27Oct 2017

7 Amazing jQuery Plugins for Web Designers

Embedded with the attributes of versatility and flexibility jQuery, the feature-rich JavaScript library, has already begun redefining the way developers are writing JavaScript. The small snippets of code are exceedingly fast and are compatible with multiple browsers. Owing to the plethora of jQuery plugins available on the Web, selecting the best that would best enhance your web project is indeed a challenge. Take a look at 7 amazing jQuery Plugins that will help you weave magic on the Web.

1. Cool Kitten

In the current context of building responsive designs, Cool Kitten is one jQuery plugin you simply cannot do without. It provides a responsive framework and can be used largely in websites using parallax scrolling. It facilitates a smooth experience of parallax scrolling experience across various devices including tablets and smartphones. Its responsive nature makes it available in a fluid grid format.

2. Alertify.js

jQuery plugin now helps to save you from the boring default dialog box provided by most browsers. The Alertify.js provides a library of attractive looking dialog windows and notification boxes. Independent of third party libraries, the alertify.js does not seem to have any compatibility issues with them either. The plugin has a simple API and can be easily customised with CSS.

3. TypeAhead.js

In the domain of suggested search technique, the TypeAhead.js plugin enables you to help users with autocomplete options depending on their inputs. It uses both the local and external data source to populate the search field. Developed by the Twitter team it is an extremely easy plugin to implement.

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4. iCheck

jQuery plugins help to embed forms with more functionality than they were previously capable of and thus free it from the element of monotony it had come to adopt. The icheck is one such plugin from the jQuery School that helps to enhance and redefine the user’s perception of forms. The plugin is completely customizable and can be easily embedded on the source code of the page. Once used it provides a complete makeover of the plain radio buttons and checkboxes with approximately 32 options available in its repository. The plugin is equipped to accept identical inputs for various kinds of browsers and devices for both desktop and mobile versions of the website.

5. Pickadate.js

The Pickadate.js plugin is a date selection widget which can be made to appear on mobile devices. It is responsive and lightweight and can be made to extend its functionalities owing to a rich API library in its repository. It is also built with multiple options to customise the time and date picker. Some of these could be by adding elements like month/year selectors and time intervals.

6. Turn.js

Flash, no doubt has phased out. However, that is no reason to stop its effects to phase out of your webpage as well. The Turn.js plugin helps to implement the flip page effect, one of the popular flash effects and later on implemented through HTML 5. It is an extremely lightweight plugin, easy to implement and supported with clean API. The Plugin is compatible with almost all browsers and devices including iPhone and iPad. It also works in old browsers like IE8 with turn.HTML4.js script in place.

7. Lettering.js

The Lettering.js plugin enables you to adopt complete control over the web typography that CSS failed to provide. It helps you to control the letter kerning and editorial design elements helping to adorn your site with a typography that you could never before achieve.

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Credits: brand.jquery.org

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Rajeesh PK

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