18Nov 2017

Why Should You Focus on Achieving Minimalism in Web Design and How Can You Do So?

With the growing number of websites available nowadays for every niche, there is a huge competition amongst the businesses. Hence it becomes necessary to make sure that your website stands out amongst the rest. Minimalism in web design is quite frequent nowadays and provides impressive results to its owners. If you are working with web UI design, it is necessary that you have a proper idea of the minimalism in web design. It helps you to attract various users and potential clients. It also helps you to convey the information in the most natural way possible.

What is minimalism in web design?

What is minimalism in web design

Minimalism in web design is a web design principle that lets you design beautiful and stunning website and also enables you to convey the information to the users quite easily. However, designing a good website is quite an overwhelming and daunting task. It is in use since quite a long time and has been used in different fields like interior and painting, industrial design, construction, sculpture, etc. for quite a long time even though minimalism in web design is quite a new concept. In a short span of few years, it has become popular as numerous websites make use of this basic philosophy and also due to the growing use of mobiles.

Now as you have known about the term minimalism, it becomes necessary that you do not confuse it with something that is quite simple and easy. Achieving the perfect result is quite a timely process and requires you to have an innovative approach to try out new things to make your website visually appealing and able to convey the information about the website in a simple and easy manner. This enhances the usability of the website in a simple interface.

Minimalism in web design is quite necessary as it helps you to maintain a balance between the aesthetics and functionality of the website. This intends to provide good user experience to the users by making the website usable and attractive with fewer elements that are simple and provide better user interaction. It also helps you to focus mainly on the designs and simplify the tasks of the users. A clean website also helps you to provide better bounce rates provide faster-loading times and better compatibility between different screen sizes.

There are quite a few well-known websites that carry out the minimalism in web design in the most elegant manner. Some of these are Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and many more such websites.

To master the concept, it is necessary that you need to have an idea of how to break down different elements of the website and eliminate the unnecessary elements. It is also necessary to make sure that the purpose and functionality of the website are not compromised in any way.

Now a major question arises, how can you achieve the vision of minimalism in web design. Here are some of the ways in which you can do so.

  • Have a proper idea of the purpose of website
  • Only use necessary elements
  • Proper use of negative space
  • Make use of amazing images
  • Proper color combination
  • Effective Typography
  • Use simple navigation style
  • Lay focus on content

Have a proper idea of the purpose of the website

purpose of the website

The first step is to define very clearly your website’s general purpose like what your website will be used, will it be an online store or a portfolio website should you add a blog, etc. However, it is also necessary to have an idea of your target audience, your demographics, educational background of your users, message you want to convey and various other such information. A proper research of the same is quite necessary before you do the same.

Only use necessary elements

It is quite necessary to use only the elements that are necessary. It helps you to convey the relevant information in the easiest way possible. Any irrelevant elements that are unnecessary must be removed as it clutters the space on your website. This will help you to achieve the concept of minimalism in the best way possible. It also helps you to make optimum use of space on your website. It helps you to simplify interfaces by removing elements that do not support the task of the users. A truly minimalist interface prioritizes the elements rigorously by showing only the elements of the highest importance and remove the elements that would distract users from what is important. Each of the items in a design should have a purpose.

Proper use of negative space

Proper usage of negative space is quite necessary for achieving minimalism in web design. In this case, it is necessary that you not just about making use of negative space in neutral colors like white, black, gray but also make use of full-color space with very dark or color backgrounds. This must be designed in such a way that you can quite easily attract the user’s attention. Even in the images, you must use proper negative space. It helps you to organize the space in a better way and manipulate its visual flow. It also provides a sense of luxury to the users. The negative space around an element helps you to attract the attention of the users towards it. It is also combined with strong visual elements and is a necessary tool that defines minimalism.

This also helps you to create visual harmony. It also forms a solid backbone of minimal design framework. Any efficient visual organization includes a solid grid, visual balance and proper alignment of the content.

A strong grid is mainly built using negative spaces. The places and arrangement where the images and other content of the website are arranged in such a way that it conveys your message in the easiest way possible. However, it is not necessary that you align the content in the center of the layout as is followed by numerous websites nowadays. However, it is not the only solution available. You can align the visual elements of the websites in many ways like center, right or left. However, it is necessary that a proper balance is maintained to form a unified design. Most of the designers also make use of amazing visuals that contain similarly sized elements that are centered and aligned symmetrically. Similar visual effects can also be achieved if you make use of proper combinations of visual elements and arrange it perfectly.

Make use of amazing images

Selecting the Suitable Images Website Layout

Images convey information in a faster and better way as compared to the textual method. Making use of proper images is quite necessary for the design of websites. It is necessary that you should use only those images that are relevant to your website and the information that you wish to convey. You must also ensure that you must be able to convey the information that you wish in a simple and better way. To provide a familiar and comfortable feeling, it is necessary that you make use of oversized and vivid photos for homepage other web pages. The images must be of high-resolution with necessary negative space.

Proper color combination

A proper color combination of the website is quite necessary. Making use of a proper color is necessary. It is necessary that you choose a proper color for your website. The color must be such as to suit the mood and requirement of the users. A proper color combination helps you to achieve your aim in an easier and better way. While website design contrast plays a major role in the design of your website. It will also help you to bring your attention to certain design elements.

Effective Typography

Just like the color combination, optimal image usage, etc. having an effective typography is quite essential to help you to own a clean and simple website. The typography of the website also helps the users to bring out the focus on the words and content along with amazing visual. It also helps you to convey the information in an easy way that is pleasing to the eye. In some of the cases, you can make use of custom typography to make amazing visuals and design beautiful websites. It must be chosen in such a way that the users must be able to get the information in the best way possible.

Use simple navigation style

Having a proper navigation into your website is quite necessary. These differ from websites to websites. While choosing a navigation style, it is necessary that you choose the ones that suit your needs and is compliant with your website layout. These must be quite easy to navigate and must simplify the UI design. You can either use a simple horizontal top-level menu, no right sidebar, hamburger menu, or some other menus. Before deciding which navigation menu to choose, it is necessary that you have an idea of your users, their knowledge, their interests, and also the context in which the navigation is used. It is also necessary that it must be compliant with your design. If carried out properly, it can help you to provide the best UX to your users.


Minimalism in web design is quite necessary and helps you to achieve amazing results. To make sure that you can achieve these results, making use of the principles mentioned in this article helps you to achieve minimalism in web design and receive outstanding results. Minimalism helps you to achieve outstanding results.

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