26Feb 2018

Acodez Celebrates 6th Anniversary – A Continuous Strive to Conquer Greater Zeniths Ahead

A glimpse into the unsung glory of our journey

As Acodez turns six, we would like to ride you across our journey so far.

Six years ago, our founders realized that there was a need to boost the existing paradigms of IT-related industry while offering out-of-the-box solutions for web design and web development. Thus, Acodez IT Solutions was established.

With the changing times and the growing influence of smart technology along with the internet made it imperative that we bring about an entire new dimension to our solutions and services. We started our journey by offering clients with the best of the latest technologies infused with innovative ideas and influenced by tried-and-proven techniques. Since then, there was no turning back.

Today, we have clients all over the world and the exciting part is that we already served around 900 clients within this short span of time with no boundaries stopping us from reaching as far as the Antarctica and the Atlantics.

A brief overview of the journey so far

As someone has said, “The path to success is not easy and is often bombarded with difficulties that seem impossible to be sorted out”.

But, the fact is no difficulty comes without a solution and here at Acodez our journey was one such.

The brains behind Acodez IT Solutions – Rithesh Raghavan and John P Manjaly began this journey with a sole determination to revolutionize the existing web and online related services to help businesses land safely into the zone of success, leaving no stones unturned at giving each project their best shot.

About Acodez

The foundation for this new venture was initially laid at Calicut, Kerala, with a team of five members who ensured that each project was handled with efficiency, ensuring quality and industry standards at par excellence. And, their effort was worth as the company began to stride toward greater heights of success with each project gaining us recognition for all the various aspects of excellence that we demonstrate every time.

Today, we have grown from the five member team to 75 plus.

This dedication and hard work has helped us to initiate newer ventures, thus expanding our roots of business in Mumbai and Delhi, as well as across the Middle East with more plans of expansion yet to be executed.

The name Acodez is derived from the three words- Ads, Codes and Designs, which signify the services that we offer.

Our services

Acodez IT Solutions focuses on offering web design and development services based on the latest and relevant industry trends and technologies. Thanks to our excellent team of professional experts, who strive tirelessly to design and develop websites that are aesthetic in appearance with a high degree of professionalism in order to satisfy the needs of end users.

We did not garner success overnight. It was a constant and rapid growth that was achieved through continuous research, analysis, learning and experimentation. Our teams of web designers and web developers are keeping an eye on the latest developments, updates and trends that are bound to revolutionize the businesses for better. Undoubtedly, this secret ingredient has been helping us offer the best of solutions to our clients.

Acodez IT Solutions is proud of our team of programmers, qualified and experienced at coding, incorporating minute details of user experience (UX) to make the flow smoother for the end users. Our web development platforms include PHP, Java, WordPress, CakePHP, Drupal, CodeIgniter and Magento. We are game for anything that is out of syllabus.

UX and user interface (UI) are the major aspects of any website design process and at Acodez, thanks to our team of UX and UI developers and consultants, who are aware of what it takes to bring out the best in each design interface to offer an enhanced UX.

We consider each one of our employees as our most valuable assets without whom our dreams would never have been realized and hence, we ensure that we contribute excessively to their career growth and development providing them with in-depth insights into the evolving changes out there. We offer our clients with the freedom to connect with our development team to help them get a clear picture on how things will develop from here.

All this is possible because our team of analysts, research experts, consultants, designers and developers and others are working in close-knitted groups to help one another realize their goals with ease, while ensuring that they develop the best of solutions for our clients.

Branding and Logo Design

Branding and logo are closely connected. Branding is that aspect of a business, which connects you to your customers and logo is that visual aspect of your business that will stay there forever.

At Acodez IT Solutions, we have an excellent team of branding and logo design experts, who know what your business needs are and thus develop ideas that will connect your people to your business with ease. Our intricately woven branding solutions has always played an important role in helping client businesses to attract the crowd, while acquiring a reputation that helps them succeed in the ever-changing world of business.


Our advertising service is our highlight. With an excellent advertising team, we guarantee to take our client businesses far and wide.

Mobile and e-commerce

The world is going haywire over mobile technology. So, how could we stand out? We implement the latest mobile design trends, and have employed the best of Android and iOS app developing experts to create a seamless and intuitive app experience for every design that we undertake.

Inbound marketing

We are one of the highly rated SEO agencies in India offering the best of inbound marketing solutions driven by the latest trends and technology.

Thanks to our team of SEO analysts and experts, who are constantly watching out for the advancements and trends in the world of search engine optimization and others, imperative to take the business to the next level. We ensure that each client business experiences a tremendous flow of organic traffic no matter what.

Our package of SEO services are customized by experts, who know all the tactics of Google and thus ensure that each website will reach the top of the ranking charts.

Content Marketing

Content is king and so are our customers. We have the best team of content experts, who are well versed in the latest SEO tactics and possess unbeatable writing skills to ensure that your readers are mesmerized by what they read and take the necessary action.

We provide website content, blogging, social media content, press releases and all kinds of editing and proof reading services to help your business grow through words.

Social media marketing

Socializing is the trend now and we need not specify the excellence of our team of social media marketing experts as their brilliance and skills has got us listed across a couple of popular online and other sources for the best of social media eye that we possess.

Efficient project coordination

This central team is the success behind each of our projects. They ensure that all projects are carried out with maximum efficiency and delivered on time as they are the point of contact between our clients and development team. The end-to-end communication is managed well and all projects are delivered on time while ensuring the highest quality.

Achievements and Awards

Customer satisfaction and end user happiness is our motto. And, with this in mind, we have been able to develop projects that has got us listed in the leading online journals and various other sources.

The quality of our services and innovation in our designs has bagged us multiple international awards within a short span of six years.

Here, is the list of these international awards that has been a honor for our excellence across various domains of expertise:

  • Muse Creative Awards 2017
  • DotComm Awards 2017
  • Vega Awards, 2016
  • AVA Digital Awards, 2015
  • Marcom Awards, Platinum Award, 2015
  • Small Business Influencer Awards, 2015
  • Hermes Creative Awards, Gold Winner, 2015
  • Davey Awards, 2014
  • The W³ Awards, 2014
  • The Communicator Awards, 2014
  • Horizon Interactive Awards, 2013
  • IMA Outstanding Achievement Award, 2012
  • The Web Award, 2012
We are also a Google Certified Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Professional Agency.

An insight into our present ventures:

The web is a place that is constantly changing and without offering excellent services, no business is going to survive in the long run. A number of businesses have realized the need for a strong online presence with their customers going online.

Gone are the days of static websites, which we can consider as old as belonging to the stone-age era. Now it is the time of dynamic sites that can be changed from anywhere at any time by incorporating business intelligence.

Many trends and techniques are taking over with the emergence of smart technology. Robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence and big data are playing it big and smart. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the new trends bound to replace the less secure systems.

Machine intelligence is being combined with human intelligence to make systems better and convenient in handling data.

Unless we stay ahead by incorporating the latest trends and techniques, success will seem to be far.

With an aim to help businesses and aspiring candidates to grow and flourish in the changing world of digital marketing, we have launched Aviv Digital, where we offer certified learning and training for inbound marketing and various other courses.

Acodez IT Solutions is one of the best employers and we offer our employees with an excellent platform to research, learn, explore and grow.

Each day is a celebration for our team at Acodez. And, this family comes together to celebrate birthdays and other festivals with no boundaries that can set them apart.

On the occasion of our sixth-anniversary celebrations, we take the opportunity to thank all our dear people, who have supported us to help grow in our journey.

Nothing can limit us from conquering the skies and above, when there are footprints over the moon!


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