21Oct 2017

Does it Matter if Users Need to Scroll Your Website?

The main reason behind building a personal or business website is to get more and more visitors to visit your site & provide them information in the most convenient way. Consumers are always seeking for best user experience. A perfect web design & development strategy can help you to leverage the mobile traffic with improved scrolling techniques. Scrolling offers you the best usability by providing a control over the quantity & speed of absorbing the website content. Most designers tend to squeeze everything in the top portion of the home page or above your fold, as this section of the website is what a visitor sees first.

To ensure that people scroll through your website, you should use some principle design techniques and content placement ideas. Many findings show that 66% people scroll through the page to find out more on the website. People used scroll bars in 76% of pages and 22% scrolled to the bottom of a page without even considering the length of the page.

A majority of people in the web design industry believes that there is no issue even if people have to scroll down to check the content or image on the page. One common issue that clients face is to fit in different designs without adding scrolls. Many people believe that scrolling to see content below this “fold” has never been a problem & need not be concerned over it.

The concept “fold” is derived from magazines and newspapers that entice information in the top most section so that is gets higher visibility. Scrolling below the “fold” reveals all the things that were hidden initially from the screen. The user get to experience more experience more of the website & the content as they scroll down. There are many conflicting views as far as scrolling is concerned.

Before incorporating scrolling in your website, you need to consider a lot of factors, including the quantity of content to be provided, navigational options to be provided & user intent. If these are not taken care of, users might not be interested in what you have to show them below the fold. If people don’t scroll to check the content then the purpose of your website is not fulfilled.

How Scrolling makes difference in Web Design

How Scrolling makes difference in Web Design

It has been found that many designers like to keep most of the information above the fold. Studies also indicate that people do not mind scrolling on mobile devices, especially on the touch screen devices. The size of tablets and screens of a smartphone does not really matter. Scrolling is a good option of users interacting with the web content.

The latest trends in the Scrolling Design

Scrolling comes in different ways like side-to-side scrolling and up and down scrolling. The new scrolling methods enables a designer to give the website a new look and functionality.

The latest trends in the Scrolling Design

  • Different tools like CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and Graphics Designs can give a parallax scrolling effect. It provides you layering background and the foregrounds with multiple images. It can make multiple screens and repeat the background of the screen for more effects.
  • Column scrolls allow users to scroll down through the columns. This functions in the news sites, blogs and some other pages and you can see multiple posts without going back to the previous page.
  • An infinite scroll presents new content as long as users scroll down the page. This is ideal for providing live updates on various events or happenings.

Which Technique of Scrolling is Right for Your business?

Which technique of Scrolling is Right for Your business?

While building a new website or redesigning an existing one, business owners may think which design feature they should include to create an ever-lasting impact on an audience. Scrolling can help you to fit even the minute details. However, the designers should keep in mind different things like:

  • You should understand who your audience is. Consider all the factors like age group, location etc. of the potential customer. If you think that your audience require a lot of information then you can consider an infinite scroll.
  • Another important consideration is to identify the kind of device (mobile, tablet, desktop computer) your audience will use the most. The mobile users tend to consider scrolling a very useful & attractive option.

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