20Oct 2017

How to Keep Up ‘Alive’ in the Field of Web Designing

The fast technological development in the last few centuries has compelled mankind to change his lifestyle and adopt novel methods in his day to day life. Lots of learning and implementation of new concepts are constantly taking place in all spheres. Especially in the digital world this change is very fast and is constantly evolving without large gap. People in the digital industry are in the most vulnerable situation facing huge threats permanently. The changing scenes from the super-computers to the latest mobile phones are the most suitable examples of this kind.

Bootstrapping Methodology

The most successful web designers are those who are self-taught and self-developed themselves in the field of web development. People who have acquired University degrees find themselves inadequate when they freshly enter the field with lots of scopes and dreams. No university can develop a syllabus that matches with the fast changes that take place in web designing and development area. Hence, students have to acquire further skills and extend their capabilities to accommodate the field. Finding completely self-taught experts without University degrees is very common in this web designing field.

Threats for a web designer

Volatile Nature:

A web designer has to understand that whatever he has learned is temporary and at anytime he has to adapt to new changes. Such is the nature of the digital world in the present century. From static to highly dynamic and interactive designs, from fixed to fluid and responsive layouts, from informative to eCommerce sites – the journey never ends.


Automated websites that provide complete control to users are getting very popular. This is a dangerous situation for many web designers since it decreases the need for professionals. Many simple, front end problems can be solved by the educated and interested users themselves.

Disruptive Innovation and revolutions:

This type of innovation, while on the verge of taking shape destroys the already existing scenario. For example, many who worked in the printing press in olden days are now in the digital medium using publishing software.

Methods for toning web designing skill sets

Certain qualities are needed to survive in the world of web designing. Unless web designers develop and practice these, they cannot stay in this competitive world.

Alertness and keen Observation:

Web designers have to be alert all the time and watch out what is happening in their field. They must be aware of the latest developments, the updates and threats so that they can take immediate steps to safeguard themselves.

Constant learning:

They must keep on learning new techniques and new courses so that they can oblige the demands of their clients. Otherwise, they will soon be the ‘left-outs’

Ready to switch over:

They have to be flexible enough to embrace new atmosphere and new line of action. They must soon adapt to the new environment, making the transition a smooth one.

Develop Diversified skills:

it is better to learn and acquire skills in related fields so that it may be helpful in many aspects.

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Rajeesh PK

Rajeesh PK

Rajeesh P.K. is the Director and Creative Head at Acodez . With an experience of 10+ years in UX Design & User Interface Design, when coupled with his expert coding skills in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, makes him one of the top UX Architects in India, with more than 15 international awards to his credit.

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