketing for Business Growth :

9 Reasons Why It is the Best Option

9 reasons why digital marketing is the best marketing option

The following reasons are just sufficient to prove that investing in digital marketing is a wise decision for any organization in any industry:

1. It’s a Way to Convey the Existence

People use the internet to meet various needs. In fact, the internet is not an option now, but a normal requirement. It also bears a sense of aristocracy. People come to know about a brand, or a company from the internet. This trend is increasing rapidly with the increasing use of mobile based internet service. Thus, the digital marketing plays a significant role in mass awareness about a brand, a start-up company, or a new product, etc. Even if, they come to know anything new from any other source, they want to confirm it from the internet. It has become a common practice, and every single organization should grab this opportunity.

2. It’s a Cost-effective Way to Promote a Brand

Business owners or the top management look for cost saving processes in every organizational activity. Digital Marketing provides them with a better opportunity to promote a brand to a larger audience at a comparatively lower budget than traditional channels. It is the most cost-effective marketing channel that delivers results in minimum time. When a company uses email marketing for promoting its products, they virtually spend very little amount to reach to thousands of audiences, in traditional marketing system, it is not possible to touch so many people at such a lower budget; again, when they are using the PPC (Pay Per Click) system, they are spending only for actual viewership, which is a very authentic way to reach to the targeted prospects at a minimum cost. Thus, in every aspect, digital marketing tools cost lesser than traditional marketing tools. As per the experts, greater number of organizations are allocating budgets for digital marketing by curtailing traditional marketing expenses.

3. Result Oriented Sales Promotion

 It is one of the best aspects of digital marketing, where the management could keep an eye on every movement, analyze the outcome, and look for other ways within the same system. Suppose, a certain key word is not working, the SEO expert can understand with various tools that it is not working as expected. He can then introduce some new keywords after analyzing their appeal in the search engine. He also has the scope to know, what keywords the competitors are using. Traditional marketing processes can’t provide such result oriented promotional tools. Digital marketing tools like Google analytics, help to visualize the results, and to take necessary measures immediately. It helps to refine, or redefine promotional strategy at any point of time and could see any opportunities for additional improvement almost immediately.

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4. Easiest Way for Branding

No other method of branding can be as effective as digital marketing. People these days consider a brand’s presence online is the most important aspect of trustworthiness of the brand. If a product is not found online, they reject it summarily. A product or service gets a wider recognition in the market through SEO, Social media marketing, Press Reports online, content marketing. And various similar methods. Thus, companies can’t have a successful branding strategy, without a proper digital marketing strategy.

5. More Conversion and Better Revenue

 Conversion means how many visitors of a business website are actually converting into customers. The success of a digital marketing campaign is calibrated depending on the conversion rate. A website may attract thousands of visitors each day, if very tiny percentage of that traffic is converting into customers, then that digital marketing campaign is not properly planned. The aim of digital marketing is to increase the revenue of the company. With the help of various tools like content marketing, blogging, mobile marketing, etc. conversion rates could be increased, making the digital marketing a positive step towards success. Higher the conversion rate, greater will be the revenue or profitability of the company. In a study, Google has shown that digital marketing is helping most of the companies to enjoy higher profits than their competitors who are not adopting digital marketing processes.

6. It’s Increasing Loyal Customers

Digital marketing campaign helps a business house to intensify their real-time interaction with the customers. With the help of social media marketing, email marketing, etc. customers, or the audience comes to know every important activity of a business as and when it happens. On the other hand, a business house comes to know about their customers’ opinions, and gets the customers’’ feedbacks almost immediately. This real-time interaction process helps an organization to satisfy their customers with instant actions, response, and engagement. Digital marketing creates a feeling of oneness in a customer with the organization. When it happens continuously, brand loyalty increases to a large extent. There is no other better way available that can increase brand loyalty, and trust so efficiently.

7. It Can Grab the Vast Mobile Market

Business houses with a clear and well-planned digital marketing strategy are also spreading their brand name among millions of smartphone, and tab users. So, everyone who uses the internet in any form is a “prospect” for a business house. As per the available statistics, almost 75% Google Chrome users now access internet on their smartphones, or tabs. Besides, a large number of people worldwide uses both smartphone and computer to access internet. Without adapting digital marketing processes, a company can’t grab this mind-boggling opportunity. Mobile based internet accessibility will increase steadily in near future, which will help the companies to experience greater business growth, and more market penetration.

8. Competition at Any Level

It is another interesting aspect of digital marketing. A small business can compete with a major one without worrying about the latter’s strength. People visiting a site online for buying something see how smoothly they can interact with the seller, what do the other buyers are saying about the seller in different forums, and how customer-friendly are their various services? In this format of business capital investment, huge warehouse, strong network, etc. doesn’t make any difference, neither the customers are interested in this internal matters.

9. The Best Way to Survive in the Future

 Internet is going to be the mainstream business process in the future, i.e. people will depend on any mode of business transactions, like B2B, or B2C business on the internet only. This process has already started, and going to intensify with the passage of time. It is a normal incidence for any brick-and-mortar business establishments to come across hundreds of visitors entering their shop, and glancing at, or inspecting products, then leaving the shop without buying anything. In a brick-and-mortar business, owners need to go on investing on a regular basis just to survive in the market, and a lump sum expense is made every month as a recurring expense. So, the business houses have been getting more interest in turning to online business format, which is much more cost-effective, and market oriented than the physical mode of business. Thus, in coming days, digital marketing will be the most important determinant of business growth.

Business Growth Through Enhanced Digital Marketing Strategy

Business growth through enhanced digital marketing strategy

Experts are emphasizing more on enhanced digital marketing strategy for better business growth through an instant effect. Business people are now showing more interest in the digital marketing processes, and hiring in-house professionals, or consultants for enhanced digital marketing strategy. There are five major stages in digital marketing strategy that every business establishment should look into for an impressive ROI from the adopted digital marketing strategy. These five major stages are as follows:

  • The targeted market and demography of the customers
  • Current status of the business, and future target
  • Major competitors and their strategy
  • Primary digital marketing tools to be used
  • Application of business analysis tools for performance measurement

This will enable a business establishment to plan more effective digital marketing strategy for witnessing a homogenous growth in the market. Every day, newer concepts come up, and newer features are added with the different digital marketing tools, like in SEO, or Social media marketing concepts; hence, the management or the business owner also needs to hire expert people in this profession for obtaining overall business growth.


Digital marketing is the future of business. No sector will be able to survive, or compete in the market without adopting a proper digital marketing strategy. A consistent growth in business is not possible without accepting this ultramodern sales promotion tool. Organizations, who have understood this business essentiality, are getting ahead of their nearest competitors in the market. Again, there are many business entities are growing tremendously only on the basis of their online presence, and digital marketing tools. These organizations, like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal, and hundreds other are the starkest examples of future business concept of the world.

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