23Jan 2023

Best Android App Development SDKs, Libraries, and Frameworks in 2023

Since Android was introduced by Google back in 2007, it has occupied the smartphone operating market. This is due to its flexibility and easier customer experience.

Android has been growing exponentially, and from phones, it has progressed to the development of smartwatches and TVs. Recently, the cost of mobile phones has been dropping due to an increase in production eased by Android.

With the increase in android devices, there is an increase in the need for new apps to the market. This brings the need for the development of a new framework, SDKs, Libraries to ease the work of the developers. 

In this article, I have a well-analyzed framework for you that you can use in 2021. Most of these frameworks are designed to give the user the best experience, from smartphones, watches, and smart TVs.

Topmost Frameworks to Use for Android App Development



This is one of the recent frameworks to be launched. It uses a language called dart and works differently from other SDKs.

Among the features of dart programming language include; higher-order function, null safety, and extension methods. With a flatter, as a developer, you can easily create a UI great for the users.

This great framework works on all the platforms without any hiccups. Soon, flatter is working to have it poised on the desktop platform.

This is great progress that will see everyone enjoying great service. Also, the framework has an architecture that fastens the rendering of different components.

Features of flutter 

  • One of the greatest widget support
  • Great APIs
  • Already built-in material design 
  • Supports both the Android and IOs
  • Expressive and flexible UI
  • Fast development.

Visit flutter to get their framework.

Kotlin and Android SDK


Another excellent framework that developers love using. It has minimal boilerplate code that they have to write in comparison to java. There are a set of semicolons at the end of the lines.

This framework has excellent language that is simple to understand. It is a framework that has proven to be of great use when working on large projects.

Kotlin is used on android app development only, unlike the rest. It is widely used by most big platforms such as Uber, Pinterest, and Google due to its great features and benefits.

It is easy to adapt, compatible with java, has no runtime overhead, and involves less code. Also, the app built by Kotlin is fault-proof and is always easier to maintain.

If you wish to transform your app from one platform to another, you also get an opportunity to do that.


  • Interoperable with java
  • Structured concurrency 
  • Safest code 
  • Easy learning 
  • Support multi-platform development 
  • Mature language and environment

If you wish to get this framework, visit the Kotlin website now.



Ionic is a framework that allows developers to develop apps for Windows, iOS and Android. It is one of the frameworks that are available for free. If you are looking for high mobile performance, this is the right framework for you. This is because it is fully featured with every element that any developer can always wish to have.

If, as the developer, you have basic knowledge in CSS, Javascript or even HTML, this is the best framework to choose. Some of its advantages include using various UI elements in the application development, essential tab bars that help the developers to develop responsive applications. 


  • Developer friendly tooling
  • Easy to learn 
  • Available for free
  • It’s open-source
  • Have ionic cross-platform functionality 

Visit the framework sites at IONIC

React Native 


React Native is an open-source JavaScript library that is essential in both android and iOS applications. It is developed by Facebook and enables the developers to develop excellent apps in less than usual time. It works best for all devices.

This framework has gained popularity in 2021 since it enables developers to develop unique apps that are responsive. It has multiple components, such as text and views.

Some of the great companies that use this framework include; Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram, and sound cloud. This is because it has a simple architecture that enables the developer to control the builds.


  1. Support third party libraries 
  2. Have a live reload
  3. Have short development time
  4. Have low code
  5. Declarative API for predictive UI

To get this framework, visit react native



This is another mobile app development framework that every developer must give a try. It has the criteria to build a modern application for great operating systems such as Windows, Android, and iOS.

It is a framework that is among the most popular and loved among developers. This framework enables the developers to make use of one language to achieve the best performance.

If you are a developer who always wishes to share cord and test your app with visual studio, this is an excellent framework to consider using. It also has a backend API component.


  • Has a versatile backend infrastructure? 
  • Google emulator manager
  • Android SDK manager
  • Diagnostic tools

To get the framework, visit Xamarin

Topmost Libraries for Android App Development


To boost productivity in your mobile app development, you need to make use of third-party libraries. Here, I have for you some of the best platforms you can consider using. The libraries exist for different elements in app development.

To develop an android app, you need;

Dependency injection frameworks


This is a framework that has been developed and works through annotations. It is developed specifically for low-end devices. The good thing about this library is that the code it generates is usually easy to read. 

To get to the library, visit Dagger.


This is a framework that is developed in kotlin. It is one of the libraries that generates standard codes and is easy to use.

It always helps you as the developer to focus on the app rather than understanding the tools. Also, it generates less boilerplate code compared with the Dagger.

 To insert this framework, visit Koin.

Network libraries 



It is one of the essential HTTP for Java and Android. It is best for beginners who are always looking to be better. This is because it supports popular serialization libraries.

This means that the developer can choose based on their work requirements. It is also efficient in the recovery and upload of JSN.

To get the framework, visit retrofit.


Volley is a product of google. What you must have known by now is that google always has amazing products. This one makes networking faster and easily accessible from anywhere.

Compared with retrofit, Volley is much ahead as it will be better for network operations. It is also better when it comes to loading images for you.

To get the framework, visit Volley

Image loading 



This is a library developed with the aim of loading images better. This library is a product of Facebook, which assures you quality. It does not interfere with how the app works. It also helps to eradicate the out of memory error.

To get to this library, visit the fresco 


Glide is an excellent library that has one of the best memories. It can fetch, decode and also display videos, images and also GIFs. It is best for Android. It also has an efficient interface that is easy to use.

This library has a flexible API that gives developers an easy way to plug into most network stacks available.

To get to this library, visit Glide


The coil is one of the image loading libraries for Android. It is a product of kotlin and makes use of the modern library. The library is easy to use as it has the best structure. It is also modern and fast to use.

Get the library here.

Analytics and crash reporting 

Firebase analytics

Would you wish to know how visitors are engaging with your app? If yes, then this is the right library for you. This library will track you from the first step to the last. It is one of the best frameworks for analysis. 

Get the library here


This is the best analyzer of crash errors affecting your app and contributing to it crashing. This framework will identify the code that has produced the error and allow you to make the required change.

This tool is available for free and is designed to ease the work of developers. 

Get the library here

Final Thought 

I hope you enjoyed reading. These are some of the best application development frameworks that you can use and enjoy great features.

You will note that the frameworks have different features, and everyone has a different objective in the app. Before deciding the best framework to use, you need to outline the objective of your app.

Know what you want to achieve; after that, you can now choose a framework that will help to make your app a reality.

Always feel free to get in touch with us for new frameworks. We are always enticed to outline for you some of the essential frameworks that you can use at any time—all the best in your app development.

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