05Jun 2024

Top 16 Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile App Development is quite phenomenal nowadays and is witnessing rapid growth. A large number of growing mobile devices and the rapid enhancement of its technologies has narrowed down the gap between the mobiles and desktops. The smartphones are also available at amazingly low prices that make it easily available for the weaker sections of the society. Hence in order to make sure that your business reaches to a large number of people, the development of mobile apps has become a necessity. It helps you to meet your customer demands and also helps you to increase your sales. The number of apps on the Google Play store and Apple App Store is enhancing day by day which has made mobile development one of the most actively growing sectors. Mobile applications are dominated by the apps from Google, social media apps, games and other such apps. Various companies like retailers, banks, hospitality, small and midsize businesses etc. make use of mobile applications for the branding of apps, enhancing the customer engagement, direct marketing etc.

With the advancement of mobile technologies, there has been a number of innovations in the recent days. The growth in the competition, market, and technologies makes it necessary that you remain updated with the latest trends so that you can stand out from the rest of your competitors. In order to do so, it is necessary that you remain updated with the latest trends. This can help you to compete with the other apps and make it a preferred option for your users.

In order to help you in your app development process here are some of the latest mobile app development trends that can help you capitalize your app with the help of latest innovations. Some of the most common Mobile App Development Trends are Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Cloud Storage etc.

Android Instant Apps:

Android instant apps are the apps that make using the apps convenient. These function like the website and do not need to install on your device. It helps you to run the Android apps seamlessly as loading a web page. These are compatible with the Android versions from Jelly Bean to current. This also makes it easy for the users to try the mobile apps using the play store and download only when you are satisfied with the same. This can help you to attract more and more users. Several apps provide this feature that has enhanced the number of their downloads.

With over 2 million mobile apps present today, noticing your app is the biggest challenge for publishers today. Thus, it is quite important to know the mobile marketing trends like app store optimization when you seek latest trends in mobile app development.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence:

Machine learning is an important trend that is gaining widespread attention nowadays. In this, the behavior of the users and other information can help in providing better user experience to the users. There are certain items like Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs), Intelligent Apps, Cyber Security, IoT that make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Employing these can help you to improvise the performance of the apps. Some amazing apps like Prisma, Siri, Google Now make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence that helps the users to make sure that they can make the most out of your device. Even though the machine learning and artificial intelligence are still in its beginning phase, it is expected to grow in the coming years. Artificial intelligence has also provided the option to add some amazing features like recommendation engines, personalized experience, behavioral targeting etc.



Chatbots are also trending in the current days, as the customized, conversational commerce and online chatting with shoppers are lucrative for business. This can also help you to learn about the user’s preferences. There are only quite a few apps that make use of chatbots in their apps. Chatbots with the help of AI can help stimulate the conversation that is similar to that of humans. Implementing chatbots can help you to provide a better user experience to your users. In 2018, chatbots can turn out to be quite trendy and can be implemented in the existing apps and new apps as well.

Predictive Analysis:

Data Analytics is used by various tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Google, IBM and other well known mobile app development organizations. It makes use of AI and Machine Learning that can help you to predict future results for your business. This can be achieved with the help of available data and predict the marketing outcomes.


 AI and UX 


Blockchain has gained widespread recently. These consist of a shared, unalterable ledger that can be used to record the information of a company listed as blocks. One of the best part of this technology is that it cannot be altered without changing all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network. This in turn makes it quite secure. It has also influenced the payment with the help of cryptocurrency.

Augmented Reality (AR):  

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality market is expected to reach $120 billion by 2020. But even now quite a few well-known organizations make use of augmented reality in their apps. Some of these are Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. Various industries like retail, healthcare, engineering and real estate can be easily impacted with the help of AR. These can be used to develop augmented reality apps for mobile devices. The AR graphics and videos in your content can help you to provide a better user experience and help the users to provide a better user experience. Augmented reality implemented by Pokemon Go gained wide attention throughout the world. Amazon is also planning for Amazon Go that can be used to impact the retail sector. Augmented Reality provides you with certain benefits like:

  • The products and services can be presented in detail thereby providing a better visual experience for clients
  • You can also show the relevance of your products in real-time
  • It can also be used to train employees thereby enhancing their productivity

Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual reality market is expected to amount to $30 billion by 2020 and is not confined to entertainment and gaming only. It is also in wide demand by the consumers and business. This can be used to transform various industries. Virtual Reality can impact the gaming, entertainment and events industry. VR provides a number of benefits to its users like:

  • It helps you to quite easily showcase your products without the need for any extra space
  • It helps in the easy promotion of the products as it is quite interactive
  • It can be used in the branding and marketing of the products
  • The users can get a 3D vision of the products

Cloud Technologies:

Cloud technologies integrated into the mobile apps turn out to be quite helpful as it facilitates the collection, storage, and analysis of user data. With the help of cloud technology, you can get the data faster and easier without impacting the phone memory. You can quite easily store the data and use the apps to perform complex tasks. It also enhances the reliability, speed, and security of your mobile apps. The organizations can ensure the security of the data by implementing proper security measures. It helps you to include streamlined operations that result in the reduction in hosting and equipment costs and enhance the storage capacity of apps. It also leads to the increase in the collaboration and productivity. One of the best parts of this is that you can quite easily choose the option to access it across multiple platforms. Cloud apps are expected to drive 90% of total mobile data traffic by 2019.



