20Oct 2017

Introducing Acodie: Acodez’s official Mascot

Folks, it is our pleasure to introduce our new member and the official mascot of Acodez, Acodie, a beautiful blue whale.

Before I tell you the tale about how the magical Acodie was born, let me take you on a short tour of what Acodez is.

With its base located in India, Acodez IT Solutions is one of the leading web design companies catering to a wide range of clients globally. Our services are not limited to just web design and development, but we provide more. We are also an inbound marketing solutions provider offering all kinds of SEO and content marketing solutions.

Now, let us find out how Acodie was born:

We need a Mascot.

The idea is circulated across Acodez, and everyone supports the decision. But, an actual sketch of what kind of being or creature would fit into the shoes of our Mascot was still unclear.

Then, our teams of web development, web design and inbound marketing experts come, sit together and contemplate. They split into groups and start thinking and discussing ideas for the Mascot.

Development team came up with certain ideas and forwarded it to the design team. The inbound marketing team did what they are best at- research! They forwarded some great ideas inspired by Mailchimp and Firefox and others to the design team.

Our design team comprising of the graphic designers, UX and UI analysts and illustrators teamed up and started brainstorming on all these ideas collectively. They started sketching, mood boarding and drawing out illustrations to fit in the shoes of our Mascot.

But, the team gets frustrated because none of their concepts fits our Mascot. Citing their helplessness we all decided to help them with our ideas. As we sit together brainstorming, a group of creative nerds suggest developing something that comes from our logo.

Acodez has its design and illustrations always printed and painted in blue, the colour that reminds us of aqua.

Now the design team knew where they had to start. After hours of contemplating, they started sketching out the logo of Acodez and started viewing it from different angles.

And, again another one of our creative nerds found something really interesting inside the logo- it resembled an eye that is hazel in shape.

There was a fantastic idea now! They thought why not invert the eye. Again the inverted eye resembled a beautiful eye. Now, they clubbed the eyes with eyebrows.

Now there was a condition that was laid in by the branding team before the Mascot contemplation started and they had recommended that-

Like the colour blue in the “deep blue ocean” or the ‘dark blue sea” or the “blue tides”, Acodez should have its mascot curated in shades of blue, the reason why our Mascot is blue in colour.

And, here we had two beautiful eyes clubbed with eyebrows which were so perfectly feminine.

Our creative illustrators tried fitting it into a girl’s face which didn’t fit in there. Again, they met with dead ends and right at the moment someone noticed the tequila in our fish tank winking at them. And, we know this was it!

The concept was born.

Story behind Acodie

They added toothy grin and sketched a tall, fluffy, bold, beautiful and blue whale fish, and our Acodie is born.

Our Acodie young, dynamic and vibrant is all set to serve you and provide you with assistance on all your digital marketing queries.

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Rithesh Raghavan

Rithesh Raghavan

Rithesh Raghavan, Co-Founder, and Director at Acodez IT Solutions, who has a rich experience of 16+ years in IT & Digital Marketing. Between his busy schedule, whenever he finds the time he writes up his thoughts on the latest trends and developments in the world of IT and software development. All thanks to his master brain behind the gleaming success of Acodez.

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  1. Shahan

    Great concepts – Wishing great success and best wishes for Acodie.

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