01Nov 2017

Why Should You Emphasize the Visual Context in Web Design?

Ever since from the beginning days of the Internet, it has changed a lot. While in the early days it was used by only a select few, nowadays a majority of the people are available on the Internet. While in the earlier days it was used by researchers and industry experts, most of the communication used to be in the text fill form. Nowadays there are millions of websites online to cater to the needs of people from different background and may have little or no knowledge of computers and Internet. Hence it is necessary to provide information to the users in the most natural way possible. It is due to this reason that the web design nowadays has shifted more towards the visual side. Visuals help the users in many ways. This helps convey the information easily, engage the users and also entertain them in some ways.

Why Should You Emphasize the Visual Context in Web Design

In a recent study conducted, it has been discovered that within a fraction of a second, a user decides if they wish to remain on a website or not. If a user is not satisfied, then they may opt for the next best alternative provided. A significant factor that plays a role in keeping the users on the website is providing the information in the most visually appealing way possible.

Every website owner has something in mind that they wish to achieve with their website. To make sure that the best services are provided to them, it becomes necessary that you choose the best way to display the information. There are some ways in which you can display the information about the services to the users most easily with the help of proper images and videos. It is due to this reason that a greater focus is now laid on the images that are amazingly beautiful. While planning for a website, it becomes necessary to look for the competitors and then plan the website accordingly to make the website stand out from the rest. A user must be able to comprehend quite easily on a first glance what the website intends to do. It must be able to catch the attention immediately. A proper research must be conducted by looking at some of the best performing websites.

Imagine you are planning to buy a dress and you have a website with the specifications of the dress mentioned in the plain text. Even though it conveys the information about the dress, it may not be compelling to the users as compared to the users as a beautiful image of a dress. The image of a dress on a person wearing it may turn out to be more satisfying to the users as compared to the textual form. The visitors can quite easily visualize how the dress will look on them. Hence the website with the best dress image is intended to get more conversions as compared to the website with simple text.

Take for example the most visited website Google. It is a plain and simple looking website with a Google logo and a search box in the middle. A user can quite easily comprehend that the user needs to enter the search queries by typing in the search box after which the answers will be displayed.

When you visit the top social media website Facebook, you can quite easily see a simple image of the world map with the arrows connecting people all over the globe. This is accompanied by the Login and account creation forms. This makes it quite easier to deduce that you can connect with different people across the globe and also makes logging in and sign up quite easier.

YouTube is another popular website that conveys the information quite easily. Even when a new user visits the website, they can quite easily know about it that here one can watch videos as a host of videos is displayed immediately.

When you visit the website Amazon, you can immediately guess that it is into selling products and you can quite easily buy products here. As you browse to the website, here you can see the products and offers on different products.

The information on all the websites mentioned above is displayed in the visual format, and very less emphasis is laid on the text.

Benefits of visual context in web design

Benefits of Visual Context in Web Design

Apart from conveying the information, these are properly laid out to compel the users to use it again and again. Visually aesthetic websites turn out to be quite useful in many ways. Some of the most popular ways in which the web design turns out to be beneficial are as follows:

Quite easy to educate users

It has been said that images convey information better than text. Hence it becomes necessary to make use of better images or videos that convey the information about your website in the best possible way. For example, if you ask a person to read Game of Thrones book or watch the series, a majority of the people including myself will prefer watching the series and will be able to retain much information after watching the series as compared to reading the book.

images convey information better than text

While using the images or videos, it is necessary that you choose the images that convey information quite easily. This must be related to the website and the information that you provide. In case you are providing products or knowledge of the kids, the images must be related to kids and not to that of the grown-up people. This helps the users to know that the website is intended to provide information or products to the kid-related products.

Trigger Emotions

Images make it quite easy to trigger emotions in the users. If you see the image that is intended to convey sad emotion, a person can quite easily become saddened. This is however not the case in case you write the sentence “A person is sad.” In the same way, happiness and other similar emotions can be triggered with the help of proper images.

Entertain the users

It is quite necessary to entertain the users on a website. The research states that the blogs and websites providing a happy feeling in the users tend to get more conversions and visits. Hence it is due to these reasons that the websites like Imgur and GIF sharing sites have become quite popular in the recent days.

Increase in the number of visitors

Increase the number of visitors

A properly designed website with relevant images intends to attract a large number of visitors as compared to the website designed sloppily. Everyone loves images as compared to text. It is due to this reasons that the research articles on Google Scholar are less visited as compared to the websites conveying information in a simple way. Using engaging and entertaining images like Memes and GIFs related to the topic also yields outstanding results.
Hence the users tend to visit those websites that are rich in images and provide useful and reliable information. In case they come across any such problem, they will visit your website to check if the solution to their problem exists on their website.

Easily create backlinks

The information that is provided in the form of images if found out to be reliable and useful tend to get more shares, backlinks, and mentions as compared to the text related website. Hence it helps your website to reach a large number of people and also helps in the SEO of your website. In some of the cases, these may also help your content to perform better than the others. In case your image/video is well researched and new, there are chances that it may also be featured on the top ranking websites as well. This helps in SEO a lot as well.

Increase in the number of conversions

Every user needs to be educated about the website in which they wish to believe. With thousands of websites belonging to a single niche, it becomes necessary to stand out from the rest. If you come across a problem that you are not getting the appropriate number of conversions as required, there are chances that you may not be using the proper images/videos to attract the users. It is quite necessary to make sure that the images you use must influence the users.

What points must be kept in mind while deciding about visuals to be used in the web design?

After knowing the benefits of the visuals in web design, it becomes necessary to have a proper idea of what visuals to be used in the web design. This is quite a crucial topic and must be carefully taken care of. This must be adequately pondered over in every step. Keep in mind that these factors play a major role in influencing the behavior of users. Only after proper research, these steps must be carried out. Implementing these ideas into your website ensures that you get the most out of your website.

Color combination of the visuals

This is one of the most important factors that need to be taken into consideration. A proper idea of the color psychology of the users is quite necessary before you dive into designing the website. You must have a proper idea of your user base and then get an idea of the turn-ons and turnoffs of the people belonging to your user group based on the age, sex, religion, education, and other such parameters. For example, If you are planning to design a website related to females, it must be designed as such, and a proper idea is necessary to know what is the turn on and turn off colors for the females. The same is necessary in other cases as well.

Whether to choose text or images or video

One of the most common questions that come to mind is whether to choose the text or image or video to convey the information. It must be properly researched to decide whether to use text or image or video. The best solution is to research by putting oneself in their shoes.

For example, if you wish to develop a web development website, it is necessary to make a proper combination of these. To inform the users about the web services provided, it can be conveyed with the help of text. However, if you wish to educate the users about a new topic, the image is the best possible way to inform the users with the help of charts or tables. The knowledge gained through images is better remembered by the users as compared to the textual information. However in case you are trying to educate the users about the web development with the help of HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. it can quite easily be done with the help of videos.

As we have come across the benefits of visuals in web design, and how to achieve it, it becomes necessary to implement on the website as soon as possible. To help you achieve your dreams and help utilize the full potential of the website, it is necessary that you choose a very good web development company for your website with knowledge about the user behavior and proper understanding of using images, text, and videos along with the proper knowledge of the web development.

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