Security of the mobile apps is necessary and must be laid important focus on irrespective of the fact which app you are developing. It is because the smartphones nowadays contain some crucial personal information. Even then the users do not take the security of their websites seriously. The built-in security features of the apps can help in properly utilizing the space. Hence it becomes necessary that the developers must focus on the security of the apps. Security is the dominating factor in the whole mobile app development process. Various app development platforms provide new methods to enhance the security of the app. The implementation of authorizations and encryption can help to enhance security. Recently Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy has become quite trending as there is a greater risk of enterprise mobile apps of being affected by personal devices of employees. Implementing these can also help you to provide a better UX to the users.

Edge Computing:

In order to facilitate computing for the widespread use of IoT, Edge Computing is implemented which is leading the future of digital transformation. Several technological giants have made investments in hardware, software, and services to make use of Edge Computing in their apps.

Mobile Payments:

mobile payment

E-commerce and online banking have provided a growth in online payments. In order to facilitate the payment, Apple Pay and Google Wallet and various other apps have been provided. Mobile payments methods have facilitated the transactions and have shifted the payment from Internet banking, Credit, and Debit cards to make payments. This can also help you to harvest the data and also provide an in-depth analysis of clients. This makes the payment process easier and faster. The rise of eCommerce has provided an increase in the number of mobile payment apps and mobile banking. Hence it is necessary that you implement mobile payment methods in your E-commerce apps.

Lazy Loading:

In a number of cases, you may come across a problem where the pages take time to load. This may turn out to be problematic in some cases. Hence in such cases, lazy loading turns out to be quite helpful. In this, the webpage is displayed simultaneously while it is loading. The different elements load when the elements emerge in spite of loading the whole page. Hence in such a case, the user does not have to wait for the whole page to load.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google project in association with Twitter. AMP is a stripped-down version of HTML that helps to accelerate the speed of mobile pages. AMP helps you to create a mobile version of the web page that is relatively faster and responsive than the traditional web pages. Google also provides the feature of integrating AMP listings into its mobile search results. It also provides an amazing SEO feature for mobile app development. It also helps in reducing the bounce rate of the website. It also helps the publishers to increase the visibility of their ads and helps increase the number of visitors. It also helps in creating the website that is beautiful. There are certain benefits that AMP provides:

  • Increase in the number of visitors
  • It provides a higher click-through rate
  • It also provides an increase in the AD visibility
  • It provides a higher page ranking for the website
  • Provides an easy visitor analysis
  • You can quite easily migrate it to other platforms
  • One of the best parts of this is that you can quite easily place the content on your website
  • In case you use AMP, there is no need of sitemap required
  • The mobile search index makes it quite helpful in ranking the website and appear higher on the search engines
  • AMP provides a good mobile search carousel

Internet of Things (IoT):

In order to facilitate the smart home, smart cities, industrial IoT, automotive industry, smart health, and smart retail is growing in number. In order to facilitate it, IoT apps turn out to be quite helpful. The number of Internet of Things is expected to reach in billions by 2025. In order to facilitate the IoT adoption, Google API can be used. There has been an increase in demand for connected things. In order to meet the diverse needs of the latest innovations, the smart apps are necessary. IoT allows the use of sensor technologies in non-IT devices that enables to use remote control, automation, and monitoring. The boom in IoT applications makes it the most preferred choice for the remote devices.

Wearable Apps:

Wearable Apps

Smartwatches and wearables have been quite in trend nowadays. The number of wearable apps is increasing day by day. Hence it becomes necessary that in order to make the most of your apps, you make your services available on the wearable apps as well. These require the support from mobile that is synchronized with their mobile phones for easy access to data.

Location-based Services:

In order to provide personalized data, various apps use location-based services and geofencing. These help you to trigger specific actions in apps by providing ample scope for targeting users and provide a better user experience for them. It is due to this that the users look forward to implementing location-based services in their apps.


The above mentioned mobile app development trends help you to provide a better user experience and make the most out of the latest technologies. These are expected to be on trend in the year 2018. These innovations can help you to develop mobile apps that are beautiful, user-friendly and provide a better user experience.

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