23Feb 2023

Top 13 Big Data Visualization Tools in the Market Today

With the technological advancement, data is being produced at a quick pace. Keeping in mind the end goal to deal with this humongous amount of data and to measure them, one need tools that are technologically improved. These tools help in offering intending to the data which can be utilized to strategize the future strides of an organization. Thus, the different types of unknown correlations and hidden patterns can be understood.

There are different tools in the market each giving the best and unique features and obliging diverse utilizations. Some of them are even intended for a particular industry usage.

Here are some data visualization tools that are utilized by top organizations and are technologically advanced.

1. Google Chart

Google chart

Google is an undeniable benchmark and surely understood for the ease of use offered by its products and Google chart is same as that. It is one of the most effortless and fastest tools for big data visualization. Google chart holds an extensive variety of chart gallery, from an easy and simple line graph to complex various leveled tree-like structure and you can utilize any of them that fits your necessity. Additionally, the most essential part while planning a graph is customization and with Google charts, it’s genuinely Spartan. You can simply request some technical help if you need to know more.

It explains in the format of HTML5/SVG and it is compatible with different browsers. It additionally has embraced VML for supporting old IE browsers and that is likewise cross-platform perfect, ideal for iOS and the new Android. It can be effectively exported to PNG format.

Consequently, Google chart is very effective in dealing with data which is real-time. You can likewise underwrite information from other Google items like Google Map with your current information to make an interactive graph and control them from an interactive dashboard. Moreover, the administration is totally free.

2. NodeBox

A group of open-source tools created by the Experimental Media Research Group, NodeBox offers abilities extending from a cross-stage graphics library to a Mac application that makes 2D visuals coded with Python.

The advantages are:

  • Integrates with standard design applications
  • Cross platform and node based GUI
  • Import information in an assortment of configurations, including Excel

Capable of animation and build generative outlines with insignificant programming abilities

3. Fusion chart

It is a Javascript charting library for the mobile and web platforms, spread crosswise over 120 nations with having customers, for example, Google, Microsoft, Intel, and numerous others. The user requires bit information on Javascript for executing it.

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In fact, it gathers information in the format of XML or JSON and renders it through charts utilizing Javascript (HTML5), VML and SVG. It gives more than 90 styles in both 2D and 3D visual organizations with a variety of components like panning, scrolling and animation impacts. It additionally gives 950+ maps of different places the world over.

This tool is not free.

4. Highcharts


It is a charting library composed in Javascript subsequently, a bit information of Javascript is essential for executing this tool. It utilizes HTML5, SVG and VML for showing charts crosswise over different browsers (from IE6+) and gadgets like android, iPhone and so forth.

For any execution, it requires two .js files: the Highcharts.js core and jQuery or Mootools, which are for the most part accessible on standard website pages. This tool likewise accompanies a scope of charts like bar, line, column, pie etc.

This tool is sufficiently effective to process ongoing JSON data and executes to them as a chart specified by the client. If you are a good software engineer you can download its source code and change it according to your need. This tool is accessible for free to freelancers and price begins at $399. It has an enormous customer base which incorporates Facebook, Visa, Spandex, Nokia etc.

5. D3

D3 or Data Driven Document is a Javascript library for big data visualization in practically any way you need. This is not a tool, similar to the others and you must be proficient over Javascript for a good data to be in shape. The information is then rendered through SVG, HTML, and CSS, so there is no place for old browsers (IE 7 or 8) as they don’t support SVG.

6. Splunk:

Splunk is an organization tool which can also be used as reporting one. It helps you to store information as well as files it. It is flexible in nature and thus helps the client to roll out important improvements once the information is finished.

7. Tableau


Tableau desktop is astonishing big data visualization tools (SaaS) for controlling enormous information and it’s accessible to everyone. It has two different variations “Tableau Server” and cloud-based “Tableau Online” which are dedicatedly intended for organizations with big data.

You don’t need to be a coder to utilize this tool. This tool is extremely convenient and gives exceptionally quick speed. The canvas or dashboard is easy to use and ‘simplified’ good, along these lines, it makes user-friendliness in any workplace. You can associate every one of your information from as meager as a spreadsheet to as large as Hadoop, easily, and analyze in-depth.

8. Canvas

It is a javascript charting library with an easy API plan and accompanies a group of good themes. It is a great deal speedier than the customary SVG or Flash charts. It additionally accompanies a responsive plan with the goal that it can keep running on different gadgets like Android, Tablets, iPhone, Mac and Windows.

It consists of 24 unique sorts of charts yet the USP is its speed. It can render 100000 information focuses in only 100 milliseconds. Along these lines, if you are searching for high-performance javascript outline, this will be your best choice. It handles organizations like Intel, Boeing, Apple, EMC2 in its customer base. However, this tool is free for purposes not related to commercial needs.

All of information conveys a story with it and these tools are the door to comprehend the story it tries to let us know. It helps us to comprehend about the present insights and the future patterns of the market.

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9. Karmasphere

It is a particular IDE that makes it simple to make and run different visualizations. This tool helps you to set up your tasks and gives the status at each phase of the procedure. The device shows the test information at every single stage.

10. Leaflet


An Open-Source JavaScript library, Leaflet is a tool for making mobile friendly and interactive maps. Leaflet was planned with the objectives of easiness, execution and convenience.

The features are:

  • Works on all desktop and mobile browsers
  • Various plugins  
  • Multiple accessible map layers
  • Incorporate various features
  • CSS3 highlights for streamlined client collaboration
  • Eliminates tap delay on cell phones

11. Pentaho BA

This is another report creating tool. This tool is quite simple and drags drop operation upgrades client interaction. The sorting and filtering method is simple. It additionally has a graphical support wherein the client can utilize pictures and associates them to the examination procedure.

12. Skytree

It has different refined machine learning algorithms. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a flashy GUI however the working component is up to the stamp. It seeks through the information, paying special mind to comparative terms. This comprehends the anomalies which could be named as issues or open doors for the specific association.

13. Flot

A JavaScript plotting library for jQuery, Flot is a program based application perfect with most normal programs, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Flot underpins an assortment of visualizations choices for data, interactive charts, panning, stacked graphs and zooming, and different capacities through an assortment of modules for particular usefulness.

The main advantages are:

    • Supports lines, plots, areas that are filled in any blend
    • Plot classes and textual information
    • Add HTML with standard DOM control
    • Produce visualizations that are interactive with a flipping arrangement
    • Direct canvas accessibility for drawing personalized shapes

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