27Oct 2017

The Difference between Good vs. Great Web Design in India

The Goodness or the greatness of a website is often judged on the basis of the user perspective. A website which is able to balance these perspectives efficiently is the one which emerges the true winner. Let us consider the hottest keyword “web design India” and sort down the difference between design aspects with respect to certain perspectives.

Balance Perspectives

Every Web design is subject to the surveillance of three kinds of user perspectives. As every individual is different, the perspectives of these varying individuals similarly differ. A website therefore needs to cater to these varying perspectives and accordingly be identified as good or great.

The three major perspectives which largely impact a website design are:

  • Designer
  • Client
  • User

A website, which can bring about a good balance between the demands of these varying perspectives, can be regarded as a great website. Let us take a look at some of the parameters that are defined by these perspectives, helping to distinguish between a good and great Website design.


A website is effective if it satisfies the objective of its target audience. Every element of its design should be molded in order to outline its effectiveness. The typography, the color scheme, the resolution of the images used in the website should all be conceived with this factor in mind.

Once again, it has to be remembered that the objective varies according to the user perspectives. For a designer, flashy use of CSS3 may represent effectiveness, however, the client may believe otherwise.

On the other hand, for a user the practically barren Google website is extremely effective as it helps him or her to meet their sole objective of using the search engine; however for a designer it is too bare and devoid of designs. So from a User perspective, Google represents great website Design.


The basic essence of a website depends on how usable it is. This is one main factor which differentiates a Great website from a good one. Perspectives here need to be balanced. It is now that the designer’s skills need to be put to the test. They should manage to strike an equilibrium between the clients who need the tool to market their wares and their customers who needs a website that can be navigated and maneuvres easily.  The designer who can deliver the best of both worlds succeeds in creating a great website. In the absence of this balance the website remains only a good one.


A good website is usually believed to have all the required elements. However, a GREAT website achieves in positioning things a bit differently, which adds to the style and enhances the usability. Thinking out of the box allowing your creative juices to flow is definitely the way to go delivering effective and great websites.

The difference between good and great web design is not defined by the shades of color or the style of fonts being used. It goes deeper than that. It represents a more holistic need to synergize the objectives outlined by the various perspectives involved. The effective weaving of the interpretation of these objectives into the fabric of the website helps it accomplish its purpose. Through this it is successfully elevated from its position as a good design and reaches the exalted status of a great one.

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