27Oct 2017

Pros and Cons of Flat Design

Flat design is quite a popular feat in designing especially in the present times. You would find most designers, either designing the web apps or the websites, talk to the flat design in the most peculiar manner. You will find flat designs an integral part of almost all web based products. Some websites have managed to illustrate the flat design in the best possible manner while some others have not been able to give justice to flat design. There are some obvious pros and cons attached with flat design. Here are a few pros and cons listed out for your reference.

It’s Trendy

Flat design is surely trending in the best practices for web design. If you are the ones who keep abreast with the latest trends, then you know for sure how good flat designs are for your website. In case you don’t follow trends, try following them with flat design. It will give your website a new look.

While being trendy has a definite advantage for developers, there is a flip side to the story too. You see a lot of designs that are absolutely flat. This can cause a major issue in the lifeline of the website. In case you are looking for a long life of the website, you may want to consider something simple.

Interesting Interface

You can create beautiful mobile interfaces by indulging in simple yet intuitive flat designs. Yes, flat designs can be simple yet communicative and that is the kind of design you should ideally indulge in that would give your mobile app a beautiful framework to develop within.

Basic Principles and Best Practices of Flat Design

Usability for Users

While the interface is great with this flat design, there are some concerns related to the usability of this flat design. You will see that the flat design does not manage to support complex experiences. You will normally see that all users are not really aware of where to click when using a mobile app. The directions are required for the user to use it perfectly. In such a case it is essential that the flat design be replaced with something more simple for the users.

Nice Bright Colors

When you indulge in flat design, you are actually indulging in an experience with fantastically portrayed bright colors that would give out a good mood when you try and open them. Bright colors are perfect for engagement. The flat design possesses hues that are brilliant. In fact, all the colors of the palette are considered to send in positive vibes which is perfect.

Color Palettes: A Tough Game

Mixing and matching colors to create the website would be difficult with the flat design. You will need to find the various colors and then match the ones that go together. You would find that you are not really working on the harmonization of the palette and are actually making it appear uniform in terms of saturation which is not really a good thought. So, maybe you need to work on this feature else change your flat design to something else.

Flat design may be cool, but it certainly has its own share of issues and advantages. Be sure what you want before you choose flat design.

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Rajeesh PK

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