30Sep 2017

Importance of Professional Images on your Website and Platforms to Find it

“Images can convey your website message easier”. Do you agree with this statement? Yes, if you need your website to look more professional and attractive, there is only one answer. Change your images.

To use a best image that suits your website doesn’t need any technical skills or design skills or any extra expenses. You simply need to know some basic ideas. Wow!! That sounds great right? In order to select a best and quality image for your website, you must first know the importance of high quality images in drawing traffic and customers to the website. Have you ever thought of it till now?

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If you have never thought of the same or if you need an answer, here it is

  • Always high quality images convey your services and develop reliability between your customer and business. They showcase the security, cleanliness and the well-maintained behavior of your facility that helps in converting a lead to paying client.
  • 70% of the customers check the quality of image on website to decide whether to purchase your product or not. So if your image is of best quality, the chance to convert to potential customers is also high. It is also best suited for many applications.
  • A high-resolution image is an inevitable part in formulating a website to get best results.
  • If you have a good collection of quality images, you can even use them on brochures, offices, seminars etc.
  • To have an online presence consistently on social media like Facebook, it is better to be professional with your content.
  • Those contents on website with quality images get 94% more views on pages than those without images.
  • Quality images can decrease the bounce rate by pleasing the users and users will stay on the page with images for quite a long time than staying on a page without images and can increase your ranking rates.

So, now you are clear with the importance of quality images on your website. Isn’t it? A survey was conducted among some startups and larger enterprises to compare why many organizations select bad quality images on their website. The answers were these:

  • They are not aware of selecting good images and place to find out those images
  • They don’t know to pick good and attractive images for their site
  • They don’t need to spend more money on images

Does your organization sails on same boat like these organizations? Then, it is quite worthy to read this.

Let’s start with the first answer itself

1. Where to find quality and professional images for your website?

Quality and professional images for your website

There is plethora of resources where you can find quality images which are free and paid and can be used on your website.

It is obvious that one will check free images for sure before choosing paid ones. Both types of images serve different purposes. Just like name suggests free images are free to download and are called as creative commons. Only thing is you just need to give credit to the owner like source citing or providing name of the owner. Free images are more creative and artistic and they are less focused. You can use it as headers, backgrounds and tone of the site. 

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Paid images are usually used in business sites as they are not much inspiring. But they are highly focused.

2. Unsplash.com

Unsplash is a site that gives you high resolution and free 10 images for each 10 days. When you visit the site, there are numerous lovely and professionally taken photographs for you to utilize, completely for free. Simply continue looking down and you can utilize them as you wish. You ought to likewise read the license agreement to make sure you see how you ought to utilize the pictures under Creative Commons.

3. IM Free

IM Free is a free image source from IM Creator and the pictures are free for you to use under the license by Creative Commons. Many organizations rely on IM free for their website photographs as they give a feeling of authenticity and legitimacy. IM Free orders the pictures by classifications, for example, arts, foods and drinks, fashion, real estate, nature, lifestyle, business, technology, people etc. This is an awesome resource for organizations under any niche.

4. Flickr.com

Flickr is a well known, which the greatest asset of free pictures is presumably. There are more than 45 million of free images to choose from. The daunting challenge is that they don’t generally have quality pictures, yet you can discover a great deal of “regular” pictures as individuals are allowed to share their pictures online on Flickr. So the pictures are not excessively and highly posed.

5. Bigstock.com

Bigstock has more than 15 million pictures. For background images, landscapes, fashion photography or portraits for the website, then Bigstock is an ideal choice for you.

6. 500px.com

This is one of the best places to discover free and paid pictures. One thing to look around 500px.com is that their innovative house is wonderful. The nature of these free pictures is similarly on a par with the paid ones from a couple of different sources. The pictures accessible here are more aesthetic and a portion of the “natural” shots are a great deal more sensible than the canned pictures from different sources.

7. GettyImages.com

Getty Images has a major choice of paid pictures with more than 24 million in their database. Among the entire paid pictures supplier, GettyImages is quite famous and best. They’re not the least expensive, but rather that is for good reasons as their pictures are exceptionally professional (which means they work extremely well for a wide range of organizations).

8. Shutterstock.com

Shutterstock has one of the biggest and best collections of photograph, icon and vector pictures of more than 28 million. They offer packages and furthermore month to month memberships with the goal that you can download the same number of pictures as you like amid the membership time frame. A downside of Shutterstock is that a few pictures are estimated on the premium end. In any case, they do offer one of the best quality pictures that justify their costs.

Next we deal with the second answer gave on the survey.

1. How to choose the right pictures for your website?

Right pictures for your website

Picking the correct pictures for your website can be a real fun along with the challenge you pass to make your website attractive.

If you are not aware of selecting the images, check these tips and make your website an attractive one

2. No-no to low quality images

Don’t utilize any fluffy or pixelated pictures. Some individuals utilize pictures that are too small. So when they extend the picture to fit the space, the picture is extended and this wind up twisting the picture and make it seem extremely fluffy. So ensure you don’t a picture that is small and then extend it to fit the space committed for the photo!

3. Images must convey the message

Don’t simply pick any irregular picture since it looks pleasant. You need the picture to work further supporting your good fortune. Consider utilizing pictures that show individuals accomplishing something, or interfacing with each other. These sorts of pictures give you another approach to clarify what truly matters to your site, and with the additional advantage of catching more consideration. For case, rather than simply showing a picture of your item, you might need to have a picture of somebody utilizing or connecting with the item. For example, demonstrating a child utilizing an item sends the message of “it is so natural to utilize, even a child can utilize it”. If you are a specialist co-op, share pictures of you (or one of your colleagues) giving the administration, or facilitating a meeting, all things considered. Images that show co operations give your visual content significantly more profundity, and can associate exceptionally well with your group of onlookers.

4. Unique images has its own value

Stock photographs are an awesome asset if you utilize it effectively. However, the most exceedingly terrible pictures you can use on your site are the same mushy photograph of a light hair, blue-looked at model holding a telephone that practically every different business site utilizing. You don’t need another cookie cutter site, so quit picking cookie cutter pictures for your site: These stock pictures are so fake – they don’t look honest to goodness by any stretch of the imagination! Use pictures that look all the more genuine and real – they interface such a great amount of better with your site guests: These pictures are more real to life and genuine. They associate much better with individuals. If you are experiencing considerable difficulties remarkable pictures, why not simply take some yourself? Simply whip out your iPhone and begin snapping pictures. There are huge amounts of free photograph altering applications that you can use to touch up your photos.

5. Faces in images are the best

Have you ever see that advertisers love to utilize individuals in their promotions? People are normally attracted to faces and advertisers realize that. When we see an advertisement with a model who takes a gander at you, we will actually give careful consideration to it. You can utilize a similar strategy on your site if you have some imperative data you need your gathering of people to give careful consideration to.

Choosing the correct pictures for your site is not rocket science. You simply need to target your group of onlookers. What bids to you in all probability will interest them too. Simply remember these easy tips above while picking your photos and everything will work out well. Selecting pictures is a skill. You will get it with practice. Never give up and aim for heights with your attractive website.

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