16Nov 2016

Acodez IT Solutions celebrates 5th anniversary- A glimpse into the never-ending journey!

Acodez IT Solutions one of the leading web design companies in India turns 5 year old today.


The journey started around 5 years back when two IT enthusiasts and technocrats decided to light the lamps to a new venture in the digital marketing world.

The company today caters to clients all across the globe with web design and inbound marketing that exceeds beyond their imagination because innovation is the baseline of all our experimentations and quality is our tagline.

We have served more than 600 clients across 60 countries spanning through 7 continents.

Acodez History: Our journey, services, achievements and awards!

Our founders Rithesh Raghavan and John P Manjaly initiated Acodez IT Solutions in the year 2011 with the base branch located in Calicut.

During the initial days, the development team comprised of a group of 5 people who strived very hard tirelessly putting in sincere and honest efforts to establish a firm foundation that has brought accolades to Acodez from far and wide.

The name Acodez is derived from the three words- Ads, Codes & Designs.

And, in this short span of time we have already served around 600 clients from different domains and industry with a variety of requirements. Thanks to our team!

Our services:

Web Design and Development services:

We offer web design and development services which is tuned on the most relevant industry trends and technologies that are ruling the world of Information Technology.

Web design being our major specialization we develop websites that are exquisitely beautiful but highly professional as they offer the best user experience which is all that the end-users want.

Our team of web designers and developers are constantly listening and watching all that is happening in the world of IT checking on the updates and implementing these into the websites that we design and develop.

Speaking about our team of coders they are extensively qualified and experienced at developing websites that are the best.

We offer website development across various platforms such as PHP, WordPress, Magento, CodeIgniter, Java, CakePHP, Drupal, and anything and everything that the client might request for.

We have an excellent team of web designers that consists of senior and experienced web designers who know very well the world of web design.

We also have an expert team of junior and senior UX/UI designers and graphic designers who can weave magic with their designs.

We also train them on the latest trends and make them fit to deliver what is expected from the customers.

Also, the biggest advantage is that the clients can communicate directly with our web development and design team and express their ideas and views at each phase of the development process.

Another exciting fact is that our team of web designers and web developers are always working in close-knitted groups and each of them knows very well where the soul of the site lies and this is how they develop and design websites that are unique, innovative and the best.

Branding and Logo Design:

A logo is the face of a company.

Clients can relate to a company when the logo is something that is unique and is able to create an impact in their minds and this is what the logo designers at Acodez are capable of.

Our team has helped several of clients to create an image that stays etched in the minds of their people.

A business is recognized with its brand.

The stronger the brand is the stronger it is at pulling the crowd.

We offer highly intricate branding services that are the best in the industry helping the client’s business to exhibit a strong brand presence which associates their product or service to the market.

We are also experts at bringing about brand reputation which is the most important thing for a business to succeed in the ever growing and rapidly changing online market.

Our services do not end at coding and designing but, we do something beyond that which is the most essential element in the modern day world of business- advertising.

We have clients from all over the world who have benefitted from our advertising services that have helped to take their business to the next level.

Acodez IT Solutions also offers mobile app development and E-commerce website designing.

We have an excellent team of mobile app developer’s experts at developing Android and iOS applications that are unique and the best.

The client just has to specify the requirements!

Our team will get onto customize an app that meets their business requirements.

Inbound Marketing:

Last but not the least we are also a SEO agency offering end-to-end online visibility services.

We have an excellent team of SEO analysts and webmasters who know where the soul of a website lies and they will do everything in their power to boost the website and take it to the next level.

Once a client avails our SEO services, they will have a flow of organic SEO traffic flowing in.

We already served a number of clients who are happy with our full package of SEO services that is not limited to just keyword analysis but it is more than that.

Only a true SEO expert knows what it takes to push the website to the next level on the search engines.

We employ only the best of white-hat SEO techniques that are derived from the likes of Neil Patel and Brian Dean considered as the SEO gurus.

Our team employs the best of SEO practices as specified by Google and they are constantly listening to what the web has got to say about the changing SEO trends to help the clients achieve better results within short span of time.

Content Marketing:

We have an excellent team of content writers who are grammar Nazis and very well know what the client expects of them.

They weave a wonder of words that solves the concerns of the end-users.

Starting with creating website content, blogging, PR, social media content to writing Meta tag descriptions they are the best in the industry.

Social Media Marketing:

Our team of Social Media is the best in India.

We are not bragging but they are because we have done things that have created history over the internet.

Project Co-ordination:

Last but not the least of all is the project co-ordination team, who are real experts at creating a proper balance between the clients and our team of professionals.

They know very well what their job is and they ensure that all projects are delivered well before the expected or stipulated delivery time.

Thanks to the energy of this team that helps us to reach and fulfill all client expectations.

Achievements and Awards:

We have already been listed in some of the leading online journals and magazines and sources for some of the discoveries in the world of Social Media revealed by our team of Social Media experts and there are more to it.

We are proud of the awards that we have bagged! Yes, Acodez is a multiple international awards winning company for the best of services that only we offer.

Till date we have already bagged around 10 international awards for our remarkable achievements. Here, is the list of these multiple awards that makes us proud:

  • AVA Digital Awards, 2015
  • Davey Awards, 2014
  • The Awards, 2014
  • The Communicator Awards, 2014
  • Horizon Interactive Awards, 2015
  • IMA Outstanding Achievement Award, 2012
  • The Web Award, 2012
  • Marcom Awards, Platinum Award, 2015
  • Small Business Influencer Awards, 2015
  • Hermes Creative Awards, Gold Winner, 2015

And, many more to come!

We are also a Google Certified Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Professional Agency.

The Current Scenario:

The Internet has experienced a steady growth over the years and so has the number of internet users in India and all over the world sky-rocketed.

This has brought about an increase in the number of websites and the need for Smart devices.

Also, this need to meet the people’s requirements has led to the boom in the web design sector in India.

Another remarkable change is in the transformation of the website users who have shifted to the mobile world.

The challenge is to find a company that offers all kinds of website design services for both desktops and mobile devices but with high-quality.

Today, Acodez is one of the leading web design and development companies in India.

The company’s prime objective is to deliver high-quality services.

Thanks to our team of expert professionals constantly analyzing and researching on the market trends and blending in innovation to deliver state-of-the-art technology products and services.

We have our branches in Mumbai, Hydrabad and our head quarters in functioning in the capital of India. Also, we are expanding across the Middle East.

The Future:

We have plans to set up training centers to train and recruit high-quality resources for the company to deliver the best end-to-end services to our clients.

Also, our team recently came up with a Mascot representing the company, a fluffy blue she-whale, and she was named “Acodie”.

Acodez, a great place to learn, play, celebrate and have fun:

We are not a team but a family.

We join together to celebrate birthdays, and all other occasions of joy and happiness.

Also, we celebrate all the major festivals including Onam, Deepavali, Christmas and New Year!

We have learning sessions where the employees are trained and motivated to perform well and stay cool and burn stress!


Also, every month we have an Acodez Sports day when the employees get some time to breathe the fresh air and rejuvenate their mind and senses.

As we celebrate the 5th anniversary, we would like to thank all the people who have been with us through our journey and request all to continue supporting us in all our future endeavors.


Nothing can limit us from conquering the space when there are already footprints over the moon!

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