07Oct 2017

How to Create Better E-Commerce User Experience?

Designing an E-commerce website is not an easy task as it might seem to be. The design part of the site plays an important role in attracting the visitor’s eye whereas the user experience across the various pages of the website is another equally important factor that determines the success of your business online.

As a designer it is not easy to choose the right kind of tools for creating an attractive and interactive design, and the game lies in implementing these tools in the appropriate way ensuring that these provide a secure transaction system while safeguarding the user’s membership and maintaining the brand loyalty.

E-Commerce User Experience

This is the major factor that turns in potential customers, as they grow fond of your services, and keep visiting you for repeated sales meanwhile, triggering the business growth and expansion.

E-commerce features:

E-commerce features

3 important attributes of E-commerce design:

  • Attractive
  • User friendly
  • Easy to Navigate

These are the basic essential features, but we are now going to discuss some of the other factors that most designers are aware of but fail to implement in their E-commerce website designs, which is one of the factors that might cause you to lose sales:

1. Load Time

Quality assurance is an essential phase of any web development cycle and to ensure that your site does not take too long to load, it is always recommended that you get the page speed tested (using speed tools). Ensure that the pages do not take more than 3 seconds on an average to load, as this will not only ward off your potential customers but also impact your search engine rankings.

Load Time

2. Include FAQ Sections

There cannot be any other better option other than including an FAQ section in your E-commerce site to address customer questions and concerns. It helps to save a lot of time as you do not have to deal with each of them separately. FAQ section usually covers the most important aspects of a business that includes product features, payment methods, product return options, shipment and much more. This is one of the best and convenient methods to offer great customer support.

Include FAQ Sections

3. Mobile Optimization

These days’ people are going mobile and you can hardly find anyone without a Smartphone. Why do you think people will take the effort to go around those shops when they can have their favorite item at their doorstep with just a tap of their Android device or iPhone? So, now you need to

Mobile Optimization

optimize your website not only for desktops but also across the various mobile devices and it is possible that you are already losing out a majority of them if you have not implemented your E-commerce site along the responsive theme.

4. Customer Reviews

This is one of the best ways to acquire new customers and retain the old ones. Include a customer review page in your E-commerce website. It is a good practice to invite shoppers to add their comments, reviews and ratings for the products or services they availed from you and also here they can find in the comments posted by others. It is one of the powerful tools that the store manager or site owner can utilize for the enhancement of their business, but don’t expect people to write all good things, because customers usually prefer this section when they are not too happy or satisfied with the product experience.

Customer Reviews

Good or bad, let the customers reach you and voice their opinion.

5. Checkout Option

Checkout option must be kept as simple as possible, and ensure that it is highly secure. People expect a hassle-free checkout process. When they are through with the initial order placing and other shopping procedures, imagine their plight when they find out that the checkout process is a mess? There is no doubt that they will either abandon the shopping cart or if they complete the shopping, they will never return for a future deal.

Checkout Option

As we have already discussed, providing an exemplary experience across E-commerce websites is not an easy thing, but if you have sufficient resources, it would be worth implementing a WordPress theme that will undertake most of your responsibility with ease.

Here are some of the top rated WordPress themes along which you can have your E-commerce site implemented:


Atelier has been found to be one of the best E-commerce WordPress themes available so far, popular for its multipurpose functionality. It provides a clean, customizable and graceful versatility along which you can personalize your preferred theme. If you want to offer a professionally exquisite website experience, then Atelier is the best solution.

Atelier facilitates you with 80+ layout variations that you can utilize in your website design to create a website that will attract both desktop and mobile shoppers alike. It is also equipped with a multitude of features that includes shop styles, product page types, YSlow, cart styles and Page Speed functionality that will help you with the Page load aspect of your website.


Shopkeeper is one among those themes that has been specifically launched for the e-Commerce niche and its authors created this wonderful explicit responsive WordPress theme after considering the feedback from several customers. It is powered by WooCommerce and facilitates you to sell anything, arrange shipping, collect payments, and manage store inventories all with a click of your mouse.


It also comprises of customizable & pre-built layouts, headers, grids and masonry presentation styles. It is also equipped with Visual Composer and Revolution Slider as well.

Enfold WordPress Theme

The Enfold WordPress Theme’s page builder is considered to be one of the easiest tool of its type amongst all the other existing WordPress Themes.

It is really helpful for beginners planning to implement a quality online store within a short span of time. It is equipped with tons of features and attributes that helps to increase the efficiency of the E-commerce site.

Some Simple & Easy Tips

The competition is getting tougher and you need to stand out in the crowd and exhibit uniqueness in your style providing an outstanding online experience to achieve success, here are some simple tips:

Some Simple & Easy Tips

Product Photos

Now that people are more into online shopping, they are very well aware of the fact that they cannot judge an item by grabbing it straight out of the website. But, if you actually want to generate sales, you need to use some really interesting photos of the products that are not only clear, sharp, concise, revealing but also last but not the least, attractive. You can even include photos of the product from different perspective or photos depicting how to use a particular product.

Product Photos

Enhanced User Experience

Putting up great snaps of your products will not do the magic. You need to show something which will generate the interest in your customers. Keep your website updated with the product specific or industry related information with great user experience design .

Enhanced User Experience

Display Related Products

When your customer has finally decided to select a product on your website, you can add value to your service by providing them with valuable suggestions on one or two related products, maybe another model or color or size or even the product accessories. This is one of the best practices to prevent the customer focus to take a deviation from your website.


The Navigation needs to be simple and easy. Make it easy for your customers to locate the product and confirm the order with just a click of the mouse. If the Navigation takes them to an irrelevant page, then how do you expect to generate sales for your business? Your customers expect the process to be simple and hassle-free.


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