25Oct 2017

Top Font Management Practices that every designer should know

Font management includes different issues like installing and uninstalling the fonts, handling missing fonts and font conflicts.  Analyzing and choosing the fonts is a very typical work. Hundreds of fonts activated on the system are up some amount of system resources. This reduces the efficiency and productivity of the system. In the market, we have many font management utilities, but they are not sufficient in a professional environment. Typographers and graphic designers need to have this basic knowledge about font management.

Organizing Fonts:

We have hundreds of fonts such as Canaro fonts, Fancy Me, Chase and more. It would be a tough job to pick a single font among those hundreds in an emergency. So the designers need to organize the fonts in a well defined manner. It’s best to manage fonts into collections. So, the designer can easily pick the required fonts. It’s best to have them into collections in the project perspective. It’s best to have 10 to 25 fonts in each collection. So, you can have the relevant fonts in each collection.


Every designer has some favorite fonts. It’s best to have all the favorites as a collection. If you are in a hurry to complete a project you can just simply pick one from these favorites. This would be of great advantage to provide these fonts such a collection in the font manager. The designers don’t lose track of these font’s even if they are in a hurry by applying this technique.

Junk Fonts:

In the market, we even have some junk fonts. These fonts are dead weight and lengthen lists. If the ux designers let these type of fonts into their collection, they need to needlessly sift through lengthened lists. Even if the designer installs these fonts sometimes, they need to delete these fonts whenever they see them. These fonts are a great waste of memory. Even they take away the time of designers. Permanently deleting these fonts is the best solution.

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Pre-installed Fonts:

We have some pre-installed fonts. These fonts are required by the operating system to perform its functions. If these pre-installed fonts are deleted, it might lead to the malfunctioning of the operating system. So never try to delete these pre-installed fonts. If these fonts are not of your interest, then just deactivate them.

Highly Readable Fonts:

Readability is the most prior issue. The fonts with high readability are given the first preference by many designers. These fonts can be put in a unique font collection. So, that designer can easily pick them.

Multiple Formats:

We have fonts in multiple formats. All the formats are not necessary. Most of them are duplicates and meaningless. By having fonts in multiple formats, it causes technical difficulties. So don’t go for all the formats of every font style.

Peers Preference:

Always share the font love with others. Whenever you are in a confusion to select a particular font then just get some suggestion from the other side. Peer preference is the best solution here.


By following these font management practices, the designers can easily pick fonts, even while working on a new project. Have a great designing.

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