19Apr 2016

7 top tips to choose the best web development agency for your business needs

Are you planning to launch your business online? Or do you have a web development company that caters to a variety of web design and development services?

Regardless of whether you want to purchase an exemplary website or whether you are developing a website, there are certain things that no one will tell you, but you need to examine these factors.

The most important aspect to keep in mind is that you are designing a website that will represent your brand and tell your story.

So, whether you are seeking a service or whether you are the service provider ensure that all the factors are in sync and represents your intentions very clear.

But before we proceed there are a few general facts that I would like to share with you.

These are among those things that we are all aware of but tend to ignore.

Have you heard of bouncing?

I know you might be familiar with cheque bounces and all…

But, this is also a kind of bouncing that is too dangerous when it happens to an online business.

Something that no one wants their business to be attacked with while they’re trying to create an online presence that people will love.

The 52nd rule:

So what does the 52nd rule state?

It has been found that a visitor tends to stay on a website for less than 52 seconds and the total time you have got to impress the visitor is just 4 seconds or lesser.

If a site has no element that can impress the visitors, then they will leave your site by hitting the back button.

And again there is one more bounce and with each bounce you are being degraded in Google’s eyes that will ultimately push your business towards the back rear where no one wants to stay.

Let us discuss on what can be done to avoid such a situation?

I am going to tell you what sells over the internet and how can you derive a significant ROI from your online business:

#1. Requirements:

I have observed many times people or clients have the least knowledge of what they want. All they know is that they need an online presence and nothing more.

As a web development company, you need to strategize their requirements from the scratch. And, if you are the business owner then you need to inquire your service provider whether they can help draft a plan that you do not have.

These days almost all web development companies have an online marketing team that helps with the afore and after processes of setting up a business over the internet.

It is necessary that you provide your clients strategize and build an excellent inbound online marketing strategy for the website that they want you to design for them.

This helps to reduce the overhead costs that arise when you seek each of the services separately from different service providers. And, as a business, you can save some money and time that might get wasted otherwise.

Also, as a service provider, you get to know better what your client’s requirements are and then strategize a perfect web design plan incorporating in the present and future needs of their business appropriately.

As a business if your primary intention is to promote your products/ services online then you need an expert who knows what has to be done exactly.

Someone like our web development and online marketing team at Acodez IT Solutions can provide you with the necessary assistance. All thanks to our expert team of web development and inbound marketing professionals in India.

#2. Examine the credentials:

You do not want to find yourself in a trap by hiring someone who is just as good as an amateur at web development.

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So it is always recommended that you examine the service provider’s credentials before you hire them.

You can check the internet for the list of good web development companies.

There are a few things that you can inquire with them directly:

  1. The time frame within which they complete a web development project usually.
  2. The number of people who will work on your project.
  3. The point of communication. The person or project coordinator who will contact you.
  4. Also, check whether they provide timely review or report of the work and report as and when progress happens.
  5. Check whether they are ready to incorporate your ideas into their wireframes or is it just the idea of their designers that will become your final product.
  6. The overall cost.

Make a comparison taking into account the previous works of these companies and also the time frame and overall working costs that they charge.

A web development company that has already delivered some of the groundbreaking projects can undoubtedly develop websites and apps that are unbeatable.

Check for the reputation of these companies before you fix them.

#3. The work culture:

Several agencies convince people into providing them with their projects, and then they vanish into thin air.

They might rise out of the blue after a long time and hand over your project. And, to your shock, it is nothing of the sort that you want.

Wait! I will rewind what has happened here. They got some local offshore outsourcing company to get your website developed.

And you know what happens next! It is too unethical and unprofessional.

You get a website that neither lives up to your expectations nor does it fulfill the needs of your customers.

Ask them how they are going to work on it?

Whether they have an in-house team or whether they are going to outsource the project?

If they are to outsource it, then why do you need their help? You can do it for yourself.

It would be great if you can walk up to their office and check in person as to what is happening there.

Whether they have a company set that can handle web design and development and also provide you with the necessary assistance.

Another most important thing that you need to inquire is whether offer assistance and support after the final product has been delivered.

#4. Effective communication:

Whoever or whichever individual or organization you choose to get your web project delivered, ensure that they are interested in communication where you can openly express your ideas.

Also, find whether they have local knowledge which is essential for your project and business to flourish.

They should have a clear idea of who your audience are and what kind of an online strategy can help you reach them which needs to be incorporated into the web design.

You can easily find some web development company anywhere in the world but what use is a service provider who does not have the basic knowledge of how to suggest an effective plan that fits the client’s needs?

#5. Testimonials can help:

Before you finalize a web development agency ask for testimonials.

You could meet up with some of their previous and present clients and analyze their performance record.

A company that has nothing to hide and is transparent will straightaway give away the references.

The first step to analyzing whether you are going to work with people who will stay true to their word no matter whatever they brag on their websites.

#6. Portfolios are important:

Once you have the references, examine the portfolios that they show you.

Also, analyze whether the kind of designs and web development patterns that they offer are in sync with your requirements.

If not then drop it.

If they have no portfolios to show then, it looks like you are going to be the scapegoat as they are doing it for the first time and it is nothing less than experimentation.

I would recommend you drop it.

#7. Quality and affordability:

I have seen many of the businesses especially the small tier ones choose service providers that charge too less.

But, when the project is delivered they are totally miffed!

The web design does not meet their level of expectations nor does it fit into their requirements.

Why compromise over the quality if it is the matter of just a few bucks?

You can spend some money because the investment is worth a lifetime.

So, think well before you choose the web development agency even though they might charge just a small amount.

These are some of the factors that you can consider before selecting a web development agency for your online business needs.

Are you planning to go online?

The days of desktop web designs are fading slowly. Everyone is making the smart move with the Smartphones and Android devices that are changing the face of technology every other day.

You need someone who can guide you across the latest developments and provide you with the necessary assistance.

Acodez IT Solutions is a web development company based in India offering web design and development services to a wide range of clients in India and abroad.

If you are planning to launch a website, then we can help you.

Or if you want someone to help you with the digital marketing strategies of your online business, then we have an expert inbound team who can provide you with all that you need to take your business to the next level.

Call us today and tell us what are your requirements.

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